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“-ake up!”

A voice was shouting at him.

“I said, wake up already!”

An impatient voice that made his eardrums throb with each booming word. As Kamek drifted in and out of consciousness, he was aware of two things:  One, a voice was screaming at him and, two, the back of his head ached immensely. If only he could recall why… Yes, why? Why in the name of Morton the First was someone demanding he awaken and, more importantly, why couldn’t he? It obviously had something to do with his aching skull, but the pain made it difficult for him to think clearly.

“Bring him this way! We’ll rouse him with an awakening tonic. Put him on the bed there, but watch his head! We don’t need any more damage done to it, if it can be helped.”

Kamek winced as the pieces slowly fell into place. He had been hit over the head and they were dragging him somewhere—had dragged him somewhere. He was on a bed. Where that bed was, he didn’t know. A fog had descended over his mind and refused to lift itself.

He heard someone approach the bed and felt a glass container being pressed to his mouth. Whomever held the glass propped his head up, pried his mouth open, and began to pour liquid of some kind down his throat. He coughed and sputtered. The liquid left a bitter aftertaste in his mouth. When it was finished, he could feel the tonic slowly doing its work.

When his mind finally began to clear, he opened his eyes to see a Snifit in a black robe standing over him. Beyond the Snifit, a torch cast a dim light onto another figure. Kamek’s eyes began to adjust and he saw the figure was a Koopa. He was cloaked in a robe, the standard violet color worn by Magikoopas-in-training. Due to his size and the spikes from his shell protruding through the back of his robe, Kamek could tell he was a Koopa of royal descent, though certainly not one he recognized. It was strange. Why would a royal wear the robes of an apprentice? The Koopa’s hair was grey and string-thin, and was draped over the horns on his head. Interestingly, the left horn was visibly cracked and had been broken off near the base. Just who was this strange interloper?

The Koopa was standing in front of a bookcase, facing away from Kamek. Kamek blinked. That was his bookcase! He glanced around. They were in his private study! How had these ruffians made it past the castle guards without being seen? Unless… the legions of Troopas out searching for the queen had left a gap in the castle’s security. Were they really spread that thin?

The Koopa turned from the bookcase and stepped into the torchlight with a book in hand. Kamek now saw the intruder’s face clearly. Bushy, grey eyebrows rested on his forehead and four sharp fangs poked out from under an unusually narrow and pointed muzzle.

“Kamek, Kamek, Kamek…” The Koopa chucked, his voice raspy and dry. “Surely you don’t expect me to peruse every book in your library for the information I seek? If you do not cooperate, I’ll be forced to utilize more… unsavory methods to get what I want out of you.”

The Koopa intruder motioned to the Snifit, who in turn pointed his snout at Kamek’s face.

“I hope you’re aware that Snifits can shoot bullets literally made from nightmares out of those things.” The Koopa glared at Kamek. “I can assure you that you will be sleeping with the Fish Bones tonight if you do not comply with my demands. Now listen, you will show me everything you have on the topics of my choosing. First, I want everything you have in your study on The First Koopa, the progenitor of our species. Then, you will show me everything on…”

The Koopa intruder paused, taking a deep breath.

"[Author's edit:  You know what, I'm removing this last part as, after thinking on it a bit, I realized it is kind of a spoiler.]"
So, this is a rough snippet from a flashback "episode" of the Mario fan fic series I've been working on on and off for a few years now (see my latest journal for more info). The flashback story is set roughly around the time of Super Mario Bros. 2 which, in the alternate continuity my story is set in, takes place about 11 years before the main story. While it isn't mentioned in this snippet, Ludwig von Koopa (who is one of the protagonists for the main story) is about seven years-old at this time.

For anyone who doesn't know who the characters Morton the First, the queen, or The First Koopa are, there should be a suitable explanation within the full story. As this is a snippet, it doesn't really go into those things in detail. That said, if you'd like somewhat of an idea of what I'm talking about, the first three are references to—and reworkings of—certain fanon characters from a Mario fan site called Lemmy's Land.

For anyone wondering what in the world the title is about, I dunno... There's a Sniffit featured in the snippet scene. I couldn't resist the play on words. It just sounds so much better than, "A scene from a thing," you know? I mean, it still sounds kinda stupid, but at least it's alliterative and rolls of the tongue better.

Also, holy cow... this is the first piece of fan fic I've released in almost a decade. Seriously, looking at my stuff in storage on DA, it's been at least since 2008.

EDIT:  While re-reading this, I thought it might be wise to point out here that "Morton the First" and "The First Koopa" are completely unrelated characters. For those knowledgeable of Lemmy's Land fanon, Morton Koopa, Sr. was supposedly Bowser's father, but the name didn't sound very "kingly" to me, so I changed it (at least, in how Kamek refers to him—I mean, it makes sense for him to have some sort of reverence or respect for him). Similarly, The First Koopa is basically a reworking/re-imagining of "DAD," the first Koopa and "Koopa god" whose sole purpose for existing was to be a swear substitute.

EDIT 2:  Also, while re-reading this... I'm starting to think the "intruder" needs his dialogue rewritten. It's just a tad too "generic evil villain"-y for what I'm going for. Like I said, this is a rough draft, so I'll probably be going through and editing this quite a bit before the actual release of the story.
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