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August 21, 2009
The detail packed into :shadows: by `darkmoon3636 is truly amazing. Each of shadows is brilliantly created to bring the whole animation to life and lead to a rather amusing ending. Be sure to watch it the whole way through!
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holy crap I'm adjusting horribly to the school schedual. :dead: after staying up until 3am and sleeping until 12 all winter break, going back to the wake-up-at-5am school one is hard D: D: D: I keep coming home and sleeping from about 6pm-8pm (yesterday until 10pm, then I couldn't get back to bed) OH GOD I"M TIRED D: D: D:

Well, the "plot" should be obvious, once again it has no point, but I felt like taking my mind off school. It took two days to make, because, like I said, I keep falling asleep. D; -_-,o SPIT BUBBLE TO THE RESCUE!

ya, so there's a candle giving off light (a candle that flickers a whole lot for some reason. IT"S MAGICAL MMKAY? ) and the dude takes the opportunity to make shadows with his hands. I like the fact that the hands are just circles and look nothing like the shape that comes out. Anyways, he makes a monster type-thing, but *LE GASP!* it's magical...or something, and chases him off the screen *INSERT LOOP HERE*

EDIT: Ok...several people have been telling me that the candle looks like a duck/chicken/goose. :confused: the first time I saw one of these comments I thought they were joking, the second time I thought they were making a joke at the first dude. But no, there's been like 6 comments like this. I'm just...not seeing it. Can someone draw a picture or something showing how the candle possible looks like a bird? It's weirding the heck out of me, I just can't visualize it.
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It's great and also funny.
Enigmapsyche's avatar
hello, your amazing work has been featured here :heart: [link]
lxlx-lx-xlxl's avatar
WTF o_o
LOLZ , I was watching old daily deviations, then YOU ! Wanna some tea ? :iconlagaspplz: :icontrollfaceplz: :iconlagaspplz:
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Hehe, I love that part about his hands that are still circles regardless of the shadows' shapes.
Jrynkows's avatar
This was extremely amusing to watch!
twistedangel0's avatar
Adorably deviant.
Sasuke-Pranksta157's avatar
It's fantastic! I hate to say this, but I do too see a seagull(candle).
tenchioni's avatar
:clap: this is very nice!!=D
JO-JO4's avatar
i understand ur school pane!!! i will have to suffer through that soon... monday... :( but really awesome with the emoticon!
Yep. It's a duck sitting and turning it's head.
Alkakine's avatar
Love it. I don't see a chicken or bird either, though.
spring-sky's avatar
:clap: I loved this

The candle movement is so great.

I'm glad that it won a DD
Eligitine's avatar
I absolutely love little animations like this. They absolutely make my day.
KitKatt23's avatar
ha ha that's so cool! :giggle:
Mogomojo224's avatar
well, i dont have my glasses cus they broke but i can see the bird
the wax part of the candle is the body and the flame is the head going from side to side
hope that helps and this is funny!
nikolai60's avatar
i love how people torture the emotes
Chitos195's avatar
The candle looks more like a cup(ish) than a bird.
baby-snakes's avatar
the little monster thing is really hilarious :}>>
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After the first cycle (which ended with me giggling uncontrollably) I watched the second cycle still with a big smirk :D I tried to focus on the candle that's supposed to look like a duck, but I am having a lot of trouble fitting a duck into that shape, really.

Maybe they did not mean a duck seen from the side, but from the front / back or something :P

Anyways, the animation is great and I love the ending :bow:
Pein-and-Sakura's avatar
Congrats on the DD!!

But, the shadows are a little bit off... if you pushed them slightly to the right, thats fix it.

But, making 2d pixels look even vaguely 3d is hard, so good job.
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