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I've been falling behind on my updates. Here is another piece I did of the Egyptian Goddess Bast.

Based on the Mau breed from Egypt

Mixed Media
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If you do not mind the curiosity, how did you shade the pillar behind the curtain? Do you do the base shading first and fill in the relief later, or do you layer shadows on top?

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Brilliant. I have only just come across your gallery.i think it is superb. Look forward to seeing more of your work 😊

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Wow... this is awesome! Where do you get prints of this?

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I love all the details. 
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I love this one! I have the print of it hanging in my office.

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Dark Natasha - I have loved your work since first becoming a deviant artist - if your creatures are not flesh and blood they SHOULD BE
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Love your art, not just the wonderful way you draw your characters but the backgrounds, as well. Thank you
Your work is so richly detailed and all around gorgeous.  I love the textures and the way you depict the art from historic times and places. I feel transported to Egypt!
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Oooh, beautiful! Love the eyes, the texture on the jewelry and hair, the legs, the loin cloth.. Love it! ^_^
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absolutely stunning. I've been a fan of yours for many years as well as a fan of mythology. Love your work!
One day I would love to see you work your magic in a walk through of one of your pieces or a convention workshop ^v^ Just lovely. :heart: 
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I've always loved your anthros. Best I've ever seen.
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I love how both she and the tigress you just posted looks so casual about wearing little to nothing out in public
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Such a beautiful take on Bast.
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She is so exotic, this feline goddess.....
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Gorgeous! I didn't know you were still active!
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Well done.................SO much work here.  can we have the goddess Ankh (I think this eventually became the symbol of the sandal??????? 
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Still love this print 💛 I have it hanging in my office in a lovely gold frame.
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wonderful kitty, love her
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