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Deadened Carcass [Yandere!Eren x ???Reader] Chap.3
Deadened Carcass [Yandere!Eren x ???Reader] Chap.3
Chapter 3 —— Dying Message
"Let's sit down and talk, shall we?" You said as you sat composedly on the chair facing his.
Erwin had a stoic expression, but seemingly more serious than usual. He sat straight with his finger crossed before his mouth. He looked at you straight in the eyes with his cold blue ones, as you only gave a bored look.
"I suppose you do understand the gravity of the situation." He started.
"Do I seem to?"
" ... " he hesitated, "I'll go straight to the goal then, two people have been killed at the headquarters today. The body have been discovered this afternoon around three o'clock, thus approximately one hour before now. One stabbed, one strangled. They were found at the back of the main building on north side, by a cadet who was sent cleaning there. We hav..."
"Enough." You interrupted.
"... Excuse me?" He seemed confused.
"Back of the main building on north side you said? Off I go then."
"... Wait, you
:icondarkness637:Darkness637 15 2
C:Kazuki and Kazuha (full body) by Darkness637 C:Kazuki and Kazuha (full body) :icondarkness637:Darkness637 4 2
Deadened Carcass [Yandere!Eren x ???Reader] Chap.2
Deadened Carcass [Yandere!Eren x ???Reader] Chap.2
Chapter 2 —— Deadly Strangers
Attention: The following story contains violence, gore and twisted idealism, viewers' description is advised.
"Ah! [Name]! There you are!!" Hanji yelled as she ran toward you with a stack of paper in her arms.
"Hey, Han-- Woah!!" Barely lifting your head to greet, you found yourself with the stack in your hands, "What the--!?"
"Ah! Sorry, I made a mess, so Erwin made me do paperwork so, but now I've finished them so can you take them to Levi please? Thank you!" She said rapidly and ran off, "I can't wait to test out the newly captured Titan!!"
"Hey, Hanji, I haven't say... yes... And she's already gone... Crap..." You sighed.
This is a problem.
You've been avoiding the well known corporal since you've joined the Survey Corps and that for your own reasons.
"Oh well, this'll be no big deal I guess. He doesn't seem to pay a lot of attention to other soldiers anyway. Maybe he'll just think of me as
:icondarkness637:Darkness637 15 14
Deadened Carcass [Yandere!Eren x ???Reader] chap.1
Deadened Carcass [Yandere!Eren x ???Reader] Chapter 1
Chapter 1 —— Undead Scar
Attention: The following story contains violence, gore and twisted idealism, viewers' description is advised.
[Narrator X]
"Sometimes I just wonder how humans can be fragile. Physically, emotionally and mentally.
A knife, a simple piece of sharpen metal, can kill them. A few words can hurt them.
And sometimes, when you combine both emotional and physical pain, they go mad."
"They are so easy to destroy... yet they don't want to die. No, let me rephrase that: they don't have to courage to face death."
"What's more piteous about humans, is that they do not know the charm of atrocity...
...and the beauty of death."
[2nd pers. PoV]
You munched on the hard piece of bread. It was indescribable how disgusting it tastes, but in the military you don't get much food, so you don't tend to complain that much. Or at least, not out loud.
You sneered slightly thinking of the idiot who said
:icondarkness637:Darkness637 27 3
Declivity [Yandere!Levi/Rivaille x Reader] chap.7
Declivity [Yandere!Levi x Reader] Chapter 7
Chapter 7 —— Stand or FALL
Today was a nice day, so you decided to go out walk a bit in the afternoon, when everyone finishes training and starts to tidy up things. It's been almost one week that you've been resting.
"Soon I'll start to train again. I'll start to fly again. I can do this... Probably..." You thought, feeling the uncertainty inside of yourself, "It's alright... Levi said so, I'm going to be fine... Levi..said..."
You were thus walking around a bit lost in thoughts.
Seeing Hanji running after Eren for surely some strange experiences again, and Mikasa following him from behind, made you laugh a bit. It was another lively day at the headquarters.
"Woah! Ouch!"
The young blondie who bumped into you and fell was Armin. It was not long for you to realize with all the papers flying around you.
"Aah! Sorry! I wasn't looking... Are you alright?" You asked nervously and lent your hand to help him up.
"Ah, thank you! I'm
:icondarkness637:Darkness637 13 1
Declivity[Yandere!Levi/Rivaille x Reader]Chap11END
Declivity [Yandere!Levi x Reader] chapter 11 (END)
Chapter 11 —— DeadFALL
[Reader's PoV]
When I was awake, I was on a soft surface. Something tickled under my chin. As I opened my eyes I saw Levi. I sat up straight and looked around me.
I was surrounded by trees. It was not so dark, I could tell it was afternoon by looking at the orange colored sky. I was previously sleeping on a large pile of leaves. I could see a small path right beside us.
"Oh, you're awake. How are you feeling?" He asked with an unusual smile.
"Where are we? Why are we here? Where's everyone else?" I asked the first questions that popped in my mind.
"In the end, you're still worrying about the others, huh?..." He muttered.
"Huh?" I was confused.
"Nothing." He put on a smile again, "Now, come with me."
"Eh? Where are we going?"
"... You'll see when we get there."
I wasn't really focusing on what was happening. I was more intrigued by the reason I was there with Levi and the reason why I couldn't remember
:icondarkness637:Darkness637 15 9
Declivity [Yandere!Levi/Rivaille x Reader] chap.10
Declivity [Yandere!Levi x Reader] chapter 10
Chapter 10 —— FALL off
[Levi's PoV]
I remember those night that I'd wake up in sweat. This same nightmare I have all the time. After calming myself down after a few minutes, catching by breath to realize that I'm back in reality, I would always ask myself:
"Why did it end up like this?..."
With a hand pressed against my forehead to somehow suppress the headache. I would always frown to the pain and the tiredness. After a few minutes, the pain was gone. I already forgot about the nightmare and laid myself down to the bed.
