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Kandar The Prologue
                                  Kandar, The Prologue
      Death loomed in the air and in the sky above, it seeped from the ground and clawed at his feet. It hid in every shadow cast by the evening sun, it lurked behind every corner, and was poised to strike from every door and window. It was here for him and he knew it, but it was not him alone that it wanted. Death was going to feed well this day.
      ‘How did I get here?’ he thought. The barrel of his gun was mere centimeters from the barrel of his nemesis. A man he once looked up to, he once called friend, and once upon a time he defended.  Surrounding the pair were numerous subordinates of his nemesis. In the street, in the yards, in near by houses, and in armored cars. Beyond them, in the trees and on roof tops were some of his own allies. Some were in question now, but he knew his enemy’s
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The Misadventures of Mr. Mayhem Day 2 :icondarkmoonwolf70:DarkMoonWolf70 0 0
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The Misadventures of Mr. Mayhem :icondarkmoonwolf70:DarkMoonWolf70 0 0
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Kandar Ep 57 Deletekey Speaks
                              Kandar Episode 57 Deletekey Speaks
      Chop House butted in, “I don’t care who is interested, it’s time to eat. Foods gonna get cold with all this blathering going on.” He waved on a few guys from the kitchen to start setting out food for everyone. Deletekey respectfully waited for him and his guys to get all the food out before she started talking again.
      “You seem so rough on the outside, but you really are a softy,” Deletekey whispered quietly to Chop House as he set the plates of food on the table for her and Miss Kitty. He turned to give her a stern look, to which she replied with gently smile and a wink.
      “Don’t push your lucky little girl,” he said for everyone to hear as he pointed his finger at her, but returned her wink.
      She giggled at him as
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winter road 01
places I have been. stock stuff, if you use please reference back to me, would love to see it
Winter roads 03
places I have been. stock stuff, if you use please reference back to me, would love to see it
                                  Kandar, The Prologue

      Death loomed in the air and in the sky above, it seeped from the ground and clawed at his feet. It hid in every shadow cast by the evening sun, it lurked behind every corner, and was poised to strike from every door and window. It was here for him and he knew it, but it was not him alone that it wanted. Death was going to feed well this day.

      ‘How did I get here?’ he thought. The barrel of his gun was mere centimeters from the barrel of his nemesis. A man he once looked up to, he once called friend, and once upon a time he defended.  Surrounding the pair were numerous subordinates of his nemesis. In the street, in the yards, in near by houses, and in armored cars. Beyond them, in the trees and on roof tops were some of his own allies. Some were in question now, but he knew his enemy’s enemy was his ally. It just left him expendable, in the center of a storm that was about to break. And yet, he worried more about the innocent people held hostage that were scattered about the scene.

      He had run this type of scenario at the academy many times and always lost. He did not do well with hostages, he only excelled at killing. He had improved much for those days and tried more recently in holographic environments. Still, the only ones he lived through were the ones that everyone else died, including the hostages. With his most recent training he had improved tremendously from there, but was it enough? Had he set all the pieces out right this one time that his life actually depended on it? Or would he be the only one to die?

      The thought of it made his blood race. Living on the razor’s edge. All his senses were heightened to the point of being electrified. The sound of his own hushed breath was near deafening. He could feel each and every hair on his body moved as the light breeze passed through the scean.

      He knew what the right moment to strike was. He could see the people moving into place like watching a timer count down. He could count how many moves were left, if they stayed their course. He had to keep them moving in the right direction. He had to keep them talking. He had to keep them unaware of his true feeling. His true motives. His true intent.

      Something inside of him was boiling up, straining to be set free. He had felt this before. He knew what it meant for him. The blood lust, the red rage, the killer behind his eyes, the demon in his soul. Hate without boundaries. Rage without limits. Feelings without names. The part of him that he knew there was no stopping.

      But, he was not the same man as he was back then. He had pushed the limits of his physical being, polished his skills, refined his will, and strengthened his mind. He felt ready for it. He invited it to the surface and welcomed it’s embrace as the moment of truth arrived.

