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animated fire

By darkmoon3636
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fire again, this time animated, more realistic and less of a logo-ish look
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May I use this for my game? How do I credit you? Also can this be used commercially?
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honestly I don't care, use it however you want
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I always used your great animated fire as throbber in my Firefox
now I recreated a refleflective version for the new Australis UI
using this Stylish style >…
naturally I gave you credit and provided the link to this page
hope you like it !
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I think i might make some temperature-varied versions of this.
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This was so helpful in making fire! Thank you for making it! :squee:
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I always wanted to know how to make a fire animation like that. =D
is it difficult making that animation?
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omg i love it so mucho.

O.O i love fire
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awesome fire! *touches* :iconflamingplz: :cries:
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Hey can i take your idea and make a blue flame!
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cool! may i use it for my chatroom?
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Hello!Just a small question:Can I use this in my journal?But without thumb,because when it is thumb it ruins my CSS?I mean to use it just like a pic?
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kayley the pyro-maniac says yes to this scrap:iconkillthatwithfire:
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