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The Lost Art of Danmaku

What exactly is this supposed to be?
I borrowed the concept of Danmaku (means something like "Bullet Curtain") from one of my current obsessions - Touhou Project.
It is a videogame series (and a whole fan-universe comes with it) based on a quite simple idea - if you know space invaders, you know how to play the Touhou games. Shoot at everything that moves and try not to get hit - you can also use special abilities to survive the most difficult sections or clear all enemies on the screen at once.

And BELIEVE me: I've never played games more difficult than the Touhou ones.
(I could only beat "Imperishable Night" at Hard Mode without using a continue - after weeks of training. And it's not even the hardest mode...)

So, Touhou is well known for a few things: all the characters (except for a very few) are (cute) girls, from all the races japanese folklore has to offer. The Music is outstandingly awesome. It's incredibly hard.

And it has beautiful Danmaku. The Touhou Danmaku games are all 2D and the bullets fired from enemies form neat arrangements, patterns, colorful, complicated and sometimes marvelous to look at. You are so fascinated that you forget that you actually have to try and avoid every single one of them - and whoops, you're dead.

As a tribute to the Series (and its creator, ZUN, a single man who creates almost everything himself) I tried to bring the concept of Danmaku to the next Dimension.
Lasers, Bullets, Arrows, Cards, anything you can imagine is thrown at you - can you get through it? Even in 3 Dimensions?

In Short:
It's a purely recreational work. I did it some weeks ago, it is neither polished nor has it a real concept. Being fascinated by the games, I wanted to try myself on a 3D Version of the Bullet Patterns. Make them look complicated and "neat" at the same time. The possibilities are nearly infinite, of course...
It was just fun to play with Blender's modifiers, especially the Array Modifier and then make it colorful and add glow to everything visible. And then add even more glow.

Maybe some of you do like it, it's surely nothing special but I felt like uploading something...

3D done in Blender, the rest in Photoshop.
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This is why the power itself is like rain. You can't avoid it.

Danmaku is like an "inevitable" thing that evasion cannot do anything.

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This is so awesome! :la:
flandrescarlet500's avatar
Play Dodonpachi Daioujou and tell me what is hard.
darkMyke's avatar
For me, every of those games is hard ;P
flandrescarlet500's avatar
scorpiolibra's avatar
Beautiful! It would have been nice to see some knives though.
darkMyke's avatar
Good point and maybe that will happen sometimes. I want to make something similar after all, for a long time now already...maybe more Sakuya-themed? ;)
scorpiolibra's avatar
That would be pretty cool. Does Sakuya's danmaku include stopwatches? She uses clocks in several of her spellcards in SWR.
buko-studios's avatar
Thanks for letting us feature this on our group #Shmuproom Beautiful visualisation! ^_^

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A 3D rendition of danmaku? Awesome.
I really like this, it really does remind me of what a spellcard would look like in three dimensions. Patterned beautiful walls of bullets. Nicely done!
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Now this is a beautiful pattern

It even has Shou's sinful curved lasers LOL
darkMyke's avatar
Yeah, curved lasers are something I'll never get used to. I liked UFO, but they were...hard >XD
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There is a group that did a video that's pretty much this only moving. Here is a link: [link]

Also: You can play on hard?!? I can't even manage easy! Well I am playing Subterranean Animism, so getting the Pichuu~n every time I play is kinda the standard.
IrateResearchers's avatar
Blender Sign: All the Danmaku.
ColinatorGX's avatar
This is pretty well done!
Duwee-DavisII's avatar

This is wonderful. I think it's an awesome example of digital art, and I hope that if a 3d Touhou fan game comes out, it'll be like this.
MistaSmegheneghan's avatar
To put it bluntly, fukken saved.
Sitienmaker's avatar
And,this only easy mode...(In Touhou)
MattTheSpratt's avatar
You want a difficult game? DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou.
The-Syreth-Clan's avatar
This.... is.... BEAUTIFUL.

P.S.: There IS a 3D touhou game (unfortunately it has 100 times less danmaku)
Frosath's avatar
I see an opening!
*finger slips and dies*
SithLordNergal's avatar
And here I was thinking Flandre and Remilia Scarlet are tough XD A 3D Touhou would be amazing. Hard to play and make, yes, but amazing all the same.
darkMyke's avatar
Definitely, I'm quite intrigued by the idea. If I had more time, I would try to make more concepts of how it could really work but at the moment I'm just too busy with other stuff.

And I guess ZUN also needs some more alcohol to really try it someday >XD
valin-karikuzi's avatar
YEAH love it! perfect representaion of the danmaku/bullet hell game genre :D
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