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Published: August 27, 2011
Soon after I wrote my last journal entry, which lambasted DA for changing in ways I do not feel are positive, I began to receive a run of what amounted to some of the best comments, questions, remarks and other interactions with fellow DA members I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy since joining this site.

A very good friend who also happens to be a HUGELY talented artist, who is also a member here, urged me to reconsider my pending decision to leave DA.

Meeting new and wonderful people, and the pleasure of such intelligent and well considered interactions as I have had recently are certainly sufficient to cause me to think long and hard before giving up on this site.

On the personal front, I and my associates in crime-, music... are officially working on an album project. We are currently working two songs which are both among the best work we have ever done, either as a group or as individual players. Over the course of this project, we will likely develop 25+ songs, from which we will cull 12-13 for the album. Once finished, we will release the work online, as singles and as a collection, and we will probably have CD's printed as well.

Wish us luck.

I wish I could share some of this music with you guys, but it is likely no-one besides the band members and their wives will hear any of it until the album is released. If you take what you are doing seriously (and we do), it is better to store the songs until the project is complete, and not let any of the material be released prematurely.

A fact which may drive me full goose crazy before the work is done! I hate not being able to share my music with my friends!

Keep responding to my various remarks and comments with the intelligence, wit, enthusiasm, and sincerity all of you have recently, and I will continue to find it damned difficult to leave DA.

Besides, who could walk away from a mug like yours...? Look at that face... you're so cute! Come here and give us a big wet kiss...

Ta-tah for now...
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DarkmirProfessional Digital Artist
Gracias, mi amigo...:)
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Blades-123Hobbyist Digital Artist
The best of luck with your music, and I'm very pleased you decided to hang around.:)