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Be good to yourself. Reap as much from life as you can. Try to avoid telling yourself no. Treat the people you love as lovingly as you can. Be good to them because you love them, and they will love you back exactly the way you want them to.

Work hard. Work a little harder than you have to to get by, because getting by is not enough to be happy. But never work so hard that your work replaces your life. Your job is not you. Don't let work replace friends and lovers in your world. If you do, you may never get them back.

Play hard. As hard as you want, with no limits. But do not confuse play with competition. If you do, your friends may never forgive you, and may stop playing with you altogether. Compete hard, but be fair, Make sure everyone is aware that there is a competition before you engage. Make the field a level one, and both you and your friends will get more from the play, and from the competition.

Above all, love hard. As hard as your heart can handle. Love everyone you call friend, and make as many friends as you can. Love your lover most of all, and make love to him/her/them/it as often as you can. A breathless, sweaty, exhausted lover is a happy lover.

Good luck. You have an entire year ahead of you.

Now go surprise me...:)
  • Listening to: the voices in my head
  • Reading: the writing on the wall
  • Watching: the chaos unfold
  • Playing: at knowing what the hell is really going on
  • Eating: my words
  • Drinking: damn little, all things considered.
SiteLine6 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
old year ending,
and its only a fork if you want it be.. or was that a spoon?
be happy have fun being silly and enjoy life! it's a one way ticket
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December 30, 2013