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Musings on music and other juicy tidbits...

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 24, 2011, 4:19 PM

I enjoy the fact that I have online relationships that have weight, and meaning, and are important to me. I like that I am the kind of person who can have relationships like that.

But sometimes it's hard not to feel like I'm living vicariously. Sort of living this virtual existence behind a mask presented via the various personae I have online. And even scarier is how much enjoyment, and satisfaction I can achieve through just these relationships.

Don't get me wrong. I also have real life relationships. I play music in the flesh with other talented players. I hang out and go out with my wife and several of her close friends. I am friends with a couple of them on my own. Then there are my kids, and my grand kids. There are other real life relationships I have as well, at several different levels.

But several of my online associations are such that I would consider life style changes to keep them. Sound silly? Well, some of these people I respect, as men or women of truth and character, to a far greater degree than many I know in the flesh.  Those that are among the most significant figures are all highly creative, often professionally so.  Many are friends I have known and cared about for a decade or more... often a lot more. I trust these people and care about them. I laugh and cry with them, and tell them first when something important happens to me.  I know about them, how they live and what they want and need. I know them.

Looked at in that light, where does one draw the line? I may never meet some of these people face to face, yet I know them and like them and look forward to hearing from them.  Are the relationships any less real?

I'm buying new equipment and learning new recording techniques to improve how my song ideas sound. I'm doing solo work on my original tunes now.

Next journal I'll post links so you guys can go listen to something.


  • Listening to: myself snore
  • Reading: The Romulan War by Maichael Martin
  • Watching: Sons Of Anarchy, Hawaaii 5-0, and my lovely wifey
  • Playing: Dragon Age Awakenings, Singularity, Torchlight
  • Eating: Crab stuffed Flounder, bar-b-qued baby back ribs
  • Drinking: sun tea, Sobe flavored water, Snapple
beatn1k Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2011  Professional General Artist
haha, heya man, long time no see. glad to hear your doing better and keeping it up on the music front. Do yourself a favour though and learn either logic pro or ableton. Those two DAW's are production power houses. The main differences i can see after having worked with both them [and still do in a number of collabs] is that Logic's built in post processing audio effects units are unmatched. The sound quality leaves your face melted to the keyboard...the delay lines...reverbs, all will knock your brain into another dimension. If your on the more experimental/performance side, ableton has really matured in the past couple of years into a sonic jungle gym. Although maybe some of the post processing units can't do quite as much trickery, they get the job done and don't wreck your CPU in the process, so you can actually perform on stage without worrying about any hiccups.

Also, I'm always down to help out if ya got any questions.


-->On a side note, I know how the whole online deal goes, and's weird. But you are talking with real people, and truly interacting. It just so happens they maybe down in the middle of the bayou, or in the frozen tundra. But it's still another active mind...just behind a different screen in another time zone. Shit's a non linear weird path, I say just don't do anything that your gut tells you not to.
Darkmir Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2011  Professional Digital Artist

email me at

I'd like to talk to you more about music and digital recording.
beatn1k Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2011  Professional General Artist
aight, no problem man, oscillators, and delay lines are my world when it comes to music :b
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January 24, 2011