      Everyone reached their perfect place. Their movement was in the perfect direction, their posture was correct, their breath correct, their eyes looking the right way, all of it was perfect. He saw it, he felt it, he knew it was time. He pulled the trigger, the hammer fell, and the first bullet thundered out the start of the storm. 0.000

      Hungrily, famished, starved as if not feed for weeks, Death smiled it’s sharp tooth grin. And deep within him, salivating, the red rage smiled back. It was feeding time.    
Kandar The Prologue
When I started thinking of this story, this is the point of where it began. What I have written so fan and still more to come is leading up to this point.  I will be adding more snippets of this moment in here and there to fit a vision of my story I think better tells what I want to say. I hope you all like it. Please leave me a comment good or bad, just dont be rude. 

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                           The Misadventures of Mr. Mayhem
                                       Day 2

      When I was ten my mom packed her shit and took of in the middle of the day while I was at school and dad was at work. She took her clothes and personal things and never came back, not even a post card. She had just reached a point of dad’s shit she could no longer live with. She could have sent me a fucking birthday card or something. I later found out dad did get the divorce papers in the mail, but she refused to see him, even in court.

      Dad was a marine back when only real men were allowed to be marines, Vietnam. He was a highly decorate war vet, became a drill instructor then, after he retired, a hand to hand combat instructor.  He studied every kind of martial arts that someone would teach him. And, dad wasn’t gonna raise no damn pussy boy, so I was taught everything he could force into me since I was able to walk.

      That’s where Tami came in. I think I was twelve, dad was drinking at this dive bar and I was playing pinball. A fight broke out, nothing new there, but this time this little Asian chic that was five foot nothing and maybe a full hundred pound if she had on a few layers of wet clothes, mopped the floor with seven marines and two navy seals.

      When she finished them off, dad took her a beer and said “Teach me.” It was only three months before she moved in. I liked her and she taught us all kinds of cool styles and really improved our PT. Sadly, she only lasted five hears before she got tired of dads shit and left. I was nineteen when I was finally able beat my father and could move out. Took me two years to find Tami.

      I told her I wanted her to teach me everything, and she was more than willing. She continued where we left off. I learned how to fight in so many different styles, pressure points, joint locks, death strikes, weapons, oh yeah and how to fuck. Pressure points a good for lots of thing, not just fighting. Tami liked to bring other girls into the bedroom and use them to teach me how to make a woman happy. The top two things I am best at, fucking and fighting.

      She died last year in a freak car accident, still don’t really understand how it happened. I didn’t take it well and I haven’t really stopped drinking since then.

      So when the door shut and the light went out, I was tired and wanted to go to bed. I tried to tell these jackasses that I wanted the bottom bunk, but they did not speak my language either. I would guess it to be some Slavic language that they spoke. I will give them credit for taking a beating and for putting up as much of a fight as they did in the dark, but they were still out cold on the floor when the Dobies open the door this morning.

      The three of them looked down at the losers, then up to me. Dobie number one said something I didn’t understand, so I just shrugged. “They should have listened,” I told her. I yanked on my chain to the bed and asked her, “we going cleaning today, or do I get to play down here all day?”

      I don’t know if they under stood me or not, but they unlocked me and took me upstairs to the main deck. Dobie number three threw a bucket of water on the guys to bring them around. They looked upset for some reason, ha ha ha.

      They gave me a bucket of paste and two big cotton pads. Had me get down on my hands and knees, smear some on with one hand and clean it up with the other. I felt like the fucking karate kid, wax on, wax off. Only I have an angry doglady standing over me to make sure I do it right. I took a few lumps getting it right. I am starting to think dobie number one is closet S&M mistress, without the closet. Once I got down how she wanted me to do this, she left. I assumed to go torturer some other prisoner. Anyway, once the coast was clear I grabbed the empty bucket and rope to get water to rinse myself off, just dumped a couple of bucket of water over my head. Down in lock up everyone smelled bad, but out here I could smell myself. It has been two day, in my time line since I had a bath. This splash and dash was going to have to do for now.

      I quickly got back to work on the floor. My day got a little brighter as dobie two and three brought these two cute dogwoman over to work with me. They have the same stuff in their hands as I do, but they were doing the handrails, masts, and doors as I work on the floor.

      One looked kinda like a Golden Retriever and the other was certainly a Dalmatian, spots and all. They were really nice to me. They kept talking to me like I understood them. Like when I talk to my friend Jackie’s dog, Bangs. I don’t do that cute baby talk shit, I talk to him like I would anyone else, and he hangs on everyone like he understands, just I am doing right now. They both have nice voices and seem to be genuinely polite and kind, so I have no reason to be rude back.

