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It has been well established in my world that magic and monsters exist. Hidden from the view of most individuals, these things make up what is known as the Hidden World. This term should not be confused with the actual realms of Light and the Underworld. The term Hidden World refers to anything that would be considered supernatural and out of place in a modern age. Demons and monsters living among mortals, those with magical abilities and things that just shouldn't exist. The term mortal refers to all intelligent life on the planet as there are more then one species of intelligent life in this world. Most mortals go through their lives never knowing about the Hidden World, just dismissing it as fantasy or stories. However, when a mortal soul dies, it is claimed by either the World of Light, or the Underworld.

The World of Light is the equivalent of Heaven. It is inhabited by angels whose souls were deemed pure and just. Angels are the guardians of the Light and fight to protect it. When a soul becomes an angel they retain they appearance they took in life with the exception of a pair of feathered wings on their back and a lightened color. Not all angels are warriors and some are simple granted the mercy because of the lives they have led.

The Underworld or the World of Darkness, is the opposite. It is not a place of torture like Hell, but it is the place where those with unpure or dark twisted souls go after death. Most who die well end up here for one reason or another. The most desirable outcome from the Underworld is rebirth. This is when the soul of the mortal is returned to the moral world as a newborn child. They do not remember their past selves and are now a new life. The worst outcome, the soul is sent to the Pits of Malice, which is a place where hatred and evil are gathered and take physical form. The entrapped soul becomes one with the pits and only adds to its malice.

Other outcomes are possible and not all are so extreme. A very common occurrence is for the soul to take new form within the Underworld, becoming a demon. Demons, similarly to angels are the residents of the Underworld. Not all are evil but all are referred to as demons despite the form they take. Unlike with angels, some demons are able to breed with each other can create new demons through birth. While it would be possible for an angel to breed as well, it's not quite as common. Demons born in the Underworld will grow up there and learn their ways from the others who also dwell there. Demons who are created from mortal souls will usually take an adult form and intelligence as soon as they form, but will usually not remember who they once were. It is possible to destroy demons permanently, however it is more common for a demon to be forced into a weaker more harmless form and sealed in that form until their power is restored. Angels who are forced out of the World of Light are reclassified as demons and will be shunned by their former brethren.

It is possible for the soul to become lost after death and not be taken to either the World of Light or the Underworld. When this happens they are referred to as Lost or Wandering Spirits. Lost Spirits take the form of a small ball of light and are often mistaken for fireflies by those who see them. Most of the time Lost Spirits are searching for a new home, be it the World of Light, the Underworld or somewhere in the mortal world. They sometimes become ghosts and retake their old forms from life but are unable to interact with the world around them unless they gain enough power to manipulate objects. Lost Spirits are also able to be reborn as a new life if they come in contact with another living being, be it mortal or demon.

In rare cases it is possible for a living mortal to be transformed into a demon without being killed and still retaining their memories and personality. There are many ways of this happening but almost all of them require a deal to be made with existing demons. The methods are not always clean and can be so intense that the newly transformed demon may lose their minds in the process. Rituals must be preformed and the demons may not live up to their ends and simply possess the victim and take control of them until they are exorcised. However those who make it through and become demons gain all the powers, benefits and weaknesses of the type of demon they become. Most mortals who agree to these rituals are seeking immortality, riches or power. Upon the completion of the ritual and the success of the transformation, the new demon will never be able to return to their old self and will be denied any chance of entry to the World of Light.

The type of demon also determines their development and growth before birth. The form they take also plays a factor. A female demon who takes a humanoid (for lack of a better term) form can have sex and become pregnant just like any mortal, though in some cases they have more then one way to reproduce. Some all female species such as harpies and lamia, require a male mortal in order to continue the species, as no males of their own race exists. Plant-type species like dryads, Alraune (venus weeds) and Mandragoras are still capable of breeding, but do not require it to reproduce. Dragons and other monsters, if taking a humanoid form are also capable of breeding in said form, but when with another of their own species will usually choose to do so in their true forms instead.

Succubi, who feed off the genetic material of others are unique in that they can preform the action but not become pregnant unless they choose to. Usually they choose to take a true mate before doing so. A succubi's mate is one that they truly love and do not drain the vitality from them. The way they determine if someone is their mate varies depending on the succubi in question. The mate usually possesses a trait or characteristic the succubi admires. In some cases the mate is totally unaware that she is a succubus and lives life like nothing is out of place. When in love though, the succubus can take the genetic material and instead of absorbing it into her body like normal, uses it for it's intended purpose and creates a child with it. If a succubus mates with another demon the child can take the traits of the other parent but will still retain certain traits from the mother.

Upon being born from another demon, the newborn will age like normal until an adult form is reached. At this point they will no longer age and retain their current appearance unless magic is used to change it.

More to be added later.
In my world, male octolings are rare. The odds of a male being born to an octoling couple is about 15-20%. Because of this, octoling culture has evolved where female same sex couples are considered common and completely normal. Most females don't have the luxury of having a male mate all to themselves so it's natural for them to receive love from other females instead. Males on the other hand are expected to mate and impregnate as many females as they can in order for the species to live on, regardless of the males sexual orientation. They can still choose one female (or male) they consider their "True Mate" but they still are expected to impregnate other females. It's very common for multiple octolings to have the same father but different mothers. Because of this, incest is not uncommon and not as frowned upon as it is in our real life culture. It can still be a shock however when a couple finds out they are in fact related to each other. 

Octoling culture is mostly female dominated with the exception of the king which has the highest authority. If there is no king then there will be a queen in his place until a new royal male is born. Every octoling is expected to take part in the military in some form. Other then the king, most males are not allowed to have places in active combat and are given less dangerous jobs like technicians, mechanics and scientists.

If an octoling mates with a inkling, the resulting child will usually be born a hybrid inktoling. Inktolings, like octolings are mostly born as females but males are also possible. There is a small chance that the child of a mixed race couple will still be born a pure octoling. When an inktoling mates with another, be it octoling or inkling, the child will still most likely be born as an inktoling. However with inktolings there is still a small chance the child will be born a pure octoling. Octoling DNA is resilient and is usually the dominant half of an inktoling.

It is also common for octolings to help raise each others children, as the males don't always take an active role in the child's life. This is not considered wrong because of the roles males must play in octoling culture. Children of octolings are considered adults at a younger age then inklings and are given active roles in society before they are fully developed. Most of the time this is just as assistants or students but in rare cases, if the child shows a great amount of intelligence and/or strength, they are given greater roles.

Octolings that have been sanitized by Tartar can no long remember who they once were. Sanitized octolings are reanimated after death and are considered to be undead. Howerver on rare occasions a sanitized octoling will retain a shard of their past selves which will influence their actions. This can include being less aggressive then others, continuing a habit or hobby they had in life, the ability to feel emotion or even simply being curious about their surroundings. Sanitized octolings are still capable of speech but their intelligence is severely lowered then it was in life. Sanitized octolings no longer age and will continue to appear as they are when they are reanimated. As they are dead, it is not possible for a sanitized octoling to reproduce, essentially making them useless for continuing the species. However they are still capable of performing the action.

*More to be added as it gets developed*
These are the rules you need to follow if you want my attention.


1. Please do not ask a question multiple times. It wont make me answer it faster and may make me not want to answer it at all.

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3. Please do not ask MLG related questions. If I see the word "dank" anywhere in relation to the question, it will be rejected immediately.

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5. I will not accept outside characters into my crew. If you'd like your characters to be friends with the crew that's fine, but I will not make them members. This is because I would have to credit you every time I use them and ask you how they would react to whatever I want them to do, and I'm not willing to do that.

6. Comment spamming, racism and generally treating people badly in the comments will get you blocked from the page.

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11. Please do not ask me what my thoughts are for deviations, especially if it does not involve me or my characters. I see everything I'm tagged with and if I don't leave a comment then I have nothing to say. That doesn't mean I don't like it, I just don't have anything to say. I will consider constant asking as spam and will not respond to it.

12. Asks or comments that attempt to change any story in any way will not be answered. This includes attempting to warn a character about what's gonna happen in the future, other peoples characters trying to interfere with the events of the story, Deus ex Machinas, and trying to restore Darkness to her former self.

13. I do not condone the use of my characters for fetish art work. Any questions that ask for it will be denied. I also do not give permission to use my characters for fetish art made by others. This includes inflation, vore, foot, bondage or any other kind. If you want to do that, ask my permission first otherwise please do not do it. Fan service is allowed as long as it follows this rule.

14. Self-insert "I want attention" questions will be ignored. Examples of this would be: "What do you think of my character -insert name here-", "Can -insert name here- hug you", "Do you consider me/-insert name here- a friend", "What would you do if -insert name here- did -insert scenario here-" and etc.

