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VOTE FOR US ON THREADLESS :omfg: me and =camelhijackation have a design entered at threadless here, if you have an account or feel like getting one now (it's an awesome site!) please vote (hopefully high ;) ) for our "Cacturtle's Magical Journey" design : D

also, vote for *rnx's design, here :D

ok, this is another suggestion *luvjoi made a long long time ago. He wanted laughing with milk coming out of the emote's nose. Only emotes don't have noses, so he's spitting it on poor mr. aqua instead D:

my ropefish got injured :< I'm worried
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Hi ,Just to let you know ,This deviation had been featured in my profile in the 2day's feature box.

Have a nice day :rose:
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XD How do you make emoticons, anyway?
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I'd buy that shirt you are advertising. o_o
Did it make it in?
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This is awsome!
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:lmao: Hahaha.. :D
That situation is so typical.. :nod:

Faved it ;)
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that has happened to me quite a few times. lol
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Wow :aww: Sooo funny. I'm laughing again :XD: Great work ;)
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Now that's pure win right thar. :D
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haasahahahahahahahaahhahahahshhahahahhah ahahaahahahahayhahahahahahahahaahahahaah hahahahahahaha every time i watch it i laugh
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OMG your milklaugh just made me milklaugh all over my computer (ok it was coke, but still). brilliant!
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:lmao: This is awesome. :D
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I used to do that with soda. :XD:
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lol SPRAY much??? hehee
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Mwhahahahahahahah aahahahaha -gasp- ahhahahahaahahh! *gaspgaspgigglesnort*
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I really like your emoticons!

And LOL, this one's classic. :rofl:
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