      I noticed right way they did not have chains on like I did and that thewy were dressed like the Dobies. Which lead me to believe they were crew members and this was just their job or maybe, just maybe they were being punished.

      At lunch break, they sat next to me on the deck and eat the same chili stuff and beer that I got. Which was pretty cool. I was really glad I rinsed myself off early, I did not want to smell offensive. I pointed at myself and told them “I’m Max, Max Millstone.” They looked at me a little lost so I cut it down and just said “Max,” while pointing at myself. Then I pointed at them.

      Now there is a language barrier here, but I am pretty sure the Dalmatian called herself “Song” and the Golden called herself “Fenfang.” Either way that’s what I am going to call them from now on. I extended a Hand towards them but Dobie number one showed up suddenly stepping between us. I am starting to think she does not like me very much.

      After lunch I was working near the back stairs. I glanced up to see Fenfang waxing on a door. Her ass was wiggling to the rhythm of her scrubbing, and it was a very fine ass. Nicely rounded like a cheerleader's with just the right amount of jiggle in it. I was really enjoying the show until I heard a cough. I looked up to see Song staring down at me.

      She said something to Fenfang who turned towards me with a look of ‘What?!’ on her face. She grabber her tail and said something as she turned sideways and pointed it at me. Was no use in lieing about it now. I looked from the tail to her and gave a little smile, then leaned to the side like I was looking around her. I could plainly see the profile of her bottom, but I wanted to make it clear where I was looking. Making that clear I looked up at her and gave a big smile and rised my eyebrows a couple of times for effect.

      Fenfang gave me a shocked look, but I could tell it was a put on. Song was the one that surprised me by grabbing Fenfang’s bottom. She said something to me through a fit of laughter while Fenfang just stood there with her mouth gaping open.

      The door we were at burst open suddenly and everyone’s favorite Dobie appears. She yelled at all three of us for a while. The two girls hung their heads and answered in short phrases. I didn’t give a damn what Dobie number one had to say, not like my job or status was going to change any. Though I suppose I could have been sent back to lock up.

      I watched Dobie number one walk off. She had a small tight bubble butt. Solid muscle I guessed. Her stride was a bit stiff too, not so lady like. I turned back to see Song and Fenfang looking at me. I stuck my hand out flat and tilled it back and forth with a verbal “Mehh.” I followed up by pointing at these two and giving two thumbs up with a big smile. That got me two very happy smiles back.

      I pointed at them and said their names then pointed at where dobie one had gone. What they said sounds like “Jonda de Leela.” I must have looked confused so Song pointed at herself and Fenfang and said “Hiyen,” then pointed at Dobie one and said “Jonda,” I was guessing it was rank as they were all different breeds, so I nodded that I understood.

      The rest of the day they worked a little closer to me, had the ‘accidental’ bumps into me, and wiggling their cute asses at me. I am sure I am not getting a paycheck for this work at the end of the week, but for now, this much will do.

      When the day came to a close and the dobies showed up to take me downstairs to lock up, I just smiled at them. I handed over my equipment and went along peacefully. I figured this was mu best chance to get pulled for work duty again. I had noticed that only a few of us from lock up were working around the ship and I liked getting out.

      When they opened the door to lock up I saw right away they had moved the guys I fought with last night and replaced them with some bigger guys. As the dobies locked me back to the bed, they all came around to greet me.

      I looked back at Leela who just grinned at us and said something that sounded like “Won an.” Yeah sounded weird to me too.

      I turned and smiled at these guys. Looks like I will get to work out some frustrations tonight.

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                             The Misadventures of Mr. Mayhem

      I am awakened by water being splashed on me, and I don’t mean like someone flicking water off their fingers or dumping a glass of water on me. No, this was like a whole bucket of water, forcefully thrown onto me, all at once. As I am gasping for air, the taste hits me, salt water? Like as in from the ocean. I live in way north Georgia, there ain’t no salt water for days around me.

      Before I can fully wrap my mind around that, two sets of hands grab me by the arms and yank me to my feet. Sunlight floods in around a very blurry, shadow of a person standing in the doorway, making it impossible to see anything. My head is still spinning from all the booze last night, which is not help my situation any.