15. I will not respond to comments or notes that just say "hi" or "hello." I'm not a talker and don't want to talk unless it's about something I want to talk about. If you want to talk to me, have something to talk about.

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Stun Blaster: A self-defense weapon made to send non-lethal electric bolts at an attacker. Using a stun blaster on any imperial personnel for any reason is considered treason.

Blacktomb: The imperial prison. Those sent here are rarely seen again. Those that are, are never the same person again. Horrible punishments are given here to any who act up or are just simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. It holds both criminals and political prisoners. Those held here are given the option of release if they agree to become transhumans, however doing so could be considered a fate worse then death as the volunteer more often then not loses their freewill in the process. Age does not make a difference in who gets sent there.

Footsteps splashing in the water mixed with the sound of metal clanging on metal rang though the pipe as the scavenger girl ran though it. Ace and the silver haired transhuman had engaged in battle. The girl stopped and looked back at the way she came. She wanted to go back and help but Aces last words to her were strong. She knew going back would just get her killed, so instead she kept running. The pipe opens into the city underground tunnels. The girl pulls her stun blaster back out and examines it.

"Give me some light Occs." The girl says to her drone.

The drone flutters down and turns its light on the blaster.

"Damn!" She says. "The rain shorted out the battery! I thought I waterproofed it! It must've surged when I shot those goons. Guess I'll need to fix that."

A loud bang echoes though the pipe she just came through.

"I hope he's ok Occs." She says.

The drone gives a low beep.

"I can't believe I finally got to meet the Ace of Spades and I didn't even get to tell him my name..."

Another loud crash.

"We should go..."

The drone beeps in approval as she starts running though the flooded tunnels again. As she turns a corner, the pipe she came through erupts with a cloud of dust. Ace comes barreling out of the dust, his jacket torn, a large gash in his arm that was oozing black blood and bullet holes in the forehead and legs.

"I hate transhumans..." He says to himself.

He sees the girls wet footprints and starts following them. Meanwhile at the other end of the pipe, the silver haired transhuman stares at the now collapsed entrance. The two airships laying in ruins at her sides. She had also obtained a fair amount of injuries but none of them seemed to bother her. She puts two fingers to her temple and starts talking.

"It's Dimina." She says. "The false god has evaded me..."

A male voice returns her report.

"Really? The Ghost lost a target?

"I haven't lost anything yet Love..." She says in a playful voice. "He doesn't know it but I landed a tracking bullet in his leg. I need you to trace it. Oh and send me some pilots who actually know how to fly those damn ships."

"Would you like some company out there Dimi?" He says.

"It's a date handsome." She says. "I'd hate for you to be left out again."

Back in the tunnel, the scavenger girl comes to a wall with Aces symbol painted on it. She pushes a fake wall aside to reveal a ladder behind it going up. She moves the wall back before climbing up. Opening a trap door in what appeared to be the basement of a Lowtown building, she climbs out and covers the hole.

"Home sweet home..." She says.

Her drone makes an acknowledging buzz.

In the basement was several boxes filled with junk, a target poster hanging on the wall with burn marks on it, a tiny Vidnet monitor and a workbench covered in more junk. She goes over to the bench and pulls the battery out of her stun blaster and replaces it with a new one.

"I really need to fix the water problem with this..." She says.

Footsteps could be heard on the floor above.

"Moms up already!?" The girl says.

The door at the top of the basement stairs opens.

"Mira!" A woman's voice rings down. "Are you down there again!?"

"Uh..." Mira says quickly hiding her stun blaster in her pouch.

Miras mother comes down the stair and sees her daughter wearing the cloak. She gives her a disappointed glare.

"You were doing it again weren't you!" She yells.

"Mom I-" Mira starts.

"No!" Her mother interrupts. "I told you not to go out scavenging again! You know what the Empire does to scavengers! It's bad enough you stole one of their dones, that alone could get you landed in Blacktomb, but I will not have you wearing the symbol of that monster on your back!"

The mother pulls the cloak off Mira, exposing her long bushy hair.

"Mom we need the money!" Mira argues. "Those guys pay a lot for this stuff! And the Ace of Spades is not a monster! He's a hero!"

"Enough!" Her mother yells. "I don't want to hear about this anymore! You're smart enough to get a job as an imperial scientist right now if you wanted too, but instead you're wasting your time collecting junk and idolizing traitors!"

"I'll never work for the Empire!" Mira shouts back. "They're the real monsters! They tried to kill me!"

"What?" Her mother says with a shock.

"Yeah!" Mira says. "And if it weren't for the Ace of Spades, I'd be dead right now! He saved my life!"

Meanwhile Ace had followed Miras trail until it disappeared behind a wall with his symbol painted on it, his injuries healing as blue particles danced on top of them. As Ace reaches out to touch the wall, a bullet in his leg is pushed out and clinks on the ground. Ace looked down at it to see a blinking green light on it.

"Shit..." He says. "She tagged me."

With this Ace pulls the fake wall out of the way and begins climbing. Miras mother had dragged her back up the stairs to scold her some more. Ace opens the trap door and looks around the basement at all the junk and sees Miras makeshift cloak on the floor. He pulls himself up and starts making his way to the stairs.

In the upper part of the house Mira and her mother were still arguing.

"That is exactly why I don't want you doing this!" Her mother says.

"Mom I can't just let them-" Mira starts to say.

Suddenly a bright light gets shined into the house through the windows.

"What the-" Miras mother starts.

At this the windows shatter as bullets start flying into the house. Ace rushes in and pulls the two of them out of the way but couldn't stop part of the wall from crashing down on top of Miras mother.

"MOM!" Mira yells.

The bullets stop as Ace pulls the debris off her.

"AHH!" She screams. "My leg! I broke my leg!"

A familiar voice sounds from outside.

"Fugitives in the building, you have been found guilty of treason, espionage and harboring enemies of the Empire! Surrender now and I'll be merciful."

Ace moved to the window and peered outside. The silver haired transhuman was standing in the street flanked by two Goliath Mechs, both carrying twin miniguns. Patrol Airships were shining their spotlights into the house.

"I'm really starting to hate her..." He says.

Just then a bullet wizzes through Aces shoulder and into the wall behind him, splattering it with his black blood.

"GAHH!" He yells.

"Ace!" Mira screams.

"Piercer shot..." He explains through gritted teeth.

"Lovel?" Dimina asks.

Lovel with his eye in the scope of a sniper rifle from down the road answers her.

"Target confirmed hit. Still alive but injured."

"Leave some for me Love..." Dimina says. "I want to finish what I started."

Ace crawls back to the girls.

"I can't take them all like this." He tells them.

"Why don't you just go god mode!?" Mira asks.

"You keep saying that." Ace responds. "It's... It's not that easy. I don't even fully understand it yet. I need to get you two out of here."

"No!" Miras mother says. "You listen to me! If you really are the hero my daughter thinks you are, then you'll get her as far away from here as possible!"

"But mom what about you!?" Mira asks.

"I can't help you like this..." She explains. "I'd only slow you down. You need to leave! Now!"

"But-" Mira starts

"Time is running out." Dimina says. "If you wont come out then we'll come in a drag you out!"

"Mom, I can't just leave you!" Mira says, her eyes starting to water.

Her mother pulls her in for a hug.

"Don't worry about me." She say. "I can't let anything happen to you."

"Mom!" Mira says through her tears.

"Don't ever let them catch you!" Her mother says.

"Times up!" Dimina yells.

"Go now!" Miras mother says.

Ace puts his hand on Miras shoulder as she gives her mother one last tearful look.

"I love you mom!" She sobs.

"I love you too." Her mother responds.

Just then the door in the next room crashes open. Ace and Mira take off for the basement stairs. Dimina walks into the room to see Miras mother laying on the floor bleeding.

"Well what do we have here?" She says in a sarcastic tone. "Where is the false god?"

"I'll never tell you, you albino bitch!" She says back.

Dimina chuckles a little before speaking again.

"We'll see... Blacktomb has a way with people."

Ace and Mira make their way back down the trap door and through the fake wall in the tunnel. Imperial troops begin searching through the basement.

"I have something for them..." Mira says with a scowl.

Just as one of the troops finds and opens the trap door, Mira pulls out a small remote and pushes a button on it. The entrance to the tunnel explodes and collapses, cutting off any pursuit from the troops. Miras hand drops to her side as she begins sobbing again.

"I never thought I'd actually have to use that." She says to Ace.

Her drone lets out a low mournful beep. She turns to look at Ace, her eyes red. He kneels down to her height and puts his black hand on her shoulder.

"The Empire has taken a lot from everyone." He says. "You're not alone in this. I know what it's like to lose someone you care about."

"I know but..." She starts.

