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Salted Heart

Salted Heart -

In the twisting labyrinth of Neverrock, a realm of floating zero-G Fortress’s carved from ancient, pitted, asteroid, the surviving members of the DOX Warband make off with their prize, a Salted Eye, hallowed artefact, perhaps even a part of the Sodified 5th Dimensional being Llot itself!

The Salted Heart domain is fraught with danger however, so maybe this marriage of convenience will last a little longer, perhaps even past the Chancer-Rings and packs of Cheat Gangs. After that, who can say...


Salted Heart is one of my own projects, hoping to make it a book of concepts at least.

Malcador the Sigillite briefs Brokken Torque, formerly of the Iron Warriors, before he embarks on his first mission as a Knight Errant -

I'm (slowly) making a Horus Hersy mod for Blackstone Fortress, called KNIGHT ERRANT, so thought I'd make some illustrations for the eventual rulebook. A little fan-project, totally unendorsed by GW of course!
Legend of Ferrus Manus

"You think you know your history? You don't think a Primarch, a foci of destiny, can split our reality by deciding one thing over another? How can we measure the what-if's and could-have-beens when 20 brothers go to war with themselves?

In my past, Ferrus Manus, Primarch of Iron Hands, lived... for a time at least. On that day, hands dripping like quick-silver, cold fury etched on upon his ugly, scarred visage, the murderous arachnid, war-spider, led his Sons to die in reckless abandon. Back then, there was no good or bad, right or wrong, just the sting of betrayal and the drive for retribution.

Despite all this, a Primarch cannot murder a brother. Their hatred may burn like a Sun, but so to does their hope, and as Fulgrims blade raked the Gorgans collar, so to did his hammer break just the one of his brothers legs.

By then, it was too late. His legion had been washed away by plasma and hell-fire, squandered, and then further betrayed. Harried and Broken, Ferrus was contained within some nameless Istavaan mountain while the rebellion blossomed into full-blown heresy around him.

Ferrus would return many years later, leading a disparate legion of war-weary Astarte into the rear of Horus's fleets as they besieged Terra. Their armour blackened and iconography scuffed to nothingness, this brother-less host finally found their end in the sky above their species home, as they drove the scattering traitors back into the vengeful loyalist guns.

Some even say Ferrus boarded Horus's barge, too late to intervene in what was to be played out, but able to encase his Father in the Golden Throne. The fog of vengeance clearing, his calling finally answered, Ferrus Manus disappeared. To where, no one can tell."

Redoing a Primarch series this year, as its coming up to 10 years since the last one, and it was quite a defining point in my art life I think. This time round, I'm going to make it a little different, change a little bit here and there, and make it my own. Hope you enjoy it!

Ferrus Manus Pencils
It's been nearly 9 or 10 years since my first Primarch series, so I thought it would be nice to redo the series, and see what difference a decade makes, not only with the game lore itself, but also with me as an artist.

There was a lot more room for artistic interpretation back then, as the amount of information about the Primarchs/Horus Heresy was pretty limited. Thats changed now, a little less mystery perhaps, but I'll still try to lean towards my own interpretation.

I update my Instagram with more progress shots usually -…

Starting off with Ferrus!
Hi guys, happy new year!

I don't upload here much anymore, mainly because of NDA's, but I'm still about.

Some of you may of noticed that I worked with Games Workshop to produce the Genestealer Cult Trailer!

GW took a risk using me I think, as I'm not your typical 'grim-dark' artist, but if you liked it, let them know and hopefully me and other artists will get more opportunities like this in the future! It's nice to go full circle, from fan-artist to actual artist, and I feel I'm one step closer to making my space marines with small heads canon. 

I'll try and upload some frames at some point too, as a lot of work went into the art, an it's a shame to blast through it so quick.

Hope you enjoy!


Dan Morison
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Illustrator//Storyboard Artist//Concept Artist

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