      Wait! That’s right, I was at party last night. My friends are playing a prank on me. I knew that girl was too hot for me. Yeah, that’s it, she must have slipped me something. At least I got to hit it first. Yeah, I was tearing that ass up last night. There are only a few things in this life that I am real good at, and fucking is one of them. She came five times to my three. Girls can fake moaning real good, but you can’t fake the flood and she was a real squirter, that bed was soaked.

      The hands drug me through the doorway as we followed the blurry shadow out into the daylight. As I wiped my eyes with the heel of my palm I felt it, I heard it, then I opened my eyes to see it. Manacles! I was in manacles! Hands and feet bound with thick metal cuffs with a foot or two of chain between them. These was not those flimsy things you buy in Spencer’s, or even the shit like cops use, these were more like the shit you see in the movie, but they were real. And real damn heavy.

      While I am looking down, I realize I am wearing a loin cloth. How in the hell did I get in a loin cloth? That most have been something powerful that chic slipped me. I look up to get the real shock. I am starring at a dog faced woman. I don’t mean she was ugly. No, her face was covered in black and tan fur like a dobie or a rottie. She had dark brown eyes and tall pointed ears like a Doberman too. She had short black hair on the top like a crew cut, and her maw? Snout maybe? hell, I dont know what to call it. Her face was not as elongated at a Doberman's, but certainly more than a human’s would be. To top it off, she had a really cute black pentagon shaped nose, and it was wet like a dogs would be.

      I say woman because of the voice screaming at me sounded feminine. I looked down to double check. The rest of her body was covered in sleek, black and tan, fur. Nicely built too, she worked out… a lot. Smaller tits, B cup maybe, but real perky looking under this dark leather vest that buttoned with three knot and loops like on a Kung Fu Gi. She had a slender waist and nice hips covered by some high waisted, short shorts like girls wore back in the forties and fifties, and knee high boots both of the same material as the vest. Looked like her feet were slightly longer than a humans should be. Dog feet? Her hands were very close to human shaped, but her nails were more like claws and her palms looked more like pads.

      This bitch kept barking orders at me… ok, that was going to far. She was yelling at me in a language that I did not understand. Sounded Asian to me, maybe something like Cantonese. She shoved an old cotton mop and wooden bucket into my hands as she kept yelling and pointing at the floor. And, that is were I made up my mind that this was no prank, it had to be a dream. None of this could be real.

      As I looked out across the wooden floor in the general direction of where she was pointing I saw a beautifully carved, handrail of dark wood, with large balusters and just beyond that… an ocean. No land in sight. I spun around to the other direction and saw the same thing. I’m on a ship. A very massive ship. I have seen several of the navy ships from a distance, but I have never been on one. But, this thing has seven masts. Am I on a Spanish galleon?  This thing has got to be eighty to a hundred feet across and the deck I am standing on at least three maybe four hundred feet long with upper decks at both ends, so I can not tell how long the whole ship is. That’s big to me.

      The center mast looked to be hickory, but I have never seen one this tall or wide. It had to be a good 18 foot wide where it went through the deck and over a hundred and fifty feet tall. It was like a hickory version of a giant redwood. I was in complete awe, until the dog lady slapped me real hard.  

      I dropped the bucket right then and there, started dry mopping the deck. It’s just a dream I thought, run with it. Oh, but that is not good enough for her. She grabs me by my left ear like your mom would do, and basically drags me to the handrail all the while yell at me in that weird language.  She points to a rope coiled up on the deck next to the hand rail, then at my bucket. “I get the hint lady, so chill!” I told her.

      After I got the bucket full, one of the other two dobies that had drug me out of whatever hole they were holding me in, dumps some of this red liquid into the water for a steel coffee pot looking thing. They both of these looked like the one that had been yelling at me, in dress code, size, build and...breed? Save one had short tannish blond hair and the other had shoulder length black hair. Anyway, this stuff bubbled for a minuet and turned the water pink. I’m thinking ‘The Alchemist’s cleaning agent?’ but it smelled like pinesol.