Before she can continue, she breaks down and hugs Ace who hugs her back. After traveling for a while within the tunnels they finally make it back to the surface just as the poring rain stops. Ace was carrying Mira, who had passed out from fatigue by the time they made it back to the Bunker. The sentries were more then a little surprised to see Ace carrying a sleeping 14 year old girl in his arms. Ace explained everything that happened to the Masked Man, making this the first time he spoke to anyone in the Resistance since Vixens death. Masked Man agreed to let her stay at the Bunker with them.

After this Ace brought her to the room that used to belong to Vixen and placed her on the bed.

"The Empire will answer for this." He says. "They'll answer for everything they've done."

Mira's drone lands on the table next to her and lets out a low chirp. Ace walks to the door and turns out the lights. He gives her one last look before closing the door.


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Ascension: The event of an individual rising to godhood. It is most often triggered by an extremely powerful moment in the individuals life, most often tragedy. Ascension is extremely rare and only happens every few centuries or so. Even rarer cases have happened in less time. When a person ascends they have the right to challenge the current god of the nation they ascended in for control of that nation. However if the new gods power is not enough to defeat the old god, they are often destroyed or forced into servitude. The new god will usually wait for their power to increase before issuing the challenge. There have been cases of new gods working with the old gods instead of challenging them. However this is usually until the new gods power eclipses that of the old god. Those born from gods have a higher chance to ascend then the average person.

Silence. All that could be heard in the Bunker for the last few days was silence. Aces ascension, Vixens death and Chaos' mad games had stirred up a whirlwind. Many within the empire who had remained quiet for so long were now demanding Aces immediate challenge to Blood for control over the empire. All Resistance activity had come to a halt. Despite this, all imperial forces were on a constant state of high alert. The city was on the verge of a civil war. More and more civilians had begun to rise up and fight back. Tanks, airships and mechs where now regularly patrolling all parts of the city.

Ace hasn't said a word since it happened. Even during Deadeyes rants and accusations, he never made a sound. All he did was stand there, taking the punches and abuse until Deadeye finally broke down and couldn't do it anymore. Only then did Ace restrain him and pull him into a tearful hug. After Ace had returned Vixens body he had collapsed from a lack of energy. His fight with the mechs, his ascension and his punishment of Chaos had completely drained his power cells.

Vixens funeral was held the next day. All Resistance member that were able to attend had paid their respects to her. She received a pyre and a firing salute that Ace himself also was part of. Her image was now included on the Wall of the Lost. After this, Ace began to disappear from the Bunker without a word to anyone on a regular basis. All attempts to speak to him were met with more silence and the occasional blank stare. Even Melody, who was usually the key to breaking Aces walls, had no luck.

The city was darker then usual. A storm pelted Ace with rain. The wind blowing his jacket like a cape as he stood atop the ruined buildings of Deadtown. The spotlight of a patrol airship lands on Ace and lights him up. Ace turns his head to stare at the airship.

"Oh shit!" Says one of the pilots. "That's Death!"

"Ahhh...." The other pilot responds. "What should we do?"

Ace turns to face the airship, his jacket still flapping madly and his face cold.

"Maybe if we just leave him alone he wont bother us." The first pilot says.

"I'll buy that!" The second pilot says.

The airship turns away and begins flying in the opposite direction.

They're getting smart, Ace thinks to himself.

Meanwhile not that far away, a small cloaked figure was making its way through the destroyed buildings. The scavenger was wearing what appeared to be a wool blanket made into a crude hooded cloak with an equally crude version of Aces symbol painted on the back of it. It was a young girl whose bushy brown hair could be seen under the hood she was wearing. She was carrying a beating and frayed pouch that me several metallic jingles as it moved.

"This place has always been a gold mine!" The scavenger girl says to herself.

She reaches under her cloak and pulls out a Parrot Drone that has clearly been rebuilt. Many of the parts were mismatched and some were just not normally found on a drone like this. Several additions had clearly been made to the robot. The drone had been painted a reddish brown color and had various stickers and markings on it.

"Ok Occs!" The girl says to the drone. "Lets get to work! Find me some stuff to sell!"

The drone makes a couple beeps that made it sound as if it responded with "ok" before hovering off of the scavengers hand. The girl begins digging through the soaking rubble for anything valuable. The rain had turned the dust into sludge. More patrol ships started coming through the area, forcing her to hide few times.

"Looks like this place has already been stripped..." She says. "Don't those amateurs know you're supposed to mark these places when you're done with them?"

She pulls a spray paint can out of her pouch and paints a black x on the wall.

"Moving on!" She says.

As she begins to move to another building she gets stopped by a loud yell.


She had walked out right in front of a passing patrol. About 4 automatic rifles were aimed right at her.

"Oops..." She says.

"You're under arrest for treason to the Empire!" Yell the patrol leader.

Just then the girls drone swoops down and clamps onto the head of one the troops and starts pulling him away from the others.

"What the fuck!?" He yells, waving his hands at the drone.

As the other turn to see what happened the scavenger girl pulls out something that looked like a homemade gun and quickly sends an arcing blast of electricity at the leader of the patrol. The blast hits him in the center of his chest, the rain causing it to arc into the troop next to him. The squad leader falls to the ground unconscious and the troop next to him shakes as the current runs over his body before falling over himself.

"HA!" The girl says excitedly. "Right in the ten ring!"

The remaining troop starts opening fire at the girl.

"EEP!" She yells before taking off for the cover of the next building.

The drone finally lets got of the first soldier and flies out of sight. Both soldiers are firing into the wall the girl is hiding behind, taking chunks of it out with every hit. As they pause to reload she pokes her head out to take another shot at them, but her gun only sparks and fizzles.

"What!?" She says.

She jumps back into hiding as they start shooting again.

"It worked perfect in testing!" She yells. "Not good!"

A sudden crash sounds behind the gunshots. Both soldiers turn around to see the burning eyes of Ace staring back at them.

"OH SHIT WE'RE DEAD!" Yells one of the troops.

"Oh wow!" The scavenger says. "It's really him!"

A voice sounds to side of them.

"This is patrol 718! We've encountered the Ace of Spades and need reinforcements!" The patrol leader had regained conscious.

Without even calling his weapons Ace grabs the two soldiers in front of him and throws them at the leader who rolls out of the way. The leader gets up and continues to call for help.

"I repeat! We've encountered the Ace of Spades and need backup!"

Ace was advancing on them as they backed away.

"What are you two waiting for!?" Yells the leader. "Shoot him!"

"What good would that do us!?" One of them yells back.

"Occs please tell me your getting all this!" The scavenger says.

The soldier that was knocked out earlier by the girls stun blast shakes his head and looks up. The girl wasn't paying attention to him. He quickly grabs his gun and runs up to the girl and grabs her as well.

"Hey! Hands off freak!" She screams.

Ace turns back to look at what just happened.

"Shut it shorty!" He yells as he points his gun at her head. "Alright you monster! One more move and she gets it!"

Ace glares at him.

"You don't want to do that..." He warns in a graveled voice.

Three patrol airships blaze into the area and light it up. The three soldiers behind Ace begin firing at him and hit him many times in the back. Ace furiously turns back and calls his sword, ready to attack.

"Ah ah!" The forth soldier says and pulls harder on the scavenger.

"You creep!" She yells. "OCCS!"

Just then the girls Parrot Drone swoops down and knocks into the mans forehead, forcing him to let her go. She gives him a quick stomp on the foot before the others start shooting again. The airships join in and begin firing as well. Ace leaps over to grab the girl and pull her out of the barrage, taking even more hits to his back as he protects her from harm.

"AAAHHHHHH!!!" He screams.

"Whoa!" The girl says, holding her drone close to her chest.

Ace pick up the girl and starts running away from the scene. The airships chase after him.

"Where are we going!?" The girl asks.

"Away from them! Ace answers.

"Why don't you just go god mode on them?" She asks.

"What!?" Ace says.

"You know!" She says. "Like you did when you fought Chaos!"

Did anyone not see that, Ace thinks.

"Hey wait!" The girl says. "Turn here!"

"Why?" Ace asks.

The airships were catching up.

"There's a tunnel that way that they can't follow us through!" She tells him.

More shots from the other side just barely miss Aces head. Ace and the girl look over to see a women with long silver hair wearing a light gray uniform. She had red eyes and black hands. Another transhuman just like Draz. She fires off more shot that Ace could just barely dodge. He couldn't fight back as long as he was carrying this scavenger girl.

"Hold on!" He yells before taking off in the direction the girl told him.

Now in addition to the airships, this transhuman was chasing after them. He was limited in his evasive maneuvers while he was keeping this girl from being killed. They were on the outskirts of Deadtown where there was lots of open space. Lowtown could be seen in the distance.

"Whoa whoa!" The girl says. "It's over there!"

She point to an old drainage pipe that lead underground. Ace had almost ran past it. It was just big enough to stand in. Ace jets into it and stops.

"What's wrong?" The girl asks.

