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Between work, school, and other developments in life, I haven't had much time for—or interest in—writing or art (Mario fan fics/fan art, in particular). Thus, I haven't made a ton of progress on my planned fan fiction project which was tentatively titled Silva (I say tentatively because it has since morphed into something that doesn't really revolve around the previously-titular character much at all and I need to come up with a new title for it*). The biggest developments with this project in the past year or so have been me planning out almost all the major plot points of the narrative and deciding to change the format of the story from one long story and a sequel to an episodic series of short stories to better fit the pacing and to allow for more plot points to fit cohesively into a larger overall story arc. These developments usually took place in short bursts of creative inspiration at like 3am when I couldn't sleep and after they were over I'd forget the story for another few months, so even though things are mostly planned out, what progress there has been, has been slow.

I'm probably going to edit and post a very short snippet from one of the "episodes" after posting this journal entry. It'll probably be very rough and in need of revision since it's been a while since I written or edited anything. But yeah... I feel like I can afford to release it now since (as mentioned above) I've pretty much finalized all the major plot points.**

If anything in this post or the snippet doesn't make sense (in a "that's super weird, what in the world is he talking about" kind of way as opposed to a "ooh, I don't know what going on here, but I'm kind of excited to find out" type of way), it's likely because of lack of sleep on my part.

*EDIT:  I also need to change it because I found out about a year ago that "SilvaGunner" is a thing. I'll probably keep the character's name the same if I do end up using him in the story, but the story itself won't be called Silva anymore.
**EDIT 2:  Yeah, so, I woke up and realized that, as much as I liked the snippet I posted, it revealed something about the story I wanted to keep a surprise until the actual story is released. So... I removed the offending line.
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