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There have always been rumors...high above the clouds...
But noone except the builders could have been there. At such a place, beyond the reach of poor man. Yet, once up there, one would be - suprised, probably. The sheer meticulousness, the cold efficiency, the overwhelming logical structure. No, there's nothing to see there...there's only the utter beauty of the machine itself, a feast for the senses, too much for a simple mind to take.
After seeing the wonders for myself, I could not remember anything...when I came to, I was here. But, there is one thing I shall not forget. It is the path leading to the place...


So, I actually made it in time according to my own working plan ;)
Just wanted to finish this in November and so I did...even though I did not show it to you - yet.

Yes, it is a "bigger" scene once again. A few points about it:

° This is definitely not aimed at photorealism.

° Clearly, someone will suggest to add some human figure in there, for scaling references and all that kind of stuff. To fill the stairway, to give it a raison d'etre. To make it more believable. Whatever.
However, I do think that it would add nothing to the composition as a whole. A human figure would - well, "humanize" (if such a word exists - it should say, make it more humane) the picture. Something that I do not wish. It is a place not suited for you and me and so it should be seen. The absence of humanity just gives it an even more dreamy yet cold feeling. At least in my opinion.

Besides, I just suck at human would just laugh at the piece if I added a character :P

° I know that I'm not good at drawing clouds and stars...doing it with a mouse is not really easy for someone who can't even do it with a brush. And to be frank, I did not want to spend weeks on brushing clouds...especially since my computer has already choked and produced some rather heavy lag sometimes. I should get some more RAM...

° Now for the aspects I wanted to achieve and practice: as you can see, I had a lot of fun using lights. I wanted them to be lively, bright and colorful and made them a lot more prominent in PostPro.
Modeling wise it was a rather simple concept - I started out with three tubes and one plane. They make up the main shapes you're seeing now, all I did was to add some details and change their shapes a bit. Simple, really :D

° For the people interested in the technical sides of the picture:
I rendered and worked with this at three times the resolution you're viewing here. Rendertime was about 6 hours and 30 minutes with Blender's internal Engine.
Total vertice count is 750,433.
I've used Ambient Occlusion as well as a sunlamp for simulating a faint moonlight, other lamps were added to cast shadows / highlights and to support the modeled main lights of the scene.
Materials are procedural mostly, with some image textures to enhance them.
This time I used some rather heavy PostPro, like color enhancements and several adjustments, but I also drew the clouds and brushed around to make a lot of changes to the lighting.

Ooookay, enough for now...hope you do enjoy it, even if it surely isn't my most awesome creation (at least I'd think so, I'm personally not that happy with the outcome...). I'd be glad to hear what you think and to get some feedback!!

EDIT: I'm sorry for the re-upload - nothing in the picture itself has changed but to me it seemed that there was a problem with the thumbnail, which should have been generated while uploading. However, I always got that blank dA picture and could not view it - therefore, I decided to try again.
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holy shit.
it's been ages since i've last seen this piece.
and I still like it a helluvalot!
Tukotih's avatar
Kinda enclave stylish (Fallout 3)
darkMyke's avatar
Is it? Maybe worth looking at that stuff then, I'm always looking for new inspirations.
Nightmaker's avatar
Respekt das bild ist wunderschön
Besonders gefallen mir die farben und die lichteinflüsse die sie auf die umgebung haben.

Aber das rot passt meiner meinung net so wirklich rein oder vllt is es auch das grün oben an dem gerät das sich für mich zu sehr abhebt.
Da bin ich mir nicht ganz sicher.
Ich bin halt sehr darauf bedacht die farben eines bildes ganz einhaltlich zu halten (was man bei meinen bilder auch erkennen kann. :D)

Aber ich möchte gerne die frage zurückgeben
machst du die outlines mit pc oder per hand?

Vorallem is das ein bisschen 3D grafik?
Das geländer sieht mir nämlich verdächtig danach aus ;)
darkMyke's avatar
Ja, es ist alles am Computer entstanden und sehr viel 3D Grafik. Die gesamte mechanische Struktur ist in Blender gemacht, d.h. in 3D.
Alles andere wie Texturen und dann eben die Wolken sind in Photoshop gemacht und unter anderem eben auch "gemalt" (in Photoshop eben)...zu mehr reichen meine Malkünste aber wirklich nicht ^^;
Nightmaker's avatar
oh aber respekt sieht gar net so stark nach 3d aus..
okay finds so schöner weil ich lieber "gemalte" bilder mag
ich weiss ja net ob du das jetzt schlecht findest.. ^____^
darkMyke's avatar
Nein, finde ich nicht schlecht, jeder hat einen anderen Geschmack. Aber ich persönlich versuche in solchen utopischen, fantasy-Bildern eher einen nicht-realistisch-realistischen Stil (falls das Sinn macht >XD ) einzubauen, der dem ganzen halt auch ein wenig das 3D Feeling soll halt gut ausschauen, egal ob man nun lieber traditionelle Sachen hat oder 3D Bilder.
Zumindestens scheint es teilweise zu funktionieren :)
Danke nochmal!
Tsuna43's avatar
Wenn das nicht mal ein geiles Geländer ist. xD
This picture is gorgeous and that little story you added makes this supperb! Great writing, and great thinking!
0ooo0's avatar
great idea, wonderful expression
2XVISION's avatar
Lovely. It's so wonderful to see Blender being used so adeptly. Absolutely beautiful.
ZenkoAshikaga's avatar
wah you really worked yourself this time! humanize, yes I think is a word hehe

