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Switchin for Rainmeter

By DarknesFreak


Port To Rainmeter by DarknesFreak

Her is my latest work, I liked the original design of the Litestep them created by x-spirit,but the problem was that i hated using LiteStep So i said why not port it to rainmeter and so i did of course i added some modification to the original design, people who are familiar or used the LiteStep them by x-spirit will see the difference, i wasn't planing on sharing this theme i kind of made it for my self, and than i changed my mind so i hope you like it.


thanks to :iconx-spirit: for letting me port it to rainmeter and :iconsmurfier: for the help

her is the original LiteStep theme


:bulletblue:Pack include :

Rmskin for easy install
Collection of wallpapers that go well with this skin ( wallpapers in the preview are included to )

:bulletorange: ohh My next theme will be in futuristic high tech style i will add a preview in the next few days.


to use this theme in a good way do this

- Click on the rainmeter icon in the try section
- Choose Edit Settings
- Under the Rainmeter section in the config text file on top Write this DesktopWorkArea=0,60,1440,900

where the 1440 and the 900 are the resolution of my screen you have to set them up to your screen resolution for this to work
and the 60 is the distance which will be saved for the bar, that way the skin will always be visible

refer to this for more info…

Skin is featured in this article…

Don't forget to donate some :points:
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Muy agradable la presentación...

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I actually found this skin on - good stuff - thumbs ups
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thank you so much
Hi how to set groove as music player in switchin
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Just a quick question mate...

How do I get rid of the 'drop shadow' that is on the actual bar? Cheers if you can get back to me. Nice piece of work! 

- Sameer
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Hi Darknes,amazing skin i love it,but i just want to ask u something:how can i remove some shortcuts from the top left(Skype,Dropbox,Messenger)because i dont use these programs!Thx. in advance!
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you can delete the icons from the skin folder if you don't want to use them, or you can change them to whatever you want :D
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Thx bro u are amazing!!!!
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glad i could help 
Sorry for the double post, I am not sure how to edit my other comment so I added this one. I had one question, on the screenshots you posted it looks absolutely stunning, and it is almost the same on mine, except instead of it being 60px tall it is at least 120px tall and I am not sure how to make it smaller. It looks rather bad being so tall. Do you or anyone else know of a possible solution, please? I love this, but taking up so much height looks bad. Thank you
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take a screen shot so i can see it OK 
I got it fixed, thank you though.
oh wow, this is absolutely amazing! thank you so much for this, it's...beautiful
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Really great work, but I want to do some editing.
I want all those information popups to appear above the bar (they appear below, which i dont want since i am using this bar as my taskbar.)
So please tell me how to do this.
I tried editting coordinates but the things disappear above bar.
Please help.
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unfortunately you can't do that if you try to touch anything you will mess everything up as everything is connected unless you're an expert in rainmeter scripting language, and you know what you're doing 
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actually, i know that much. Have a look at my editting of this bar->

(i made it thinner, added an fb bar (though image is copied) and also moved music a little away from controls.

i know things are still complexer. but you are creator man.
so Can you do it please?
DarknesFreak's avatar
at the moment i can't I'm really busy,as you can see i haven't posted anything in months due to my work. 
NoNameHuman's avatar
Ok i did it myself successfully.
If you allow me i can post it...
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please tell me how to link the crome to the internet button ?
theme is exactly what i wanted but only internet and messenger button are not working... please help...

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open the inside the skin folder and edit the 
Link2=C:\Users\(you're user name in her)\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe
this should work
I finally got this to work but is there a way to set it so that it dosent open a new window but opens the minimmised chrome window ?
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