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dragon on gameboy

Painted for a friend on his Gameboy advance. Done with acrylics and then a layer of clear coat for protection. For this project I had to use a very small fine brush for the details along with a lot of layering.
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"New Gameboy Advance: 13+ Edition! Only for 100 more dollars!"

Nintendo, please.
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I waaant. Why don't you buy some gameboys or other portable systems, and make things like this on the back. You'd make a fortune with furries. And to be honest... I'd be one of the buyers probably xp
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I thought I've seen this before :boogie:
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Thanks for inspiring me! [link]
I've kept my eye on this pic for a while and it still boggles my mind this on on a GAMEBOY ADVANCE SP!!! That's like 2 1/2 inches of space at the most and you put SOOO much detail in such a limited area.

*darknatasha receives MAD PROPS!!! from dragonstorm64*
boy i would for you to do this with my gameboy
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Very excellent work!! :clap::clap: :thumbsup:
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I would buy a gameboy just for the simple fact if it had this on it. + Fave
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nice! now I want a custom painting on my GBSP
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oooh ^^ Suuper :3.
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A sexy anthro Dragon decorating one of the greatest gaming systems ever developed. I ask you: what’s not to love?
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that is awesome i would love that on my gameboy
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Hard to believe that an attractive dragon like that is just on a GBSP.
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Holy COW!! Amazing work!! Great details, considering how small the game boy advance sp is!
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oh wow she looks beautiful i wish I had her as a tattoo hehe
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That very cool, she sexy,
I love blue dragon.
excellent job.
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thats amazing
but why did you do a dragon with tits ?
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Wu-eeelll... It IS anthropomorphic... and it's female... Plus I would have to imagine it was a request from someone. I mean, you don't normally see someone paint something onto a GBSP.
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That's freakin' awesome! The great looking dragon looks like she was designed for the gameboy.
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XD how did he ask u 4 it?
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