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My little entry for the Technologic project = D it could only be a few frames, and mine is supposed to illustrate "paste it" (glue = paste)
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Hypersonic53|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Cute and brilliant! :D
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I thought it was whipped cream XD
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:paranoid: I so didn't see that as glue at first glance...
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RoseTheDramaQueen's avatar
it's the never ending bottle of glue X)
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Nico6688|Hobbyist Digital Artist
:laughing: This is so cute. :)
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tusen's avatar
it's both very nice and very effective. great job:)
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Also damn cute!
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carloscanepaf|Hobbyist General Artist
jajaja, buen trabajo.
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emote just don't EAT the paste...
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SparrowsFlame|Hobbyist General Artist
Cute! I like his neverending bottle of glue! :D He's very busy at his task!
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chinaroses|Hobbyist Photographer

i Like the originaLity.

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Your shading is wonky on this, it's too bottom heavy. Your border is looking too thick despite it only be 1 px.
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Hmm, it was an experimental shading D: Having shading ADD lately, can't decide which direction I want to go in. Out of the ones I've done lately on the last few devs, which doesn't make you want to puke?
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childofthecherry's avatar
aww very cute :)
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Stykera's avatar
I keep watching it to see if he eats the pile of paste, but he NEVER DOES. :crying:

Ummmm anyway, it's very cute. :aww:
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sewcuteplushies|Professional General Artist
it would be funny if he got stuck on it ^^
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RJ815's avatar
It's uploaded now. Thanks for participating!
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gymnastics-chick's avatar
oh its so sweet and inocent ^^
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popcorn-pops|Student Filmographer
haha, it illustrates it perfectly!

I love the shading on the emote as well. :nod:
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Gomotes|Hobbyist Digital Artist
mmh smooth can somebody eat the paste :XD:
sometimes the simple ones work damn good. here is a good example for this :)
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