Yet, I still couldn't sleep. I was thinking. About what you may ask, but I don't know neither. A lot of things... I was thinking about all and nothing I guess.
The fact of despite being the strongest, I'll always be the loneliest remained on the battlefield. No matter how much I trust the others, those who leave leave, and those who die perish. Even though they all promised to stay. All that I once had, all that
:icondarkness637:Darkness637 13 1
Declivity [Yandere!Levi/Rivaille x Reader] chap.9
Declivity [Yandere!Levi x Reader] chap.9
Chapter 9 —— FALL for a lie
At first it was this kind of bittersweet. All the layers of mask of him you removed so patiently. All the phases you went through to understand his true feelings under all his bunch of acts. You enjoyed them all. To think that you were the only one who can understand his gentleness and love towards you, it made you feel, somehow, special.
His love was more like the moon: shinning you way through darkness, not as heating as the sun, but you can still feel him. You can feel his gaze from far away, watching over you.
His protection, was this ubiquitous, you can barely see it, but it was certainly there. The difference between how he treats you and how he treats others you can't tell, nor can you describe how much of a lover he is, but you know it. He was quiet on the outside, but there isn't a moment he didn't think about you. Carefully protecting you without other's notice. Anything but you, who've understoo
:icondarkness637:Darkness637 12 1
Declivity [Yandere!Levi/Rivaille x Reader] chap.8
Declivity chap.8 [Yandere! Levi x Reader]
Chapter 8 —— FALLacy
He was acting weirdly. Not just a bit. At first you let it be, but the small things start to pile up, resulting a big stack. Now you really are unsure. Since when? Was it recently? No, no... It started since long ago. Since the day on the wall? No, even before that... The day you confessed? The day you met him? Or even before?
You are not sure anymore.
"Then was all that upon now a bunch of lie?"
You shook off that idea. You don't want to think any further.
The knob turned, it was the usual corporal's office. However something in felt cold. Something made you didn't want to stay there.
You glanced at his back that you didn't dare look at. He hasn't spoken a word. Opening the little room where you used to sleep in, he dragged you in and locked the door behind with a key.
Before you could realize anything, you were in his arms: the right one wrapping from your neck to your left shoulder, the left arm wrappi
:icondarkness637:Darkness637 13 0
Declivity [Yandere!Levi/Rivaille x Reader] Chap.6
Declivity [Yandere!Levi x Reader] Chapter 6
Chapter 6 —— FALL through
"So you're awake."
Skipping a beat, you turned your head to obviously meet Levi. For some reason, you didn't expect him to be there, even though it was his office, it would rather be abnormal if he wasn't.
Maybe because you didn't want to meet him.
"How are you feeling? Are you okay?" He asked.
"Huh?! Um...! Yeah! Don't worry about it!" This is bad, you couldn't help but feel nervous, remembering the flashbacks of the other day.
"Are you sure? You look kind of pale..." Before you could realize he hand was approaching your forehead.
"Eek!..." Unwillingly, you shut your eyes tightly and put up your hands in front of you as if to protect yourself, but you soon looked up again:
"Um...! I'm sorry! I-..." You hurriedly apologized in fear of having anger him, but you only saw a surprised expression, which turned into a somehow sad one. From that instant, your heart softened, to see that Levi having such a sorrow
:icondarkness637:Darkness637 13 0
Levi blush quick sketch by Darkness637 Levi blush quick sketch :icondarkness637:Darkness637 2 1 C:Of Meekness to Darkness(Kaneki Ken)Digital vers. by Darkness637 C:Of Meekness to Darkness(Kaneki Ken)Digital vers. :icondarkness637:Darkness637 9 0 Of Meekness to Darkness (Kaneki Ken) Traditional by Darkness637 Of Meekness to Darkness (Kaneki Ken) Traditional :icondarkness637:Darkness637 1 0
Declivity [Yandere!Levi x Reader] chap.5
Declivity [Yandere!Levi x Reader] Chapter 5
Chapter 5 —— FALLing out
[Levi's PoV]
"[Name]! I told you to not!" I could hear Hanji's yelling from away.
"Will you stop getting in my way?!" And that's her. I approached quietly and landed on a tree nearby. "This kind of injury isn't big deal!"
"Why are you so blind?! What's wrong with you?" Hanji protested.
Her face was pale and filled with fear and uncertainty: an expression I liked a lot.
"Like I told you, I...!"
"Hanji's right, [Name]." I adjusted my gears, and landed behind her, she skipped a beat and suddenly stop yelling and protesting. Quiet, she has become obeisant like a little dog. I simply stared at her adorable shaking form and said:
"You should rest for now."
She gasped and turned towards me with a fearful look in her eyes, words are on her lips but she couldn't say anything.
"I... I...!" She tried.
I bent one knee and approached my hand slowly, she shrank back and held her hand against her chest. I almost grinned
:icondarkness637:Darkness637 26 0
Declivity [Yandere!Levi x Reader] chapter 4
Declivity [Yandere!Levi x Reader] Chapter 4
Chapter 4 — — FALL away
You were loosing your balance, your head was dizzy as it falls towards the ground. Your hand desperately shoved in the air in hope to find something to grab on.
Although you were too shocked to think, all sort of thought flashes through your head:
"What if I fall like this!?" "My gear!! Why did I forget them?!" "What should I do?" "Will I die from this?!? Not even aten by a titan!?"
As fear and confusion fulfilled your brain, a hand caught yours.
"What?" You thought.
Your feet were barely on the edge of the wall, your whole body hanged in the air, and your hand, strongly grabbed by his.
He looked at you with a pathetic and creepy smile. After having a great view of your shocked and confused face, he pulled you up and fall towards the opposite direction. You fall in his embrace, him half-seated on the ground and you, on his chest meekly.
Quickly, you lift your head and look upon
:icondarkness637:Darkness637 31 0
Kaneki Ken (Fuhai no Hana) by Darkness637 Kaneki Ken (Fuhai no Hana) :icondarkness637:Darkness637 19 2


