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If you'd like to read a little introduction about me and my art...
A little about me and my art part 1 and 2! UPDATEDPart 2
So I've only had this Wacom Comic bundle for less than a month and it's been a big hurdle, but at the same time, it's been a HUGE door of opportunity to expand my techniques and explore more of the wonderful world of digital art! I still get moments where I start up my computer and my tablet drivers are missing and/or not running...sometimes even in the middle of me using it! It took me a long time to get used to drawing with this but for the most part I'm fairly comfortable with it! I currently use CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO as my software for drawing. It's soooooo much nicer to be able to finally use more than 3 layers! And also have more opportunities to spam undo (rather than just be limited to 10 strokes before)! Ahahaha. There are so many bells and whistles and features I need to explore and learn how to use in order to better my art and also to get more out of the program I am using. To be honest I still don't know what I'm doing half the time...especially when it comes to col

Current Life Updates to see what I'm up to and how I'm doing~
Life updates4/17/17
Hey guys~
Long time no update >.< I finally finished getting my B.S. in Biochemistry in December but there were some complications from my graduation evaluator which made me go through the processes of resending and paying for all my official documents just to get credited for a class requirement which was already checked for and OK'd by my advisers when I first transferred in... I finally received my diploma last week and have been currently working part time at a company as a lab technician. I'm still looking for a full time job and have been really inactive here in the art community but I still draw and stream now and then. I'm trying to slowly work my way towards being independent and would like to finally get out of the house so I can live my own life rather than be bogged down for being treated like a middle schooler with adult responsibilities (aka bills) on top of this treatment. I really appreciate any and all support I've received and I'd like to thank those of

Picarto Livestream and To-Do List
Twitch Livestream~ + To do list [ONLINE]Update:
-Working on Food Fantasy Buttons! 
Special Chibi Commissions here! 
So I did the thing... If any of you guys wanna peek in and hang out while I attempt to art my channel is here:
I'd like to thank you guys ahead of time for joining in! Any support is really appreciated!!! <3
If you are interested in making any donations or getting a monochrome heasdhot sketch commission livestream just let me know in chat~
They are going for $2/200Points 
Feel free to make offers for NYP commissions!
To do list:
-BNHA Charms
-Ancient Magus Bride Illustration
-Ancient Magus Bride Charms
-Overwatch Charms
-Overwatch illustration
-Switcharound sketch of Jiji
-In-stream Commissions
-MM Merch
-Art trade with Eimtee (Sketched) 
  -DreamWing Adopt Designs, DreamWing King,

Official List of OCs and Pairings
Official List of OCs and Pairings!UPDATE: 
New OC: Zephyr (unfinished description/bio)So this is just a reference for myself and for those who wish to pair their OCs and mine!
OC Stash:
Tsukiko x Siria
Blaise x Aquilo
Eli x Izumi
Roen x Jaye (+ Aiden likes to butt in at times)
Hyousuke x Priest Rhys
Artemis x Nuri
Kalen x Shane (c) Starija
Kirei x Shiki
Sakuya x Kagero
Aiden x Castiel
Friends with Kai:
-Fishboy (c) rubysama
-Floof (c) TsunBunnie
-Graham (c) The-Voice-of-Time
Bromance with Castiel (c) Starija
Friends with Yuu:
Midori Ashi (c) AndreaDC-draws
Friends with Shiro:
-Valeri (c) TsunBunnie
If you would like to pair your OC with mine please comment in this journal with this form.
My OC that you're interested in:
Your OC that you wish to pa

