New year... again.
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Published: January 1, 2011

Without sounding too cynical, almost everything in life that you can imagine becomes a bit less dramatic and flashy with time. Some things retain interest or attraction, but the glow fades with maturity. Such is the case with New Years. Best night of the year to stay home, stay sober, and go to bed early.

None of which I did this year.

We didn't exactly tear up the night here in Daytona Beach, but we did make it down to the block party on Main Street where all the biker clubs are. We went to Olive garden for a $75 dinner, then met friends at one of the bars there that had a particularly good band. We were home by one, and asleep by two, but I did drag my old ass out for a change and was outside and on the beach when the new Year rang in.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas, Honica, Lent, Yule, holiday, or whatever floats your personal philosophical boat. Personally, I could go with less Christmas, and less holidays all year long. Money is tight enough as it is without having to manufacture 8 or 9 reasons a year to spend a lot of it on stuff you can't afford anyway.

I like the lights, and the music is ok for a while. I love the way it gets my girl excited. She's cute all year, but she shines at Christmas. She really digs the whole scene.

At least she didn't dress our pugs up in silly shit like reindeer antlers and what not.

Get, do, or go after everything you really want with all your heart. Have every fantasy come true. Give yourself every break and every chance. Make THAT your New Years resolution, and you'll be lots happier, and people will like you a LOT more.

Have a great New Year everybody.

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PixlPhantasyHobbyist General Artist
We usually get together a small group of friends and play board games until the ball drops on tv. Simple and fun with good friends. Works great for me ^^

Have yourself a Wonderful New Year.
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DarkmirProfessional Digital Artist
You too...:)

Sounds like a fu, sane way to see in the new year...:)
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Blades-123Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have to be honest, I have always loved and still love Christmas time (and yes I still call it Christmas, despite being an atheist, in just the same way Christians use the words "Wednesday", "Thursday" "July" and "August" which are all named after other gods). I never had much time for New Year's Eve though, even when I was young. In fact its better now, with age, because I don't feel that pressure to go out, find the best party in the world, and get falling down drunk. Thus its far less of a dissapointment than it always used to be!

Happy 2011!
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DarkmirProfessional Digital Artist
Funny how it works that way. I never even got buzzed yesterday. I didn't feel any BETTER this morning, but I also didn't feel like hammered death.