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A Tanuki makes his way through the bamboo forest.

Mixed Media
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He looks swift and cunning, this raccoon native. B-)

He is a canine actually.

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Even though this calls him a tanuki.

Yes, tanukis are canines.

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Though tanukis are also known as "Japanese raccoon dogs." No exaggeration.

All raccoon dogs are canines. Raccoons are procyonids. Raccoon dogs are not raccoons.

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I hear you, just sayin'. LOL

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Woooo... :meow: He looks both cute and beautiful.
I love it! :heart: A deviation totally :+fav:'d! :thumbsup::D
Animal Emote: Tanuki
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Beautiful Tanuki!
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This picture makes me hungry for mouse tempura. If you get that anime reference you would be as big of a nerd as I am.
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I get it. Pom poko
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Wow, what a stunningly beautiful raccoon.  His face is just drop dead adorable !!!    :)
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I love his facial expression :)
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I really like those bright eyes, the pose and the soft lighting (suggesting dawn or dusk) makes this look very convincing. Great work!
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very nice work 
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EEEE! A Tanuki! @@
I really love how this keeps with the dark, muted tones I expect in your work, but the actual oranges, yellow and greens in it are quite bright and saturated. Masterful use of color here. And what a cutie!
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Nicely illustrated tribute to the famous tanuki myth! I like how you gave this character a canine-esque muzzle thus staying true to the Japanese raccoon dog.
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Your grade of details is amazing :)
Sorantheman's avatar
Good work on the detailing here.
jennystokes's avatar
You have done this very well :clap:
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A very nice portrait. 
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