"That'll stop the airships but it wont do anything about her." He says. "Do you know you way out of here?"

"Yeah." She says. "I come this way all the time."

"Then go!" He puts her back on the ground and points into the tunnel. "Go now!"

"But-" She starts

"How noble of a false god..." Says an unfamiliar voice.

They look to see the transhuman standing in the tunnel entrance holding a short sword with a reverse grip.

"To defend a child like this..." She spoke in a sharp voice that echoed all through the tunnel. "To bad it's just a hallow gesture. Neither of you will see the end of this day."

"Get out of here!" Ace says to the girl.

The girl looks at him worriedly.

"NOW!" Ace yells.

After a few back steps the scavenger girl turns and runs into the tunnel and disappears. The sound of the airships hovering outside in the falling rain could be heard. Ace pulls out his sword and gets ready for the fight.

"How about we skip the 'I'm gonna kill you' part and just get right to it?" He says to her.

"My thoughts exactly..." She says.

-To be continued-

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Goliath Mech: A twelve foot bipedal heavy combat robot designed as a replacement for traditional tanks. It can be operated remotely or by a pilot inside of it. It is capable of carrying several different weapons at the same time or swapped for another. These include heavy cannons, minigun turrets mounted on the arms, rocket launchers on the shoulders, Tesla shields, rail guns, various blades and cockpit mounted machine guns. Despite it's large size it is very capable of fast movement and flight with the assistance of jet boosters located on its back and legs.

Ace raced though Lowtown, leaving a blazing blue trail behind him. Everyone in the empire had seen that broadcast and are still seeing it. Chaos hasn't stopped at all. This whole time he's been taunting Ace at every chance. Ace blows past the people of Lowtown, some of whom begin running in the opposite direction knowing what's about to happen. No one tried to stop him not even the City Security. They all knew it would be their end if they did.

Ace makes it to the center of Lowtown, a square that has seen better days. Vidnet screens decorate the buildings around him all showing him on them. Several Parrot Drones flying from an overpass not far from him, all of which were staring at him and moving around for different angles. Everyone in the empire could see this. All the Resistance members crowd around the monitors at the Bunker. Deadeye limps in to join them after having been bandaged by the medics.


A sadistic laugh rings from on top of the overpass.

"There's no need to shout Death." He says. "I'm right here!"

Chaos pulls Vixen to his side.

"And so is foxy!" He taunts.

Vixen glares at him and growls through the gag in her mouth. Her hair was tangled and her face bruised.

"Let her go Chaos!" Ace demands, his face practically on fire. "She has nothing to do with this!"

"Oh but that's where you're wrong Death." Chaos says. "She has everything to do with this..."

Chaos makes a grandstanding gesture to the Parrot Drones.

"People of the empire!" He proclaims. "I bring you the infamous, the feared, the Angel of Death himself... The Ace of Spades!"

All the Parrot Drones turn to face Ace.

"This isn't a game Chaos!" Ace yells.

"Oh but it is!" Chaos snickers. "I'm the host and you are the contestant! Now for the challenge!"

Chaos snaps his metal fingers, making a loud clang. The ground begins shaking as the sound of heavy thumping footsteps thunder over Aces head. Two large Goliath Mechs run past Chaos and Vixen on both sides and jump down to surround Ace. Ace summons his sword in a blue flash and prepares for the fight. The mech on Aces right was equipped with rocket mounts, a minigun and a pincer while the one on his left had a heavy cannon and a rail gun.

Everyone in the Resistance Bunker was crowding around the vidnet screen. Deadeye limps in to join them, taking the spot right in front. The mechs strafe around Ace trying to get an advantage. Ace keeps his eyes on them, not letting them get the upper hand.

"Let the game begin." Chaos says

And just like that, both mechs open fire from their cockpit guns. Ace jumps out of the way, deflecting a few shots and firing back a few of his own. His shots make dents in the mechs armor but cause no real damage.

"Then we're doing this the hard way!" Ace yells. Chaos' smile could not be bigger at these words.

Ace charges the mech with the cannon as the other one revs up it minigun and starts firing at him. The first mech fires it cannon, launching Ace into the air. Ace lands on the first mech, plunging his sword into its cockpit. It begins flailing, trying to get him off it. The second mech grabs Ace with its pincer and flings him into the wall of a nearby shop. The wall collapses as Ace flies though it. The second mech launches its rockets into the hole, bringing the entire building down on top of Ace.

"Oooh..." Chaos says, faking a flinch. "That looked like it hurt."

Muffled growls came from Vixen under the gag.

"Something to say foxy?" Chaos pulls the gag off Vixen.

"That wont be enough to stop him!" She yells. "You're just making him mad!"

"I know..." Chaos says with a huge smile.

The mechs begin closing in on the rubble where Ace was buried. As they get close, beams of blue light shoot out and the rubble is sent flying into them causing huge dents in their armor. Ace jumps out of the rocks, the left side of his skull and rib cage exposed, his jacket torn apart and the Spark poring out of his eyes.

"Enough!" He yells.

Ace leaps at the at the second mech and bounces off its hull to land a slash at the first mech, cutting off its railgun. Hanging off the mechs side he fires his gun into the hole where its arm used to be, causing it to stagger and begin falling. The first mech grabs Ace with its pincer again and begins squeezing him.

"AAAHHHHH!!!" Ace screams as the pincers get tighter and tighter.

The mech begins slamming Ace into the ground over and over.

"Come on Ace!" Vixen yells. "You can so this!"

Chaos says nothing but instead gives Vixen a smug smile. The Resistance Bunker was filled with voices, all yelling for Ace. Even the people watching on the Vidnet had begun cheering for Ace.

The mech raises Ace for another slam. Ace brings his claws down into the mechs pincers and starts pulling them apart. The blue Spark began to engulf him as he uses all his strength to free himself. The pincers snap under the pressure and Ace falls to the ground. The mech begins revving its minigun again. Ace jumps over to the fallen mech and picks up its railgun. As the remaining mech begins firing, Ace reaches into the railgun and pulls the trigger, sending its projectile though the mechs cockpit and out the other side.

Ace falls to his knees as the mech begins to fall over backwards. With a loud crash, both mechs lay on the ground in pieces. A heavily damaged Ace lets go of the railgun and leans back. For a moment he had forgotten why he was there, until he heard the familiar sound of metal banging against metal. Chaos was clapping from the overpass.

"Well done Death." Chaos says in a surprisingly normal voice. "Very well done."

Ace staggers back to what remained of his feet.

"It's over Chaos!" He yells. "Your toys failed! I'm still alive!"

"Oh Death..." Chaos shakes his head slightly. "I never intended to kill you. No no no... I want to destroy you! The mechs were just for fun! There's more then one way to destroy someone..."

Chaos reaches over and grabs Vixen by the back of her neck, a dagger appearing in his other hand.

"No..." Ace says.

In desperation Ace tries to pull his gun out and land a shot right between Chaos eyes. But it was too late.

White noise.

All Ace could hear was white noise as Chaos' dagger cuts though the air and sinks into Vixen chest.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!" Ace and Deadeye both scream at the same time.

Vixen gasps as the color drains from her face. Deadeye falls to his knees and begins sobbing. Chaos pulls the dagger out and drops Vixen over the edge of the overpass. In a rush of blue Ace runs to catch her before she hits the ground.

"VIXEN!" He yells.

Blood was falling out of Vixens mouth as she gives him a smile.

"Ace..." She breathes. "You were great out there..."

For the first time, tears began to run down Aces face.

"Do- Do me a favor..." She asks.

"Anything!" Ace says.

"Take care of Deadeye for me." She says.

Her head drops as she stops breathing.

Back at the Bunker, Masked Man had his hand on Deadeyes shoulder as he pounds the ground in despair.

"Now do you understand Death?" Chaos Asks. "This is what we're made for."

Out of nowhere a bright blue light shoots out all around the area. A huge beam of blue launches into the smog covered sky and breaks apart the clouds letting in the sun for the first time in years.

"CHAAAAAOOOOOOSSS!!!" Aces voice rings as if it were all around them.

Chaos had to shield his eyes from the light.

"Uh oh..." He says.

Aces whole body was glowing blue. The light was blinding. Everyone watching in the Bunker and the rest of the empire couldn't believe what they were seeing.

The only word spoken in the bunker came from Masked Man.


As the light fades, Ace had fully healed but there was something else. He was different. As he puts Vixens body down he stands. Wings of black had grown out of his back. Blades of pure energy shooting out of them like feathers. A blue aura covered him from head to toe. His eyes nothing but a void of blue.

He looked at Chaos with pure hate. Chaos looking back with a nervous grin.

"Um..." Chaos says.

Before Chaos could say another word Ace launches at him, flying at an incredible speed. Ace summons his sword, which had also changed. It had become a much larger blade, a hand guard on the handle and made of pure black with a blue edge.

