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Feline 3

Image details
Image size
910x542px 264.57 KB
Canon EOS 10D
Shutter Speed
1/45 second
Focal Length
16 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Feb 24, 2008, 4:18:50 PM
Published:   |  Mature
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tranceandy's avatar
I love the arch of her back that accentuates her breasts and legs against the wooden floor.
jdab's avatar
this one almost killed me
pendlestock's avatar
This is absolutely stunning :heart:
gaous's avatar
she doesnt press her arms against her body..and it seems she floating a bit..feline 3 is the best out of them ur work man, keep it up
just more shoots like that...
love it
Muskeg's avatar
Beautiful work!
She looks so primal.
It's excellent.
oryxandcrake's avatar
This is fantastic, I love the arch pose of her body and the placement of her body in the piece. The lighting on her skin is also quite beautiful.
so very beautiful, the female form
Tom-tfn's avatar
Bwitchd3's avatar
Great body language.
xodestroymeox's avatar
I think it works very well BECAUSE of the contrast between the beautiful female form and the not so beautiful wood. I think beauty and imperfections work so well together. I also like the lighting. I don't see what's wrong with this at all.
7ru35h07's avatar
i agree... it seems out of place. Something is so unnatural about the whole shot. First, who lies naked in the middle of a moldy cabin while it seems to be rainy (just the lighting)? And why would such a person be in such an unusual position. However, the shot has some nice curves, esp. around the lower back. But, the contrast isn't very nice... sharp moldy wood and smooth skin aren't good together...
darkmatterzone's avatar
That's exactly right.
Lianna1978's avatar
Love the photo! I've always been a fan of the female form,
surfrat13's avatar
perfection is a thing of art....simplicity is it's captured it
suburbbum's avatar
It's ok.

it just seems to me that she is waiting for something. I mean i know that photography is all about catching the essence of a moment and all that jazz, but really it just seems a little out of place.

she kind of seems helpless from this point of view, sprawled out on the moldy wooden floor ready for someone to take her.

thats just what i got out of it.
j1mmie's avatar
You're essentially asking why its out of place.

Why not ask yourself "Why not?"
suburbbum's avatar
lol kind of ironic.

beautiful floor, lightning and model

and setting. nice.
Draug88's avatar
Wow very hot my fav in the series so far! ;P
ronwalkerson's avatar
Yes, greatest shot of the seies. Well done. both...
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