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Feel it...Fear it...

Well, to be honest, this is merely a practice piece. No real inspiration, no real story, no real concept - just started with some weird shapes and tried to give them a "raison d'être". My focus was on some subsurf modeling and some UV unwrapping practice (although you won't really notice it, the materials were done pretty quickly afterwards), just wanted to try out certain things and then combined them with my old school techniques.
If you know my work, similarities to [link] (which was released almost exactly one year ago as well!) are quite obvious, I think. The style of the model, the presentation with the simple, black background, the duplicated use of the model, the DOF, the use of colors (if you look at my current desktop, you may see where I got that colorscheme from - or actually, I didn't even know that it would be so similar until it was done, my subconscious tricked me)...this time it's a little bit darker but still, to me these works are more or less the same.

As there's not much to tell this time, let's get over with it. Here the technical details:
Model done in Blender and rendered with Yafray. Rendertime was 7:30:41.60 hours, in total 998,163 vertices and 630,086 faces. The lighting was (obviously) done with a HDRI and a three point lighting rig.
The DOF was done with a zdepth map derived from the image, using some simple Node setup (another practice!), and then a Blur done in Postpro. Also adjusted the colors and applied some nice glow to the lights in PS.

So, please let me know what you think - I can take it.
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Very nice work! Back when i started learning Blender, this was one of the first images i saw, and i allways tried to do something similar. I learned only through crappy online tutorials, so it took me more or less 2 year before i was able to do something similar. And suprisingley i find this image here while browsing around :) I still love it, and its allways been a inspiration to me. Its just great! :)
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Thank you very much! I really feel honored ;)
Although, it did take me a while to do something like that as well. It's not easy to actually bring your ideas and concepts into life by actually modeling them...
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I envy your ability to model. I'm stuck with a free version of Cinema 4d without the instructions. Somehow you make everything look crazy and extravagant.
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Love the design and little details and the lights. Excellent work on the lighting and textures (particularly on the metal/pipes) too
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Echt tolle Mats, und auch die Kontraste wissen zu überzeugen! Du steckst wirklich viel liebe in die Details!
Wäre mir eine Freude, diesen Arm (?) in Bewegung zu sehen!
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Du siehst einen Arm darin? Hehe, ich freue mich immer zu hören, was die Leute so sehen in meinen mechanischen Sachen. Sie haben keinen wirklichen "Sinn" außer einigermaßen funktional zu wirken und "schön zu sein". :)
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schaut echt geil aus ;)
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very nice, have always liked your work. Just wondering though, for the orange bits, is it emitting light?
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No, the orange lights don't emit's easier to add some lighting effects in Postpro, if necessary.

And thank you ;)
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Practice piece or not, this is good.
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Truly wonderful

Could you please tell me how you make your pipes/tubes/hoses? I have experimented with dupliframes in blender to make chains but I have had limited success.

Any help is greatly appreciated :D
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You are such a blender ninja :P
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Congratulations, this artwork has been featured in Issue 6 of The Third Dimension.

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Lovely. Nice design, modeling, glow...
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good work man.
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for abstract it looks like a something, nice practice work.
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I think I just adore the detail you put into modelling! That's a damn long render time... I'd scream! ;) I tried doing DOF with nodes but never coul get them to work... HOW?? I liek it very much, but I'd make some parts darker and some parts lighter.. To make the detail more visible and that grey thing in the middle less obtrusive. Great piece!
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Technically, this is not DOF with nodes (waiting for the new Defocus node by eeshlo! It gets so much praise, you just have to test it...) but it's merely DOF done in postpro. Only the ZDepth map was done with nodes - which is really not difficult (only three nodes, as far as I can remember...).
Since I used Yafray I couldn't even do it with nodes, as far as I know - the possibilites with nodes and Yafray are very limited yet. I could get a Zdepth map, though, since Yafray delivers Zdepth informations to Blender.

But if you still want to know, I can tell you how I did it :)
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sieht gut aus das ganze vielleicht ein bisschen zu groß übers bild aber sonst gut ;]
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wow, very impressive!
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