Ace grabs Chaos' face and drags the back of his head over the ground. He throws Chaos into the air and slashes one of his arms off before even getting out of his range. Ace flies up and punches Chaos in the stomach, sending him flying back to the ground. Ace crashes down next to Chaos and grabs his leg. He swings Chaos around like a ragdoll before severing his other arm. He lets go of Chaos' leg and kicks him back into the air and cuts off both his legs at once.

Chaos lands on his back, heavily damaged and the stumps of his limbs oozing black blood. Ace stomps down on Chaos' chest and raising his sword once more, ready to finish the job.

"I bet you enjoyed that..." Chaos says.

Ace says nothing but glares down at his dismembered brother.

"I know you did." Chaos continues. "Because it's what you were made to do! Don't you see brother? It's your purpose! Do it! Kill me! Finish this!"

Ace hesitates. He wanted nothing more then to cut that mouth off the body it was attached too. Ace raises his blade and plunges it into the ground next to Chaos head. Chaos looks over at it confused.

"What are you doing!?" He yells.

"You're wrong." Ace says. "You're wrong about me. I'm not like you. I'm not just a machine designed to kill!"

Chaos looks up in amazement and bursts out laughing.

"BAHAHAHAHA!!! YES YOU ARE! That's exactly what you are! KILL ME!"

"No." Ace says calmly. "It's not what she would've wanted me to do. You're not worth it."

Ace pulls his sword out of the ground and begins walking away. Chaos continuing to laugh manically.


"I'll deal with that when it happens..." Ace replies. With one quick movement he lifts his evolved pistol and shoots down all the parrot drones.


Static was displayed on the Spires vidnet screen. All heads turn in fear to Emperor Blood. His face was blank.

"Send a recovery team to pick up what's left of Wildcard..." He says, just before turning and leaving the room.


Ace returns to Vixens side. Looking down on her he leans down and picks her up. He looks into her face for a moment before taking off. Carrying her as he flies back to the bunker. As he touches down at the gate, everyone inside comes running out. All of them gathering around him, most of them not knowing what to look at. Deadeye pushes through the crowd as best he could to rush to Vixen and pull her head to his. Ace says nothing. He couldn't.

Deadeye collapses to the ground in tears. Ace begins to carry Vixens body into the Bunker. Everyone moves aside to let him pass. Ace brings Vixen to the room she used to live in and places her on her bed.

Then just as fast as they came, Aces wings disappear, the aura fades and his eyes return to normal as he falls to the ground motionless.

-To be continued-

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Core: A synthetics heart. It is half machine and half organic and is stronger then a normal human heart.

Ace was speeding like a bullet back to the Bunker. There was only one thing on his mind. Getting the truth, and he knew where to get it. He crashes down near the entrance. His eyes still burning furiously, he walks to the hatch at a strong clip. The sentries that would've normally greeted Ace with a friendly wave were only able to give him a concerned glance as he charged past.

He lit up the halls as he moved through them. Everyone saw the fury he was carrying and simply moved aside to let him pass. Even Melody was to afraid to say anything to him. Finally reaching the planning room door, he slams it open so hard it breaks off it hinges.

"MASKED MAN!" Ace yells.

Everyone in the room became paralyzed with fear except Masked Man who just calmly looked up from the table. Ace walks up to the table and throws it aside as if it were just a stick. He gets right in Masked Mans face.

"You knew!" He yells. "You knew this whole time and you never said anything!"

"From the moment you first walked into that room." Masked Man replies in a calm voice.

"You knew the whole time I was the Emperors son and you never told me!" Ace continues to scream.

"How could I have told you Ace!?" Masked Man says, finally speaking up. "What do you think you would've done if I had told you!? You could barely comprehend your own existence back then! You didn't know us and we didn't know you! You tell me what you think you would've done if I had told you! You tell me!"

Ace knew he was right but the fury was still building. He wanted to lash out at Masked Man but he couldn't say anything. Now he knew the truth. The tension in the room was almost visible. Everyone Ace had passed in the halls were looking in on the argument.

"You want to know what you would've done!?" Mask Man continues. "I know exactly what would've happened! You would've went right back to them and all of us here right now would be dead!"

Ace wanted to yell at Masked Man. Wanted to tell him off and be done with him. But he knew everything he had just said was true.

"You could've told me afterward." Ace says. "You still could've told me!"

"How Ace!?" Masked Man asks. "How could I have told you something like that? It's not something that can just be casually mentioned! You still weren't ready to know!"

"What other secrets are you keeping from me!?" Ace demands. "What else do I have a right to know about that you aren't telling me!"

"You have to understand we're and war Ace!" Masked Man tells him. "Not everyone can know everything for their own safety! You're not the only one on a need to know basis! Everyone is! You know everything you need to know until you need to know more! That's how this works!"

"I'm sick of all your secrets and lies!" Ace yells. "How can I trust you if you wont trust me!?"

"It's not a matter of trust Ace!" Masked Man reasons. "If I didn't trust you do you really think I'd be in this screaming match with you!?"

Masked Man coughs from the strain on his voice.

"Take your mask off!" Ace says.

"What?" Masked Man says.

"Take it off! I want to see your face!" Ace yells.

For a moment there was just silence in the room. Everyone was still. Until Masked Man finally complies and reaches behind his head. The mask makes the sound of air releasing from it as Masked Man removes the respirator and takes off the mask.

For the first time Ace was seeing the true face of Masked Man. He was heavily scared and frail. Burn wounds covered every part of his head and he had no hair remaining anywhere. The respirator in his mask had been connected to a tube the ran right into his throat and into his lungs.

Ace looked at him with a mixture of horror and pity.

"So now you see?" Masked Mans voice was so frail and weak without his mask. "Now you see why I why I didn't tell you?"

Ace was shocked.

"I... My fath- He did that didn't he?" Ace asks.

"Yes..." Masked Man starts coughing and is forced to put the mask back on. "It's because of Emperor Blood that I can no longer breath like a normal person. I formed the Resistance it's true, but you are the one that gave it life. We need you more then you know. That's why you couldn't know the truth until I knew you could handle it."

Ace could only look away, the fire in his eyes fading.

"The first time I saw you Spark, I knew you were the one we were waiting for." Masked Man tells him. "You may be identical to Blood in face and body, but you are nothing like him. You know what we're up against, you've seen what we're fighting for and you have become the most unique person I've ever met."

Ace felt humiliated. Masked Mans calm words cut into him deeper then any blade or bullet.

"I'm... I'm sorry Masked Man..." Ace says. "You're right... Everything you've said is right. I still don't like not knowing everything but you're right. If I knew-"

Ace looks over to see Melody looking at him.

"-Everything I care about wouldn't exist..."

Melody runs over to him and hugs him tight. Ace starts to hug back but notices something is wrong. He stops and looks around the room at all the people looking back.

"Wait a minute..." He says looking around.

"Ace?" Melody asks. "What's wrong."

"Where is Vixen and Deadeye?" He asks.

"They went out with you." Masked Man says. "Are they not with you?"

Pure fear runs through Ace for the first time.

"Chaos!" He yells before running out of the room.

"What?" Melody tries to ask before he leaves.

Everyone chases after him but by the time they got to the entrance it was too late. All they could see was a blue blur in the distance.

"Please no! Please no!" He kept saying to himself as he ran.

He returns to where he and Chaos fought only to see it still engulfed in flames. They wouldn't be here he thought. He runs over the path he thought they would take hoping he would get to them before Chaos. Every step he took without seeing them only made things worse.

Ace stops in his tracks when he finds Deadeyes rife. It had been bent to point backwards and the clip was missing. Panic fills Ace as he looks around desperately looking for any sign of either of them. He feels his core skip a beat when he sees Deadeyes boots under some nearby rubble.

"DEADEYE!" Ace yells.

Ace rushes over and flings to rubble off Deadeye. He was still alive and that made Ace feel a little better, but Vixen was no where in sight.

"Deadeye!?" Ace tries to talk to him. "Deadeye are you alright!?"

"Fucker..." Deadeye coughs. "That... Fucker...."

There were no cuts or bullet wounds on him but he had scratches and bruises everywhere.

"Chaos!" Ace Yells. "What happened!?"

"He... *cough* He took her..." Deadeye say weakly.

"Where!?" Ace asks. "Do you know where!?"

"How the fuck would I know!?" Coughs Deadeye. "We didn't exactly talk about it..."

"Damnit!" Ace yells. "This is my fault! If I hadn't been so tunnel visioned I could've stopped this!"

Ace picks up Deadeye, throws him over his shoulder and takes off for the Bunker again. When the sentries saw him return with Deadeye on his back they rush to help them. With Deadeye getting the help he needed Ace runs back to tell Masked Man what happened.

