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You know demons are immortal. And when you are immortal you have time to do a lot of things. For example to create unspeakably long names for yourself...
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bear48's avatar
very well done 
I would like to buy a mask
Freak-Leopatra's avatar
that's f*ckin awesome!!! °°°°°°° :D
RakWel's avatar
the name sounds very...intimidating ^^;
TormentedArtifacts's avatar
Just to let you know- this piece has now been featured in a Mask collection article here on DA. Here's the link: [link]
Raedmund's avatar
Of all of your stuff, thus far, this fellow is my favourite. Very powerful!
The-Joy's avatar
wow ur works are just astonishing, what kind of materials do you work with?
DarkMask's avatar
Thanks! i work with water clay.
Iecee's avatar
These masks of yours are so amzing!!!! I love them all!!!!
do you sell them? if so how much would somthin like that go for?
DarkMask's avatar
Well, actually i sell my work... The price of my masks are beetwen 40 and 70 $.. the problem is the shipping. I looked after the postage rates, and it's around 110-130$ from my country to the United states... :(
its worth the price, I make bronze masks and I'm sure you can imagine the cost of shipping.
GidgieGrave's avatar
I love the shapes that you give your characters. i havent seen anything quite like it before. im in awe :D
firepaw's avatar
Yeah I wanna hear you say that 10 times really fast ;)

great job as per usual

DarkMask's avatar
Hehe... now listen:
astalipudebron... uhmm.. astailuptdebro.. asto.. khmm...astaliputdebraion... ehh, nevermind..:D
DreamBaybee's avatar
Its amazing :D Well done.
The-Eight-Ball's avatar
I...want...this. It's amazing! How you made this? ceramic? pvc? latex? plastiline? coagulated blood plasm? carved stone?
DarkMask's avatar
Thanks dude! :-)
The material is white clay... The brownish color is because i drenched the fired ceramic with tea...
The-Eight-Ball's avatar
O_O Great idea, man. My congratulations!
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cannibol's avatar
nice! he's got all the time to learn it. ass, for short?
ThankeeSai's avatar
I really like how angular the bone structure is, it casts amazing shadows and makes for great negative space. Two thumbs up XD
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