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Year Of the Rat

What could be better then enjoying a good soak in Sake
Original will be at FC
8" x 11" Medium is acrylic inks, marker, colored pencil.

Chinese Zodiac
Being the first sign of the Chinese zodiac, rats are leaders, pioneers and conquerors. They are charming, passionate, charismatic, practical and hardworking. Also Rats need to learn to relax sometimes, as they can be quite obsessed with detail, intolerant and strict, demanding order, obedience, and perfection. Hmmmmm …….. sounds familiar.

2008 is also year of the rat woo hoo!

The rat is my contribution to a collaborated artists challenge project for FC. The theme for this years FC is Furries in Asia, so we decided to do our next challenge based on that, hence the Chinese Zodiac. Most of us received our birth year animals however with a few being given other signs when some overlapped.
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Meh friend and i were looking at this and I go "what is it doin'" and she goes "its in a box, what'd ya think it wuz doin'?" and i say "takin' a bath!" lawlz nice job!
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The perfect bath :iconclapplz:
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I find it SO crazy how accurate zodiac traits are. I'm a Pisces Rat, and if you read almost any trait, I have it. It's insane! :wow: Awesome art by the way. After all, Rat slightly jumbled is Art! :D
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i had a pet that looked just like that
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i like his feet
looks like my rattie!
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I'm very interested to this work. :D
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I liked that year, squeak!
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aww it looks a lot like my little rat lady they are sooo cute
omg i have a rat who looks just like him! :)
Now anyone who smells him will get drunk...I think. Cute pic!
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I was born in year of the rat! Very cute rat, I love that facial expression. :nod:
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:love: ! The rat reminds me of the pet rat we use to have. Adorable :)
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aw he looks like my rat
very well done i must say.
i enjoy ur style of art

question.. will you be doing the other years of the zodiac ?

(>^-^)> im year of the ox yay
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OMG! He looks like templton from the old charlottes web movie!! He was my favorite character so thats a very good thing! Even if that wasnt intentional (which i bet it wasnt) its cool!
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Oh how wonderful!
He looks like the rat in my avatar, a splendid black hooded chap that has that look on his face when lounging with his harem!

Will this be available as a print?
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I used to have a rat named Alfred. This looks just like him.
............. Now I miss my Alfie.
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Just a little bit more witha on the nose and this rat would look like my own.^^ I like the mimic of this one - the little smirk.^^
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what a nice painting !! :love:
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