"Masked Man!" Ace yells for the second time tonight, this time for a different reason. "He took her! Chaos has Vixen!"

"Yes, we know..." Masked Man replies.

Ace, confused, walks into the room to see the vidnet on. It was Chaos.

"Greetings people of the Empire!" Chaos says. "My name is Chaos! Now you may be wondering, 'who are you and what are you doing on my vidnet screen?' It's because I have a message to give! No it's not for you... It's for my big brother Death, better known to you all as the Ace of Spades."

Ace couldn't believe his eyes. This can't be happening.

Chaos walks to the side of the screen and the camera, obviously a Parrot Drone, panes over to show Vixen tied up and gaged. Chaos puts his black hand on her head and Ace could feel his rage building again. Vixen tries to shake his hand off her but he starts squeezing.

"I have your foxy little friend here with me." Chaos mocks. "I trust you've spoken to the mummy already? We'd love it if you could join us! We're throwing a party and you're the guest of honor! Come alone though. Too many guests would just spoil the fun. I'm smack in the middle of Lowtown. We'd love to see you again, right foxy?"

Chaos pulls off her gag.

"You son of a bitch! Ace will destroy you, you-" She says

"Silence you Resistance scum!" Chaos backhands her and she falls over to the side in pain. "Tick tock brother... We'll be waiting. But only for so long..."

Ace turns to leave the room.

"Ace wait!" Melody urges.

"It's obviously a trap." Masked Man says.

"You think I don't know that!?" Ace yells. "This is my fault! I have to do something!"

"I'm not saying don't go. Masked Man says. "Just don't go alone! We should send a squad with you."

"NO!" Ace yells. "Chaos said he wanted me alone and that's what he'll get. And you listen to me! All of you!"

Ace points at everyone around him.

"None of you better follow me, you got that!? Because if you do, I don't care if you're on my side, I will cut you down where you stand! I have to do this on my own!"

No one in the room made a sound. They all knew he meant it.

"I'm sorry." Ace says before storming out of the room.

Melody runs after him.

"Ace?" She says.

Ace stops walking but says nothing. He turns to look at her. The fear in her eyes was not of him but of something else. Her eyes were burning with the Spark.

"Just..." She starts. "Just come back alive. Promise me!"

Ace walks up to her and returns the hug she gave him earlier.

"I promise." He says.

Ace lets go of her and takes off towards Lowtown.

-To be continued-

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Hightown: A high-class residential area of the Imperial City. It is mostly inhabited by wealthy families and high ranked imperial officers. It is common to see domestic class synths cleaning the streets and maintaining the buildings.

Lowtown: A rundown residential area of the Imperial City. Most people who live there are working class or unemployed. City Security often harasses people on the streets. It is very poorly kept.

Spark/Sparked: A term created by the resistance to reference the change in power level Ace goes through during intense fights. It is taken from the legend of the Spark of Humanity. It can also be used for other synths that receive the Spark from Ace.

Weeks after the escort mission with Jade, Aces reputation had grown among the population. Masked Man had seen fit to allow Ace to operate solo. To the scavengers of Deadtown he had become a hero, having saved many of them from the imperial patrols. Many scavengers had begun wearing his symbol and spray painting it all across the city in defiance of the empire. The symbol had become a rallying sight among them and a mark of treason to the empire.

To the nobles and officers of Hightown he was rampaging monster and called for his immediate destruction. Not seeing him as saving innocent lives but instead enabling treason and chaos.

The people of Lowtown were unsure what to think. Some saw the unfair treatment they receive a direct result of Aces and the Resistances actions while others saw what they do as a clear response to the Empires cruelty.

To the military members, he had become the Angel of Death.

The shady streets of Deadtown were once again littered with the bodies of synths and soldiers. Wreckage from patrol airships burning. Ace walking towards a group of scavengers all cheering and yelling for him. Yet another Parrot Drone gripped in his black hand, it's tiny arms trying desperately to break free.

As the bullet holes on Aces chest begin to repair themselves, he holds the drone up to his face to speak into it.

"To whoever it is that keeps sending these drones, I have a message for you." He says before turning the drone around to show the aftermath of the recent battle. "All of the deaths that happened here today are because of you."

He then turn the drone to face the scavengers, all of whom begin to make insulting gestures and flashing Aces symbol at it.

"If you continue to send troops like this then you'll soon be out of troops to send at all."

He turns the drone back to his face.

 "I wonder just how long you'll be able to live with that?"

The drones video feed turns to static as Ace crushes it in his hand.

Meanwhile at the Spire the lead scientist behind the creation of synthetics, Dr. Felix Hoffman, walks into the control room only to witness a horrific sight. Emperor Blood was standing before the head technician of drone control with one of his clawed fingers dug into the mans forehead. The technicians face was that of pure pain but he was unable to scream as red mist pored out of eyes and mouth. The emperor pulls his finger back out and the man without making a sound falls to the floor dead.

"Tell me what I want to hear doctor..." Blood says.

Hoffman clears his throat before speaking.

"JKR-52 has reached physical maturity, however his mental state is-"

"Is exactly what I want it to be..." Blood interrupts. "My plans for Deathcard are not working as I wanted. It's time I pushed him a bit and make an example of the Resistance. Remove Wildcard from the tank and introduce him do his brother..."

Dr. Hoffman looks down at the dead technician. The red mist was still poring out of the hole in the mans forehead. Hoffman adjusts his glasses and runs his hand over his white hair.

"As you command, my lord." He says before turning and walking away.


Ace had become the face of the Resistance. Many of those who thought of them thought of Ace at its head. Even many of the Resistance members now saw Ace as a leader and wore his symbol as well. Masked Man has only encouraged this say it was desperately needed to drive the point to the masses. Even those he had be wary of his presents when he was first brought to them had come around.

However it was no long possible for Ace to travel openly though populated areas like Lowtown with being recognized. Forcing him to travel by rooftops. Something he didn't mind as it was faster and less crowed with people. There was something so satisfying about running and jumping across the roofs unobstructed.

When not in the field he would spend as much time with Vixen and Melody as he could. Whenever they were around, his fury and rage would just disappear.

The Resistance was finally making a dent in the Empire and the Empire was taking notice. More and more raids against Resistance sympathizers were taking place. The Empire was trying to show its power. More then once Ace had to fight other combat synths. None of which could hold a candle to him in his Sparked form.

A combat synth falls to the ground with a burning blue hole where its head used to be. Ace swings his sword to his back.

"How many of these do I have to kill before they get the message?" He asks.

"I don't think they care Ace." Vixen replies.

"More like they're running out of human soldiers so they keep sending the tin men." Deadeye says, taking pot shots at the fleeing soldiers with his sniper.

The sound of nearby gunfire and screams catches their attention.

"That's coming from the others!" Vixen yells.

The three of them run of back towards the other Resistance members that came with them. By the time they get back all of them had been killed including the civilians they were trying to save. Some had been cut to pieces, others had several large bullet holes in them. The transports had all been torn apart and slashed repeatedly.

"Holy shit!" Deadeye yells.

"Wha- How!?" Vixen says. "We were only a few feet away! How did this happen so fast!?"

A horrible thought came to Aces mind. He remembered once again the night he was first sparked. It was a raid just like this one, only he was on the other end of it. This was the same carnage he had committed that day, except this was... Different. When it had been him, the kills had been clean and quick. These were messy. Almost like whoever did it was enjoying themselves.

Another sound catches their ears. Metal scraping against metal. They turn to look behind them to see a man with black endoskeleton hands scratching them on one of the ruined transports. His back was to them but he was wearing an olive green hooded cloak with twin tails and gold trim. In his other hand was a serpentine dagger, dripping with blood.

"YOU SON OF A BITCH!" Deadeye yells.

He takes several shots at the unknown synth but none of them hit. The synth dodged every one of them. Finally turning around, a psychotic smile could be seen under his hood. It summons another dagger in its other hand and laughs.

"Hee hee ha ha ha! That's cute..." It says. "You think I can be killed like a standard..."

"That voice!" Vixen says. "He sounds exactly like Ace!"

"I'll show you mine if you show me yours!" The synth says.

It pulls its hood off to reveal it has the same face as Ace, but instead of black hair and blue eyes it had shoulder length yellow hair and yellow eyes. Its eyes wide and still smiling. Ace pulls his hood off in response and walks towards the new synth.

"Who are you!?" He yells.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I'm surprised you can't tell!" It says. "Why I'm your little brother of course! JKR-52 Wildcard is what they called me. Eww... I hate that name... You have such a better name then me. 'Death'. I like that. I want a name like you..."

"A brother?" Vixen asks.

"Great... I was just getting used to one of them." Deadeye says. "I don't think you can charm this one Vixen..."

"How could I have a brother?" Ace asks.

"Oh please..." Wildcard says. "Did you really think you would be the only one Father would make?"

"Father?" Ace asks.

