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Been playing the Destiny Beta over the weekend, and just wow, had to do some fan-art. 

The game is awesome, really fun to play, engrossing, funny, like the amalgamation of ten years worth of computer games that had great ideas but never quite got there. And all that from a Beta version!

My only worry is that I managed to blast through it all within a day, and I have a feeling the story isn't going to be able to withstand the many hours of the rigorous playing I'm going to subject it to on the release. (also, Level 20 seems to be the speculated level cap at the moment, and I know that won't be enough for a lot of the more intense gamers).

My only gripe with the mechanics were that the pistol weapons were strangely under-whelming (considering they created that classic Halo pistol). There only seems to be one type, a slow-ish six shooter that took up your main weapon slot, yet couldn't stand up to the machine guns in PvP multiplayer, seemed a bit strange that there was a load of every other type of weapon, but the pistol was just stuck with one. Maybe that will change with the full game. Also, the knife throwing ability for the Hunter was pretty whack compared to the other classes one-hit-kill area effects, again suffering in PvP. Both were fine in the single player however.

Anyway, stoked for the full game, buying a Xbox One specifically for it!
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