Well I am sure more detail willl be great but like you said is not aim for photorealism so the concept itself is perfect.

great peace bro ^^;
Firretayl's avatar
Your 3D rednerings look really good. Very detailed and interesting ^^
s2f's avatar
Man, you rock at this whole "Industrial" thing!

Looking at your work is like trying to look at a huge crowd from the top of a building... There's just TOO much to look at... And THAT, my friend, is a VERY good thing! I love the eye for detail that you have, I share it, but unfortunately, I've yet to share the means to put it into my work. In the meantime, I will just admire and respect you as a badass, lol.

Rock on, bro.
reynante's avatar
fantastic scene! :clap:

I've spoiled my comment on your post at

BlenderCommunity's avatar
very very nice, well done
oddbydefault's avatar
absolutely stunning. The lighting is perfect and those clouds really add to the genera effect. And i agree with the human figure thing. It would spoil it.
amnesiacphlgm's avatar
wow! in my opinion, you did a great job there .. I really like the atmosphere, the effects fit perfectly, aside from being well done, from my point of view.
so I don't really get why you seemed so unsatisfied lately ;)
darkMyke's avatar
You know, I'm never really satisfied with something...some call it a curse, some call it a gift.

The truth is certainly somewhere in between :)
Pypmannetjies's avatar
Well *I* think it's really cool and you've succeeded in geting the right atmosphere with lights. The clouds are a tad dull, but good for a mouse... I almost always try and avoid clouds. However, GIMP has a built in cloud type plugin thingy, much like blender's... If you want a human figure there are also some shortcuts there (work smart not hard ;)) You can download MakeHuman, which is now much better than the previous versions, and all you'll have to do is add some hair, clothes and texturing. Not much at all ;p You could also get some stock art, apply a nice threshold filter to it and paste the person onto the scene, making a sort of sillouette. I like the pic though, especially since I'm playing a star wars game right now ^^;
darkMyke's avatar
I do know of the marvels of MakeHuman, yet I didn't check it out yet...maybe I should...
Pypmannetjies's avatar
It's quite cool... :dance:
Colophonius's avatar
Also, wie soll ich sagen...ich habe keinen blassen Schimmer, wie man soetwas kreieren kann, und ich kann nur sagen, dass ich dieg rößte Hochachtung vor dem habe, der soetwas kann.
Zum einen, deine kurze Geschichte dazu - sehr passend! Und wirklich, die Maschine an sich (Ich frage mich, was es sein soll, doch dazu später :D) ist eine Schönheit. Eine kalte, unnatürliche und faszinierende Schönheit...
Wie die Maschine aus diesem wabbernden gelblichen Dunst aufsteigt und zu einem klaren, Ästhetischen Konstrukt beeindruckend. Auch, wie du gegen die Wuchtigkeit und Größe der Maschinen diese filligranen blauen Licht(/Laser/wasweißich)strahlen setzt, ist wunderschön! An dieser Stelle hat das Bild auch etwas zerbrechliches, etwas endliches. Dennoch strahlt alles eine gewisse Gefahr aus...ich weiß nicht, warum ich das so fühle, aber ich nehme an, dass es durch die totale Leblosigkeit des Bildes kommt. Die einzige, angedeutete bewegung neben dem zerbrechlichem Licht(/Laser/...)strahl ist der Dunst unten, und der ist auch nicht gerade Vertrauenserweckend.
Wirklich, du hast sehr gut eine Stimmung eingefangen...ich weiß nicht, wie andere darüber denken, aber für mich ist es tödliche, kalte
Präzision. Ich weiß nicht genau wieso (und ich hoffe, dass es nicht völlig deinem Bildkonzept widerspricht O__o).
Lange Rede, kurzer Sinn: Kein Ort, an dem ich sein will, aber kein Bild, was ich missen möchte! :D
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