"Ohhh ho!" Wildcard says. "You don't know? Father told me everything... You didn't know you were royalty? We are the sons of Emperor Blood himself!"

All of them were shocked. Aces mind went blank. This had to be a lie. How could he be the son of the man he hated most in the world?

"I DON'T BELIEVE YOU!" Ace shouts.

"Oh dear Death..." Wildcards smile gets even wider. "If you don't believe me, then maybe you should ask your masked friend about it. He's met Father face to face... If you know what I mean."

Vixen and Deadeye can only look at each other. There's no way this insane synth was telling the truth. It had to be a trick.

"Brother or not, I wont allow you to cause this kind of chaos!" Ace shouts angrily.

"Oooohh!" Wildcard says happily. "I like that! Chaos... That's what I'll call myself!"

Ace had had enough of this. His eyes burning bright.

"There it is!" Chaos says. "That's what I've been waiting for! The Spark!"

Ace looks back at the two still stunned humans.

"You two get out of here!" He yells. "I don't want you getting in the way of this!"

"Yes run along back to your 'Nest' or whatever it is you call it." Chaos mocks. "I'll be seeing you again soon enough. This is just a bit of sibling rivalry."

Deadeye starts running from the soon to be battlefield but Vixen just stands there.

"Ace?" She says.

"GO!" Ace points for her to leave.

Deadeye runs back and pulls on Vixens arm.

"Come on!" He yells.

With reluctance she follows him but not without taking another look at Ace.

Ace turns back to face Chaos who had a very sly look on his face.

"I think she likes you Death..." He says. "How interesting..."

This was enough to push Ace over the edge. His rage was uncontrollable. He charges at Chaos and the two send shockwaves though the area. Chaos laughing madly as their blades clang against each other. They were equal with each other on every level. Both of them fighting at blazing speeds. Crashing though buildings like they were made of cardboard, nothing was slowing them down.

Chaos seemed to be playing with Ace. He was enjoying every moment of the fight. He was acrobatic and fast. When there was enough distance between them he would switch his twin daggers for duel pistols. His shots were stronger then any other that Ace had fought. The ones that hit, hit hard and actually managed to make him flinch.

To anyone watching the fight from the outside, it would've appeared as blinding flashes of blue and yellow. The damage they were causing was devastating, even for Deadtown. A gas line running under the streets had been exposed and was leaking. Chaos was actually able to get the upper hand on Ace and caught him in the back. One of his black hands gripping on Aces forehead, the other on one of his daggers, which was at Aces neck.

"Oh don't worry Death." Chaos says. "I don't plan you kill you yet. That would make Father very upset."

"How upset would he be if I killed you!?" Ace spits back.

Chaos only giggles at this.

"How's that Spark feel?" He asks. "Does it make you feel human? You'll never be one you know? No matter how hard you try. You and I will always be what we are! Killing machines!"

"ARRAAHHH!" Ace fires at the ground beneath them and ignites the exposed gas line.

The explosion throws them off each other. The fire spreads fast taking many buildings with it. The street was crumbling. The two synths get separated by a wall of fire.

"Your redheaded friends name is Vixen is it?" Chaos yells over the flames.

Ace fires his gun at Chaos who deflects the shots with his daggers.

"I'll take that as a yes..." Chaos says with a smile. "See you soon brother..."

Chaos gives a quick salute before speeding off.

"HRRRAAAAAHHHHHH!!!" Ace screams, his blue flames only adding to the blaze around him.

He was lying... Ace had to keep telling himself this. He had to be lying. But he knew the truth. Other synths could never stand up to him. His abilities were beyond normal even for a synth. Masked Man knew... Ace knew Masked Man was hiding something from him. This was the final straw.

"How could he not tell me..." Ace says to himself. "No more secrets! Masked Man, I'm gonna MAKE you tell me the truth!"

-To be continued-

1: Synthetics are created though a mixed process of cloning and nanotechnology known as Microfibers.

2: The DNA donor for a synthetic is commonly referred to as the synths "parent" regardless of whether or not the synth was intended for them or someone else.

3: The "child" synth will always resemble the parent exactly in face and body, however cosmetic changes like hair, skin and eye colors can be altered though the use of Microfibers.

4: Synthetics do not have bellybuttons unless they are programed to have them. Also male synthetics do not have nipples as they are made from pure male DNA and not mixed like a normal human.

5: Unintended traits and talents within synthetics have been known to happen. This is due to genetic memory and/or the imperfect nature of Microfibers.

6: All synths are capable of sexual actions regardless of whether or not they were intended for it. However all synthetics are sterile and cannot reproduce through normal means.

7: A synthetic will never age beyond the physical age they are when they are removed from the growth tank, essentially making them immortal. A synthetic that appears to be fully grown may only be a few days old. Age is determined from removal from the growth tank.

8: A synthetic can still be killed if damaged beyond the capability of its regeneration.

9: Synthetic blood is black in color due to the saturation of Microfibers in the cells. It is much thicker then normal human blood and toxic if ingested.

10: The heart of a synthetic is called a "core" and is half organic and half mechanical. It is strong enough to pump synth blood at a rate that outmatches that of a normal human heart.

11: The clothes a synthetic wears is made of Microfibers. They are integrated into the synthetics system and regenerate damage based on the synths own ability.

12: The weapons used by combat synths are made of Microfibers and are too powerful for a human to use. One shot from a synthetics pistol produces enough recoil to shatter the human hand.

13: If a human were to attempt to use a synthetics blade or wear a synthetics clothes, they would be far too heavy to lift or move in, respectively.

14: Synthetic bones are heavily altered to the point of being made of a solid black metal which is stronger then steel.

15: Combat synths hands are exposed endoskeleton to avoid unnecessary damage to the skin when firing its gun.

16: Synthetics are capable of inhuman feats depending on the class type of the synth.

17: Synthetics can't and do not need to sleep. They can however be shut down when not in use.

18: The capacity of a synthetics power cells depends on the class of Synth with combat class having the largest and domestic class having the smallest.

19: Synthetics can recharge their power cells from any electrical source as long as they are able to get a steady stream of power.

20: Synthetics are capable of eating food but are not required to in order to live.

21: Radiation has no effect on synthetics.

22: It takes one to two months for a synthetic to reach maturity while inside its growth tank.

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The Emerald Kingdom: The closest nation to the Blood Empire. Located on the western border of the Empire past the white sands of the wastes. In contrast to the Empire, it is a land of lush grasslands and fields. Many small villages can be found within its boarders in addition to the capital city. Unlike the cyber-industrial Empire it has kept a more traditional appearance. It is ruled over by the Goddess Lady Emerald who is benevolent and loved greatly by her people.

Non-interference Pact: An agreement between all nations to not interfere in the internal affairs of another nation without permission or request. Breaking the pact can lead to full scale war.

Dead Town: A ruined residential area of the Imperial city. Most buildings are destroyed and falling apart. Despite the condition of the buildings it is a favored hangout for smugglers, scavengers and those trying to stay out of the Empires eye. The destruction to the area is the result of many battles and raids with the Empire.

It's been one week since Ace joined the Resistance. Despite Aces defense of the old Bunker and clear hatred of the Empire, many members of the Resistance still didn't trust him. Those who were present at the time of the raid are more accepting of his presence among them, having seen what he is capable of and remembering how he saved them. Those in the field at them time were still unsure what to think, leading to many refusing to work with him.

"This is the INN, Imperial New Network. We now have confirmation that the riot started in a Lowtown bar last week was started by Resistance terrorists. The reason behind the attack is believed to be against the bar owner who was a known Empire supporter. Eyewitnesses on the scene say two Resistance members along with the rogue synth, who is now being referred to as the Ace of Spades by the terrorists, attacked the bar while full of people. No civilians were harmed, however the Ace of Spades was responsible for the injuring of 6 City Security personal and destroying the interior of the building."

"That's bullshit..." Deadeye says. "There were only 5 of them and you only got three of them. Me and Vixen took out the others."

Ace and Deadeye were both watching the Vidnet in the Bunkers makeshift commissary.

"I think that's the point..." Ace answers. "At least they're finally using my name."

"They can at least give us SOME credit." Deadeye says. "We were there too."

The Vidnet continues.

"In addition, we now know that the next day the Ace of Spades returned to the bar to threaten the owner to not report on the matter. It then proceeded to steal the entertainment synth the bar used to attract customers, which was also the bars main source of income. It is believed that the Resistance is currently holding the stolen synth as a hostage. The bar owner is now under protective custody until this matter is resolved."

"In other words, 'never to be seen again'." Deadeye says.

"Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy." Ace says with a smirk, remembering his treatment of Melody.

Suddenly the memory of the board with the faces of the lost came back to him. Ace stopped smiling.

"I guess we have another face to add to the Wall of the Lost..." He says.

