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Hey I finally got around to posting some new stuff on Deviant.  My most humble apologies for the lack of stuff as well as any response to comments.  Been so hectic and trying so hard to keep up on everything.  

My dragon portfolio is finally out after many months!  Still working on other portfolios and should have more in the future for you to enjoy.

Managed to get a t-shirt printed up as well and can be seen on my website under the portfolio section.  I decided on the Lord Anubis design which turned out very well.   Thanks so much to everyone who has been keeping track of my work and being so patient.  
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New Work

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Ok, my apologies for not posting in so long.  Getting ready to visit family and friends today and will not be back until the 8th.  When I get back I have about a week to get ready for MFF convention.

Currently working on some portfolios and a few other projects.  
The mini paintings went over well and I plan to do more in the future.  
I promised to post an image of a gameboy I painted so you can see that in the gallery.  A bit of an experiment but worked out well.  I will post more when I get back and if I have the time.

Thanks to everyone who has visited this page and I appreciate the words and complements.
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Working hard with new art and franticly getting ready for an upcoming convention called Conifur in Tacoma.  Not a very big convention but what I consider a relaxacon.  It's a convention that's not to busy and still gives me time to socialize and have fun.

I'm trying something new doing what I call mini-paintings.  They are only 3x4 inches roughly and have just as much details as my larger ones.  Just trying something new and have a lot of fun doing them.  You can see an example of one of them in the gallery.

Finally getting over a cold that I have had for nearly 2 weeks but at least my immune systems is back up to status.  Better to be sick now then at a convention.  I was sick at a convention once and it made it a living hell trying to work and survive.

Sadly not much going on in my life besides work and a bit of time with my friends replaying on the weekend.
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Hey gang

Thanks so much for the warm welcome on deviant art.  I can't believe how many fantastic artists are on this site, just wish I had more time to look around.
Got to see AVP and loved it!  Hope to see more Alien movies in the future.  Right now I'm having major horror movie with drawl and most the horror flicks out there are put out by small companies that just don't quite hack it.
Been working on a few new paintings and have found a bit of time to post a new one of a fox.
I will post more when I get the time and can finish up a few more things.
I have so many projects I need to work on and so many things I want to create.  One of these days I'll get a chance to do another sculpture as it's been years!
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New to DA

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Yes, I finally made it to deviant art!  Thanks again to my friend Goldenwolf for helping me get this set up.  I plan on putting more work up later when I get a bit more time.
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