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:D yay! Emote pack! These are royalty free, but please no selling them or anything (unless you plan on giving me most of the money :[ )

Tardmotes because they look stupid, as in, unintelligent. I choose to make ones that you only see weirdos use:
:> >:3 :0
:O :) D:
:V :C :<
:B :[ :E
:s :U :c
:3 :] 'A'

Ok, I've never seen anyone use 'A' except me :< It's a catfish :]

I'll enter them all as scrap so you can use the thumbs where ever, and here's a journal if you want to see them in action: [link]

anyways, if you want them for your forums or msn or whatever, download the zip file. EDIT: *rnx made a blinking version of them all :D if you want blinking ones, use this link rather than the one dA gives you: [link] (file hosting a courtesy of *harlita )

Oh, btw, which is your favorite?
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