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My New Band Web Pages...

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 16, 2011, 4:00 PM

I'd like to share my new songs, and invite all my friends here to go to my new band pages.

Please take a listen to my music, feel free to watch a video or two of me performing live, and consider becoming a fan.

If you wish to become a fan, you'll need to join Reverbnation. It is absolutely free to join, and in addition to my page, you can listen to millions of original songs by artists from every style of music you can possibly imagine, so it's well worth joining for free!

My Page at Reverbnation:…

Make sure to listen to my new songs; THE FORGOTTEN ONE, a heavy rocker that tells a poignant story about elder abuse. And ALL THAT STILL REMAINS, a story about learning to live life on your own terms, and the power of love.

My Band's Web Page:…

Make sure to sign the guest book and let us know you came by, and feel free to use our forum to ask the band (or me) anything you want to know about us or our music!

Thanks in advance to everyone who goes by, and most of all to all who become a new fan. I started out at position 147 on the rock charts for Orlando and Volusia county Florida, three weeks ago. I'm now at position 49 and climbing.

Help me to get to position #1 by becoming a fan!

Much love....


  • Listening to: myself snore
  • Reading: The Romulan War by Maichael Martin
  • Watching: Sons Of Anarchy, Hawaaii 5-0, and my lovely wifey
  • Playing: Dragon Age Awakenings, Singularity, Torchlight
  • Eating: Crab stuffed Flounder, bar-b-qued baby back ribs
  • Drinking: sun tea, Sobe flavored water, Snapple
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Submitted on
February 16, 2011