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Wild Africa

By darknatasha
I just wish African wild dogs were more popular. They are such beautiful animals and extraordinary hunters. One of my favorite canid that has fascinated me for years.

Medium is acrylic inks, marker, colored pencil.
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Africanwildog's avatar
You can create for me a picture with a male wolf and a female african wild dog plz ?
4TheShadow's avatar
This is absolutely beautiful, my husband and I just found out about this breed of K9 and have fallen in love!
LoneLycaon's avatar
The face, the ears, the spots on her fur...
Very beautiful! It's a shame that only a few wild dogs left in Africa.
purplemystic's avatar
so very cool i had to add to favorites
N3ffShark's avatar
I absolutely love African wild dogs, and this is beautifully done.
Cstinne's avatar
Everything is said, so I just tell you I realy, realy love this one!
Shelby2398's avatar
This is the most realistic anthro I have ever seen...
SpiritFlareWolf's avatar
I love African Painted Dogs and always have :3 they are just as beautiful, if not more, than wolves. I think their lack of popularity has to do with lack of public exposure. Wolves are (and used to be) all over the Northern Hemisphere. The Egyptian Jackal, through genetic research, shows evidence of being a relative to the Grey Wolf, closer to wolves than jackals. Wolves are in lots of places, while this beautiful animal with giant round ears is not. Even coyotes are in popular media. Same problem with other handsome canids and definitely beautiful felines like the Civic cat and even tigers and leopards.
Rahula87's avatar
I agree. How about bush dog? They are an extremely interesting canid species found in Central and South America,it's a shame it isn't so popular :( Other canids like dholes,ethipoian wolves etc. deserve more popularity but i have to admit that one of my favourite canids is racoon dog *_*
SpiritFlareWolf's avatar
I also like the Maned Wolf, which isn't actually a wolf. They have ridiculously long legs and I love it lol I like dholes and Ethiopian wolves too. 
Rahula87's avatar
Maned wolves are cute and afer racoon dogs are my favourite^^
Meej-the-Kraken's avatar
I agree with you, African Wild Dogs are amazing! And your picture is awesome. I love it! :D
Nikolaspascal's avatar
wolf are too mainstream, leggo with hyena
sarahandshadow's avatar
this it total awsumness
it's so wunderful in an exotic way, it makes me wanna cry frum love
8flames8claws's avatar
wow that is amazing. I never knew how awesome african wild dogs were...the accessories complement it perfectly! :D I like the background too.
ArgendumTribal's avatar
African Wild Dogs are very beautiful, so its amazing they aren't as popular as even coyotes. Anyhow, your an amazing artist. Keep at it!!
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Nalasugar457's avatar
That is amazing! Even though I LOOOVVEEE wolves, and only heard about African Wild dogs yesterday (cause I was researching them), I feel as if they are now my favourite animal...

Love it!!!! Sooooo cute, and amazing colour texture, too!
BeadyEyedGirl's avatar
the accessories match the wild dog perfectly... very cute..
great picture love it :) dogs are no 1
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