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March 9, 2010
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Extremely beatiful. I really adore the details on basically everything(maybe especially the wings?) the atmosphere you created in your art is just amazing.
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This is extremely beautiful! I love the various depictions of the two goddesses of Ys, and this one has an almost digital quality to it that makes the image quite smooth and very three-dimensional. I totally had to favorite this, and add it to my collection of Ys art. :D
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Really well done. This series needs more attention.
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The series really is quite sadly under-represented at least in the west these days, methinks. And, at least in part, the Ys series draws upon the deeper essence of some rather interesting... though extremely obscure... ancient myths and legends regarding the lost city of Ys, the real-world version of which had a rich history every bit as fascinating and fantastic as the version portrayed in these purely fictional stories. I wrote several poems about the actual Ys over the years, some covering my own past-life memories from when I was there in a previous incarnation. The true doom of Ys is oft attributed to its' last princess, Dahut, who was said to be a dark sorceress who conspired with the Devil to bring about the city's end. The truth is actually way more complicated than that, as it oft is when comparing history with mythology. To me, Dahut was more a tragic figure if anything, at least that is how I remember her as having been... so in my poetry that is what I tend to depict. If you're curious, here are some links to my Ys-related poetry over at the Deep Underground Poetry website. To start with, there's "The Princess and the Pearl":


And then there is "Remembering Ys" which has more fantastic elements to it:


There actually was a black pearl like the one in the video games, but it was more like how in ancient Atlantis they had crystals and things like orichalcum and somehow they used them in some rather creative ways to build primitive (at least by today's standards) power sources that were way ahead of their time. And in Ys there were other gemstones used in addition to pearls, but the black pearl was most famous and is the one I mentioned in my poetry. In all, any historical writings on the subject of Ys are rare and hard to come by, and the ones that can be found oft have a bit of a Christian bias to them even though there is a much older Pagan tradition to do with Ys that gets sidelined a lot in the accounts that exist. Particularly concerning Dahut herself, among other things. So in my writings, I try to be more balanced in how I portray what transpired back in ancient Ys. Even memories are not always perfect, but I like to think that at least my writings bring something different to the reader and allows one to consider a side of the old tales that oft goes untold.

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Always happy nto to find another artist who shares the same love an and passion for the series that is.do.

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This is unbelievable. Do you remember how long did it take you to draw this?
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I love the lightning here. And the perspective for the wings and feathers look great!
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