Bishies Art Project~!!! [OPEN] 1/5 Slots]UPDATES:
Just a lil bump to see if anyone is interested ;3Opened up the art trade option for Bishie OCs!Apparently CLIP STUDIO PAINT Pro cannot take sai's file format but it can take a .psd for layered files
Please let me know what kind of files you can accept if I am doing a lineart for you!Clarifications (Hope this clears things up a bit): Design Trades - Each of us are drawing the line arts of customs designed for each other. I will draw a custom design line art for you to color. And I will be coloring the custom design line art you make for me :D Bishie OCs - It is okay to collab on one of your OCs or one of mine! In regards to the question asking who the drawing is for, it is just a matter of ownership. Whether we'll be co-owning a character, drawing an OC for you, drawing an OC for me, or drawing a gift for someone else =)I will open a Waitlist when slots are full!Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1]  Words cannot express how excited I am

Couples Art Trades!!!
<da:thumb id="589862552"/>

My Closed Species!
[CLOSED SPECIES] DreamWings~!DreamWings
  DreamWings are little angels and devils that live in a coexisting society. Their main job involves aiding people while they are dreaming or having a nightmare. The Angel-type of DreamWings help people get well rested and make good dreams even better. The Devil-type of DreamWings, despite their looks, help in alleviating nightmares by absorbing them to make them shorter and less unpleasant. The Uncommon-Hybrids with both wings have the ability to do both duties. Hybrids usually come from parents of each type of DreamWing. Although they have the ability to do both duties, they do not have the same amount of power as one who specializes in one type of duty. It's like they have half the power of both abilities.
  They have a very long lifespan, almost to the point of being immortal. Every three years a DreamWing must go into a hibernation state in order to rest and recharge. If a DreamWing feels that it has don

Adoptables ToS~
Adoptables Terms of Service! (UPDATED)When you are buying one of my adoptables below are the things you must comply to.
You must credit me and any collaborating artists for the design.When you re-post the adopt in your stash, Toyhouse or gallery, you must credit me and any other collaborating artists of the designs.You must be able to provide payment via Paypal within 24 hours of claiming the adopt. Please do not bid or offer to buy an adopt without being ready for payment.I and any collaborating artists reserve the right to post, promote and claim artistic credit for the original adoptable design.
Payment Method: PayPal
When you are preparing to make a payment,
1) Pay for goods and services
2) Enter the email I provide and select NO ADDRESS NEEDED when providing the payment amount.
3) Payment information will be provided via Personal Message/Notes
Payment Method: Art or Trade
1) Your art offer or trade offer must be sent fir

My Start-Up Commissions! (Needs updating @_@)
Start-Up Commissions [OPEN] {Slots 0/5}UPDATE: Added Promotional Sales 
New promotion
As promised I am now officially opening Commissions!
Prices are listed below:
Sketchy monochrome headshots $2/200Points 
Headshots:$8/800 Points
Halfbody/Waist: $20/2000 Points 
Thigh-up: $25/2500Points 
Chibi: $15/1500Points 
Peeking Hearts Chibi Icon: $5/500Points 
Chibi Customs (ASK ME)
Prices may have additional costs depending on details and requests
Ex: how complicated/detailed a character is, adding a simple bg, props/weapons, etc.
Prices may also be lowered depending on simplicity!
Payment Method: PayPal
When you are preparing to make a pay

Current Art Sales/Promotions
[OPEN] EMERGENCY Promo! NYP Commissions!Hello Everyone~
I decided to let you guys call the shots and give me your offers for commissions! This will include all commission types AND YCH commissions!
My current goal is to earn $400 for my upcoming bill that is due in 2 weeks.
Please use these journals and thumbs below as references of what's available!

