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stories from wonderland
this is all
real, realer than I'd
like; my friends are ghosts
passing through the skeleton of me.
I am afraid of their words,
trailing from their lips
like wisps of smoke;
I have secondhand self-esteem
issues. and you,
you are more handsome now
than you ever were before
I was blinded by the
light. you hurt
like I do and in a world
of painkillers and
existential numbness that
is the fucking world, you hurt
like I do and you try
to shake it from your skin
like a shiver. you look at me
like I'm a natural disaster
and I guess I'm shivering, too, but
not for the same reason.
I don't know how to live
without wanting to die; you were
supposed to be the adventure
guiding me
through unfamiliar territory
but you left
and I
like I should.
I understand what it is
now to need someone. every
irregular heartbeat is a mini.eclipse
and I need that spark
so      badly;       I need you
to light me from
the inside like a lantern
this fear of the dark
was t
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.:like an angel:. by WhiteSpiritWolf .:like an angel:. :iconwhitespiritwolf:WhiteSpiritWolf 9,715 263 convoluted by lauren-rabbit convoluted :iconlauren-rabbit:lauren-rabbit 166 55
to the girl with hungry footsteps
I'm sending all my words back
to the people who need them--
people who wear scars like
war trophies, like jewelry, like
an identification for those suffering
from the same acceptance of
self-hate. this is to the people
who sleep with one eye open, who
cry when footsteps enter their room
at night; this is to the girls
who love by cutting their hearts
into snowflakes and watching
them melt. I left you behind and
I can't be sorry for that.
you are the type of beautiful
that kindly asks the world
to fuck off. the days we buried
have decomposed, headstones are
snapshots; sanitized breakdowns,
rusty tongues, sighs laced
with fear, I love you, I love
you. saturdays were the best
because we could sleep through
the nightmare. you painted me a
picture of the world with your words
and they made us wash it away
for being transparent.
we were afraid of nothing
but the monsters in our eyelids.
back then, we counted days
like shooting stars; it took 67
to wish myself away. this
is for you, skygazer;
:iconintricately-ordinary:intricately-ordinary 172 50
gossamer love
you will love a woman
who uses the word
too often. she will
diagnose dead artists' descents
into madness and laugh
too loudly at jokes
no one understands.
she will braid crowns of
flowers, she will write poems
in constellations, she will
try to walk like a dancer so
no one can hear her
leave. she will be
an ice sculpture, and when
she cries, you'll convince yourself
she's melting, she loves you, you've
changed her, you've
changed; she will wear you
like a comma, like
an incomplete thought,
in her story, and
she will leave you wondering
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