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Llama: Llamas are awesome! (2)
Back in the early 90's, there was this popular show I used to watch as a kid. Now, as an adult, I still enjoy the series sense of humour and I think it's a real shame that the show was cancelled after only one season. But let's get to the point. Around the age of 5 I got my hands on the Pizza Cats game released for NES, which instantly became my favourite. Unfortunately, I didn't really know what its plot was, as the game was almost entirely Japanese. It didn't bother me too much at first, as I couldn't yet read at all, but it soon became a nuisance. The game was never officially released in the West, and although several fan-made translati
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Important information: Please note that after adding new characters to Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, you may need to start a new game to make them work properly. Sorry for not mentioning that in the readme files.
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After taking almost a half-year break from this project, it's finally complete! The movie version of Green Goblin and probably my final contribution to Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is now available for download. His powers are based on the MUA2 Green Goblin, however they've been modified in various extents, with the Xtreme being completely new. You can find the mod here: http://darkmarkzx.deviantart.com/art/Goblin-Marvel-Ult-Alliance-175198759?q=sort%3Atime+gallery%3Adarkmarkzx&qo=1
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PC version already out on Steam. Marvel Modders other than me needs you <(

I hope the first game may look like in SCIIHD (having both characters who were exclusive on a certain console systems; yet, i felt that GBA characters not gonna make it for some reason) with a little updates besides graphic changes

For MUA2, i felt the game will use VVisions version, so... /_\ sorry that there won't be n-space exclusives, much like the first game's GBA exclusives won't appear there
Thx for Magneto script :). I use Invisible Woman as a base. If only there's Doctor Strange & Other Telekinetic Object Lifter in it too :(
1 question, wil your new Magneto script on saving NC & Jean would work on PSP & 360 iso?

I happen trying to test a mod on PSP now (if only i have 360 too :()
The official emulator called Xenia is out for our own build & test drive. The MUA 360 DLC models (characters, weapons, and character select stage) can now be possibly ported (perhaps via NinjaRipper is the best options)

I think it's way too early for that.
Anyway, i'm making Hawkeye 360/PSP mixup Update for PSP.

Also, i found on his power shot problem PC version while using 360/PSP mix on Ricochet Rocket (safe for Paralyzer), the rocket arrow from Hawkeye's arm won't dissapear from his hand. I did put the multipart set on the rocket arrow & still not sure why it still didn't work: either the model or the ps_file