Please fill out the form below and comment or note me for your commission request! Be as complete as possible please!Please WAIT for confirmation of my acceptance of your commission before paying upfront. I still have the right to refuse a commission. I expect payment via Paypal invoice or Points donations within 24hrs after accepting your commissionPlease understand that this is for

Holiday Wishlist
Holiday Wishlist (UPDATED)I figured I might as well make a list too...
2016 Wishlist
1. Art of my OCs! Especially the couples!
Sakuya x Kagero
Kirei x Shiki
Eli x Izumi
Blaise x Aquilo
Tsukiko x Siria
Single bab biases....(also want art for ones that need more love)
Laguna, Ken, Sakura, Sonata, Alto, Damien, Yong
I would love any art of any oc because I love them all... Especially ones with fanservice //coughsblood
2. More RP partners and pairings for my single babs
3. Any and all support for my art and commissions ; v ; <3333
4. To be able to draw more, eat good foods, and get more sleep x'DDDD
Anything below is just wishful thinking + notes to self x'D
Altherial by TheCecile/softlysoapyGalatier by yukibuns
Biheart from Flosary
Tamanair by skfuu
LucierNaga by SoleilRuneStarry Knight by JequuFull body Shinwaki by AirimiuGlass Bunny by MomoriinDesigns by yuxiuUmbra by RiukkiiCastella by Kyou-SeiF

Art Trades and Collaborations!
Art Trades and Collabs! [OPEN] (1/3)UPDATE:
I will not accept art trades right away and will work on owed art first before I accept offers. This is here to see who is interested ; v ;Hello everyone~ 
This will be the master journal for any Art Trades and Collaborations I will be participating in. Please be aware that I can get very busy with work and family matters. (I will let you know when there will be delays on my part) I would love to work with fellow artists and to spread the love for the art that I can share x3 Please fill out the information from the respective form below and comment on this journal or send me a note to be up for consideration.
I may not accept all offers!
Please limit your Character References to 4 Characters to choose from. Please do not give me your entire stash/TH.

So here's what I'm willing to do~
Colored Sketch Busts (cheeb or non-cheeb):

Colored Sketch Halfbody:

Requests! (Mainly Headshots)
Requests~![LIMITED] (Updated)Updates:
-Requests are now limited to when I offer them in stream. Please do not come into my stream asking for a request.
-*Important* I just want to reiterate that there are no set dates as to when I get requests done. As said in the post script and description, requests are free and done on my own free time. Requests are at the bottom of my priority list.
-I reply out of courtesy and acknowledgement that you fulfilled the requirements for me to consider doing a request for you. I do try my best when I get the chance to work on them.
I will be prioritizing requests from people that are watching me! Those who aren't watchers can still be considered for requests~
Just another bump update as well x3
*Important* A simple "Thank you" can go a long way =) Any support for my art is appreciated!
This will be the master journal for requests!
Please note that I may not do every single request!
I will be doing request sketches for people who comment/note a re

Feature Friday~
Feature Friday~So this will be a regular journal for featuring other artists who have great work and/or are super awesome people! I'm not sure if I'll make it every Friday but I will see what I can do~ 
If you would like to be featured in the future please comment here:  (If I have not offered to exchange features with you already...)
I would like to thank the artists for featuring me in their journals as well! Bunny Emoji-87 (Thanks) [V5] Bunny Emoji-87 (Thanks) [V5] Bunny Emoji-87 (Thanks) [V5] 
:iconEiyre: Cute style and I see a lot of improvement scrolling through the gallery :3

Previously Featured Artists~
:iconYouqing: This is long overdue but the portraits and style for male characters are awesome!

:iconNanoColors: It's
  Who is up for Feature Friday?Update:
Looking for artists to feature!Hey guys while I am still busy I was wondering if anyone would like to participate in a Featured Artists journal that I will be posting every now and then on Fridays?
I figured I'd ask and let whoever comments be featured. I will limit it to 10 slots. I will also take recommendations as well =)
If you would like to be featured in this upcoming journal please comment here. In return, I would like to ask you to feature me in a similar journal =) Does this sound fair?
I'm doing this in order to spread the love for these artists as well as get some exposure for my art as well. 
Features will appear in this journal: 

Raffles, Commissions, and Other Events~Commission Promo~
 Mini Commissions by :iconOhSquishy:
 Commissions by :iconreincarnationz:
Resells Promo
 Resells by :iconStarija:
MYO Events~
Raffles, Giveaways, Requests~

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