      The mopping went rough at first as I kept getting smacked for every little thing I did wrong, never though mopping to be so detailed. With a few lumps, I managed to get the hang of how they wanted it done, even if I did not understand what they were saying. With that the head dobie left me with the other two. They worked on cleaning and straightening stuff as we moved about. It felt more like they were just there to keep an eye on me. However, after what felt like a couple hours of mopping and the dream had not ended, nor had any of my friends popped out from behind anything to give me shit. Just every so often dump out the old water, get some new and some more cleaner stuff.

      There were a lot of these dog women everywhere working lines and stuff, so I knew I was way out numbered. Not to mention the fact that I had no clue how to pilot this ship or where I could get off. I could not swim to land I could not see, especially with chains on my wrists and ankles. This seemed to be my fate for the time being.

      I started checking things out better. First off, I noticed that as far as they would let me work, there were no males on this ship besides me. There were several different...breeds? Yeah that’s what I will call them, different breeds of these dog women. The dobies seem to have the largest numbers, but there was four or five others breeds among them, Collies, German Shepard's, Dalmatians, a few Golden Retrieves, and Pit Bull or two. These were all dressed like the first dobies.

      Now on the top decks on the front and back of the ship there were some others. They more resembled a Malamute or maybe a wolf. They wore skirts and coats that were cleaner and more finely made, and there was only a few of them, had to be the officers. There was one I guessed to be the captain. It looked like she told everyone else what to do. She was bigger than the rest of them with all white, long, thick fur. Her coat had more stuff on it, citations, strips on the arms and some kind of emblem on the lapels that the others did not have. Don’t really know that that mattered, it’s just how things looked here.

      She had a very nice body and big tits that she was proud of. Carried them puppies… there I go again… Carried them high and stuck out front as much as she could. Dog woman or not I wished the vest she wore would burst open so I could see what they really looked like. I wonder, would I really like to see some big furry boobs? The voice from the back of my head yelled ‘Hell Yeah, I want to see ‘em!’

      It kind of bothers me that it does not bother me. If you catch my drift.

      Anyhow. The ship was beautifully crafted and this comes from a carpenter. The deck, balusters, and masts had a grain and color that looked like hickory. The handrails, that were sixteen inches wide, the trim molding around the doors, the crown molding and accents were made of what appeared to be dark Cherry. The doors and hatches looked like mahogany. The craftsmanship on everything was master artisan level. Just stunning, all of it.  

      When the sun got to be straight over head they let me rest. The handed me a mug and a bowl. Lunch? What was in the bowl I am going to call chili. There was beans, seasoning and some meat. God only knows what kind of meat, but I was hungry and it tasted fair. Then again I ate my dad’s cooking for years, so my idea of what is good might be off target a tad. The flavor was different form anything I have eaten, but it was good enough. The mug had some kind of thick mead. Again strange flavor, but tasty.

      I began to wonder what had really happened to me. None of this was making any sense at all. I could not make my mind accept that it was some prank. There was too many of these dog girls and I could not see any zipper or any clue that it was a costume. This ship was moving at a good pace and I have still, yet to see land of any kind in any direction.

      After lunch, I was taken down a level to mop there. Things went quicker as it was just halls and the big rooms. I think I did the mess hall and kitchen, or do they call it a galley on a ship? There was plenty of doors to rooms they did not let me in. Then down another level and another. I was so confused after the second level down as the innards of the ship was like a maze. They put two new dog girls with me to lead me the lower levels. While I mopped the floors, they cleaned the baseboards, doorknobs and such. The first chic looked like a golden retriever and the other one looked like a Dalmatian, spots and all.

      These two spoke to me like I could understand them. Both had really sweet voices and they were super polite about thing, not like the first dobie. After a while I started to imagine they were talking to me like I talk to my friends dog. I don’t do all that cutey baby talk shit and neither did they. Well, I’m not one hundred percent on that, but it didn’t feel that way. I talk to Bangs like he is my buddy, and Bangs plays along like he is picking up what I'm putting down. He is a cool dog.

      When the two dobies from this morning showed up and grabbed me, I knew my day was done. I wished I had flirted with those two, it would have made for a better day, even if they did not understand me. The dobies basically drug me down several flights of stairs to a pair of large doors with metal banding. It had one of those huge padlock like you see in the old movie where the villain has his dungeon hidden. Yeah well, that was not for off mark. When they unlocked that big pad lock and opened the doors, the true horror of my situation came into full view.

