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How I feel about the presence of an ad on my front page that I can only get rid of by purchasing a membership?

Way too many people on this shit ball suck rotten ass. Karma is so screwed up for the human race we almost have to have some sort of epic catastophe just to balance the books.

I'm not sure what it would take for me to shell out a dime for a membership to this site, but I'm pretty sure Congress couldn't get it passed.

Way to go DA.
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Lord-Retsudo Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Ads on here? Not for me. Firefox all the way, with Adblock Plus ( I also recommend NoScript - this godamned site is so full of sh*t and malware-filled poisoned links that I've been running a Linux network for a year and a half because of it. No, seriously.) Or try the equally free-of-charge Opera browser, and you can manually block any godamned piece o' crap that gets in your face!

That geekrant over, have a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year, man. ;)
PixlPhantasy Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Advertising is everywhere. Not just on dA. It's on just about every page you visit. It's on the highway, on the tv, in the bar, and I'm pretty sure you mentioned making shirts to advertise your band. You also have an advertisement in your signature. :P Even if you are not making money off it, it is still an advertisement. Your link leads you to your music site which also has ads. Small but they are there. Twitter, facebook, each icon is in itself a small advertisement. The page also advertises other bands with music similar to yours.

Sure dA has advertisements, but someone has to pay for the servers that millions of people get to use for free with no upload limits or caps, and someone has to pay the staff who run the place. So what if they make some money on the side. It is no different than you selling your shirts with your band name on it. People see the shirt, find your band and hopefully buy a CD. Everyone walking around wearing your tshirt is a walking billboard for you. You used to design these all the time. :)

Yes advertising can be annoying but it's not going away anytime soon.

As for dA's soul. I think there is plenty there with all its diversity and drams included. You can't be this huge and be perfect. Yes there are more niches and little sub parts with the help of groups and what not, but with a site this big, it makes it that much easier to connect with the people who are interested in the same things you are. If you don't get involved then you don't find the hidden gems of this place.

People complain about the number of teenagers and the anime, Pokemon or latest My Little Pony craze on here too. We were all kids once and most of us were not drawing fine art. We were drawing what we saw on tv, or in the theaters. There are tonnes of great professionals on here who still draw this stuff too. Not every kid is going to be famous for their art from here but someone could be the next Disney. For those that discover more from the art world and leave their pony doodles behind as time goes on, we could have our next Emily Carr or John Paul Thorton.

Isn't the point to be sharing and helping each other grow? Even that kid who seems obsessed with ponies? I find too many people focus on the negatives of this place. Every place has negatives. Look past the trolls and that silly advert in the corner no one is forcing you to click on, and focus on the people and the art. It far outweighs the advertising and the trolls.

The future is always changing and so is dA. The admins don't make dA what it is, we do. They simply provide the tools.

Darkmir Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
I appreciate a response like this more than most I get, Pixel. As someone who has interacted with me many times, I hope you know this is truth.

I don't agree, but I still appreciate the post.

It isn't the ads I resent. They merely are the calling card that introduces the prevailing mind set that now directs the course of this site. It is that mind set that I take issue with.

DA was begun as a place which purposely stayed far away from the commercial, in terms of how it was organized, how it presented itself as a mellieu to it's subscribers, and how it functioned on behalf of those subscribers. Anime was, in the very, very beginning, only a small part of why DA existed at all.

Change was to be expected as the site grew. And I would be the last to tell the owners/original creators of the site they do not have the right to make a profit.

Where they have taken the site in the last couple of years is purely, philosophically commcercial. It is as if they hired, or were approached by outside consultants, and told how to make the site the glossy, advertising oriented, slickly commercial piece of stereotypical crud it is now.

They never told anyone who was an existing member about the coming changes. They never gave even the smallest lip service to what the site had been, at it's heart, that had attracted enough subscribers to draw outside attention in the first place. Dollars signs loomed large, and the entire process became mercenary, as it does so often in a civilization that seems hell bent on social vampirism until the soul of the world is drained and dead.

It should have been expected. It is not a surprise. Just another bitter disappointment. It renders what this site was, in it's beginnings, no more than a schtick... a carny call, to lure in marks who don't know that there is no real substance behind the barker's words.

The ads mean nothing. They would mean less than nothing if, as they began to draw in their profits, the owners of the site had worked dilligently to preserve those aspects of DA that once made it great. This place was once ALL ABOUT art. All types of art. It was a venue where you could show your stuff no matter whether it was socially acceptable or not. The site roared out across the web; "When the other sites give you shit, bring your stuff here. We'll give you a platform, and here, you can garner fans who will honestly appreciate your work."

Everything else, including (in terms of how the site worked) profit, was secondary.

Now the mission of this site is to make money. Now it is Coke. Now it is AT&T.

I don't like Coke, and I already have a cell phone.

DA can go piss up a rope.

Before you ask, I remain because several INDIVIDUALS I care a great deal about are most easily reached through this site. That is all, as of about 2 weeks ago, that holds me here at this point.
PixlPhantasy Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes I know you speak the truth :)
I only found out about dA 4 years ago so I don't know all its beginnings but you are not the only one who as spoke like this. I cannot go back and remember the good old days because for me they really haven't changed all that much. My first year here I didn't do much. Shortly before the world tour I was starting to get more involved. I went to the huge meet in Toronto for the world tour and it was amazing. I met so many people and also had a chance to talk with $Heidi, $spyed and $Moonbeam13. At that time they were talking about the upcoming launch of groups and portfolios. It was exciting and oddly comfortable. $spyed listened to the questions of others as ideas were bounced around. They even addressed some concerns people have had with the site and to me he genuinely wanted to know the kinds of things we wanted. Might be some dollar signs behind it all but it is a business.

I don't see the corporate side being that heavy an influence. Sure it's there but it's not in the way of everything else here. At least not for me. You can still share your shit here and have great fans who truly appreciate what you do but you also get shit for your stuff too especially if you belong to certain genres of art (ie furries etc). dA's money making didn't bring that. People give each other shit of their own free will.

Everyone is going to have different experiences here over the years. Some will drift away and others will be here for the long haul. Only time will tell what the future has in store for dA. Perhaps all its corporate panhandling will be its downfall. Then again, this could just be a bump in the road to dA becoming an even better place.
Darkmir Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
I dunno, Doj...

I try to keep myself from becoming a creature set in my ways...

I just can't help but feel the greater the financial success this site becomes for it's owners, the more it's soul dies.

It almost feels like the original owners, the ones who designed the site in the first place, sold it at a profit to some group that cares only about dollar signs. I might even feel a little better about it all if that were the case. If it's the original guys and gals who started it all way back when, then they have clearly abandonded the reasons they started this in favor of profit for profit's sake.
Dojang Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2011
man, i don't even see the ads anymore. does that mean i win? or they win?
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