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Hey guys i have for you new COLORING CHALLENGE :) Hope you enjoy it :) 
you can be creative as you want :) 
 - :iconryky:  
or like that  ryky 
so I can see it :)
:love: ENJOY :love: 
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Artist | Student | Varied

Currently on autopilot mode.

What I Do:
- FanFiction (I do mostly reader-insert, and I'm good at Yandere, psychic stuffs and horror, but I'm interested in all the other stuffs)
- Digital Art
- Traditional Art

Art Trades:
- I do take request (now that I'm still a greenhorn)
- I'm interested in collaboration, just waiting for someone

I'm open to any questions. If you have some, just ask.
So, first I think I have to apologize for the inactivity lately. Due to some technical problems, I lost all my stuffs (which includes the fan fictions). I can get them back but I need time. 

Okay I admit, I procrastinated.... A bit... Much...... Sorry... Not.. Hahaha....

But it's kinda sad because I received only a bit reactions on the latest Yandere series somI don't have a lot of motivation...


I received a Yandere fan fiction request, yes you've read the title. This is gonna be my first Eren x reader fic and first Yandere Eren fic. I have the general idea in my mind, don't know how it's gonna turn out when I'll be writing ('coz you know everything's different once you put an idea on actual paper (or computer in my case)). However since school has started, so I will try to finish it before the exams come up. 

so, please look forward to it and feedback plz!!!! XD
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Ok, so this is my first time for doing commissions. I'll start with an easy one: butler, waiter and maid.

yeah I know, I love these.

so let me know the anime character you want and I'll do my best!


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