      Inside was rows and rows of wooded bunks stacked up five high. There was no mattress on any of them, no pillow, no sheet, just bare wood planks. The whole bottom of this ship was full of them, and they were all full with people chained to them.

      They walked me to the closest one and padlocked my ankle chains to a chain padlocked to the closest bunk. I was too dumb struck to resist, not that I think it would have done me any good. They left, closed the door, and the light was all but gone. I just about shit myself right then and there.
The Misadventures of Mr. Mayhem
A slightly different story, involving humans and furries. However, this one will be a bit (lol) more adult in content.

A man from this world wakes up in a new a different world. (I know, slightly over used theme, but I wanted to try my hand at it) However, things in this new world keeping going to the direction of the one he left, complete chaos.
    When the door bell rang he thought it would be the movers coming back having forgot some piece of equipment. His eyes and mind strolled around the rooms as he made he way to the from door searching for something not belonging there. When he opened the door he was quite shocked as his eyes beheld a Beautiful young Kandar woman instead of three sweaty human men. "Hello" A musical voice drifted to his ears but his mind was still caught in another thought.
    Her fur was pure white from her regal, tall, fluffy ears to her long arched feet and cute toes. Long waves of soft white hair framed in her face and cascaded down her body to her waist like a waterfall. her Silky smooth fur shone in the daylight behind her highlighting her gentle natural curves. A plain black midriff hung loosely over her modest bust and black denim shorts hung low on her hips stood in great contrast of her dazzling white fur.  Many silver bracelets jingled together on her wrists and silver studs and hoops with small gems sparkled in her ears. Her thin soft pink lips matched her cute pink nose, but it was her eyes that captured him so. The long black slits of her pupils were surrounded by luminescent lavender with a star burst of brilliant blue streams. "I..." was all he could summon.
    Though still sweet and musical the irratation in her voice began to reach him. How long have i been lost here he thought to himself. "Heeellloooo, you do speak common tongue dont you human?"
    "I'm so sorry Miss i thought you were...i mean..." Closing his mouth and shaking his head at him self for a moment.
    "Did you think in a mixing neighborhood you would not see Kandar? You do know this in a mixing community."
    "No and yes, er..." he opened the door the rest of the way extending his hand out palm up right foot forwards head slightly bowed in a formal Kandar greeting.  "A pleasure to meet you Miss" This seemed to take the wind out of her vexation. She placed her hand palm down on his and curtsy. "Veratessa White good sir." Her speech switch to high regal out of reflex.
    "Well met Miss White, Jessie Dire to you." His tongue also in high regal both surprised her that he would know and embarrassed that she had in a common environment use such speech.
    Taken her hand back and now on the defensive slightly, "Please call me Tessie," returning to common speech. "there is no need for formals here. I came by to invite you to the cookout. Each month we have a social event and you have arrived on that day this month. Please join us in the center park. We have lots of different foods and treats and sweet drinks of all kinds. This is family affair so please limit the fuzzy drinks." giving him a stern look and shaking her forefinger at him.
    "I would be honored to attend. I have just started to unpack so i would need to buy something to bring..."
    "Your new and we all saw you just move in so nothing is asked of you, just you and your... mate?"
    "I'm single though i do have a colleague of mine staying with me, Jack..." looking to his right Jack stood in the hallway in his normal attire of gym shorts and bunny slippers holding a bowl of cereal wide eyed shaking his head no vigorously. Jack was very antisocial and as such awkward is social settings. He could talk all day with complete strangers in virtual but face to face he studdered horrible around new people. In a crowd he would be rendered utterly speechless. "Though I think he is interested in getting things unpacked right now."
    "As you wish." spoken to the darkness of the room behind Jessie "We look forward to your arrival." She turned and started towards the front steps of the porch.
    "Ummm, where's the park?"
    Without looking back she pointed "End if the driveway left, go three houses look right and follow the path, at the fork stay right." She glanced back over she shoulder to see him nod and down the stairs she went. Her walk so feminine and graceful her tail long fluffy and beautiful, he could not pull his eyes away. 'So beautiful' he whispered to himself. Her ears twitched and she turned her head looking over her shoulder again at him. With a coy smile and swinging her tail and bottom at him "You like my tail?" before skipping off giggling. 



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