"No one's gonna miss that asshole." Deadeye responds. "Especially not your girlfriend..."

"Yes but it's our fault in the first..." Ace pauses. "Girlfriend?"

Deadeye turns to walk away, Ace turning to watch him.

"Yeah..." He says. "For a whole week I haven't seen her without you nearby. And you were the one to bring her here in the first place."

It was true. Whenever she was around he felt different. All the anger and hate he feels just seems to disappear and is replaced by happiness. Just the sound of her music calmed him more then anything else.

"I didn't think that was possible with synths..." Deadeye continues. "All they've ever tried to do before you got here was try to kill us."

"That's how you lost your eye isn't it?" Ace asks. "A synth. That's why you hate them so much."

The others in the room overhear this and stop what they are doing to look. Deadeye stopped in his tracks.

"You don't know anything about me." He says.

"Then tell me." Ace says. "I think I deserve that by now."

"No." He replies. "Not now. Maybe some other time but not now..."

Deadeye walk out of the room just as Vixen and Melody walk in. He walks past them both without saying anything. They both turn to him as he leaves. Then turn back and walk in.

"What's with him?" Vixen asks.

"Nothing." Ace says.

"Well anyway..." Vixen says, with a quick glance back. "We've got something for you!"

"You do?" Ace asks surprised.

"We were thinking..." Melody starts. "Every hero needs a symbol."

"Hero?" Ace asks surprised again.

"Yep." Vixen answers. "So I told Melody the idea I had and..."

"Tada!" Melody says.

She then throws out both hands. She had something in them. It was a cloth patch that resembled a skull in the shape of a spade with blue fire poring out of the eye sockets and Aces sword and gun crossed behind it. Ace couldn't believe what he saw.

"I thought this would be really fitting for you." Vixen says.

"I made it myself!" Melody says happily. "Do you like it?"

Ace takes it out of her hands.

"Yes I do." He answers. "You made this? How?"

"I wasn't designed to do stuff like this but I've always been good at it." She says. "I used the Microfibers from my hair to make this!"

Ace looks at her hair. It didn't look any shorter. She answers before he can ask.

"It already grew back."

"It's great." He tells her.

Vixen was smiling the whole time this was happening. Melody takes back the patch and goes behind Ace to sew it onto his jacket. As soon as the patch touches it however, the jacket comes alive and grabs the patch, pulling it onto it and tightly fastening it to it.

"Oh!" She says in surprise. "I guess that saves time..."

The Microfibers in the jacket already connect to those in the patch and made it part of it.

Another Resistance member walks in.

"Ace?" He says. "Masked Man want to talk to you."

"About what?" Ace asks.

"He didn't say." The Resistance member says. "Only that he wants you alone."

Ace gives a look at the other two before walking away. When Ace walks into the control room it's empty. There was no one else in the room.

"Masked Man?" Ace calls out.

"Over here." Masked Mans muffled voice responds.

He was speaking from a communicator on the table.

"What's going on?" Ace asks. "Where are you."

"I don't want to say out loud." Masked Man replies. "Someone might be listening. I need you to come to me. Look on the screen and come to these coordinates. Come alone."

After this Masked Mans voice disappears. Ace looks at the screen on the wall just in time to see where he needed to go. Something about this felt strange. The coordinates took him right back to the spot where he was first activated. Everything there was in ruins. Why would Masked Man want him to go there?

Ace walks out of the room to find the girls waiting for him.

"What's up?" Vixen asks.

"I don't know." Ace answers. "Masked Man wants me to meet him somewhere. Alone."

"Alone?" Melody asks. "Why alone?"

"He didn't say." Ace says. "But I need to go."

They were just as confused as he was when he left. Ace went out on foot. He was able to travel much faster then any human when on foot. His running speed greatly outmatching them. Jumping over the gaps of the city ruins and landing from great heights was nothing to him. Before long he made it back to the very spot where he first went rogue.

There was something haunting about this place. The bodies of those he killed were gone, removed by the Resistance and burned. The survivors had long since moved on. Looking around he remembered everything that happened that night. How he mindlessly cut down the fleeing civilians, how he felt when he was ordered to kill the last few survivors, the sting of the bullets when he betrayed his allies and the fire burning inside him as he ripped off the armor on his chest.

Looking at this place with new eyes, he could only say one thing.

"I'm going to make them pay for all of it..."

The heavy breathing of the Masked Man hits Aces ears.

"Glad to hear it." He says.

Ace turns to face him.

"Why have me come all the way out here?" Aces asks. "Why here?"

"Because there's someone I want you to meet, and it can't be done at the Bunker." Masked Man answers. "Come this way.

Masked Man gestures for Ace to follow him into a nearby alley. Doing so, Ace and Masked Man turn a corner and a figure could be seen standing in the shadows. A woman wearing a long white hooded cloak. Her face was covered and hard to see.

"Ace this is Jade." Masked Man tells him. "She's a very important contact within the Emerald Kingdom for us. That's why I called you here. If the Empire knew she was here, it would break the Non-interference Pact and cause a war between the Empire and the Kingdom."

"I understand now." Ace says.

"So you are the Ace of Spades?" Jade says. "I've heard quite a few stories about you."

Her voice was smooth and there was no trace of hostility in it. Even so, there was something about her that seemed off.

"Forgive me but could you remove your hood?" She says. "I'd like to see your face."

Ace did so but it felt strange. Jade looks at Ace and he notices her eyes were a piercing green.

"I see..." She said. "Very well, lets continue then Masked Man."

"Ace I need you to take Jade to her extraction point." Masked Man says.

"Where is it, and why just me?" Ace asks. "Wouldn't a team be better?"

"Not in this case." Masked Man answers. "We can't take any risks. You are the strongest among us and the Empire cannot be allowed to capture her."

"Where am I taking her?" Ace asks again.

Masked Man pulls a digital map out of hi pocket.

"I need you to get her from here to this point." He says.

The point he was referring to was well outside the city walls.

"That's twelve miles into the Wastes!" Ace says. "Why all the way out there?"

"We can't risk the Empire detecting an unauthorized airship entering or leaving the city." Masked Man tells him. "Her team will pick her up when you get there."

"What's this all about?" Ace asks. "How do you know her and what is she even doing here in the first place?"

"I'll explain everything some other time Ace." Masked Man says. "For now just do this."

"That's the second time today someone has said that to me..." Ace says. "I don't like doing things without knowing why."

"Good luck." Masked Man says.

Before Ace could yell in frustration at the Masked Man, he turns and runs down the alley disappearing into the shadows.

"Hey wait a minute!" Ace yells.

But it was too late, Masked Man was already gone. Annoyed, Ace turns back to look at Jade who looked slightly amused.

"Looks like you're going to be me knight in black leather armor." She says.

"I guess I am..." Ace says.

Ace pulls his hood back over his head.

"So other then the problem of getting out that far into the Wastes, we still need to figure out how to get past the wall in the first place." Ace tells her. "And even before that we need to get there..."

"Already taken care of." Jade replies.

She then reaches under her cloak and pulls out a holomap.

"This is the route we planned out." She tells him. "I thought it best to avoid inhabited areas."

Ace looks over the map.

"That'll take a full day at least..." He says.

"Indeed." She says putting the map away. "And we'll not be in contact with anyone else either."

Ace puts his hand to his forehead.

"Great..." He says, feeling more annoyed. "If things start going bad then I'll need you get somewhere safe."

"What makes you think I'm helpless?" She asks.

She reaches under her cloak again and pulls out a pistol made of a dark green metal with ornate designs on the sides.

"Even so, I'd rather not put you in danger." Ace tells her.

For a moment it appeared that a looks of surprise appeared on her face but it was hard to tell under her hood. She then put the gun away.

"Shall we?" She asks

From that moment they were off. Rough terrain was nothing for Ace, but now he had someone to watch after. Unlike before, there was no room for roof running and long falls. He was bond to staying on the ground and keeping to cover in order to stay with Jade. Dead Town is not an easy place to travel in. Most of the roads were cracked and destroyed and the rubble from nearby buildings littered the ground.

Ace being a synth meant that he did not tire like a normal human. His energy supply was much higher then other synths, as he was a combat class. However Jade was human and unable to endure the same stress as him. Many times the two of them were forced the hide in the shadows to avoid the airships that patrolled the area. After travelling for a few hours, Jade requested they stop for a moment to rest.

Finding an abandoned building that was still standing and in fairly good condition, they decided to stay for a moment. After Ace made sure the building was truly empty Jade sat on the ruined floor.

"My apologies." Jade says. "I'm not used to this kind of thing."

"I'm still new to this myself." Ace tells her.

"You'd never know from just looking." She says. "But I suppose that's to be expected."

Ace says nothing and walks over to a nearby wall to look out though a crack at the street outside. Jade looks at Aces back and take notice of the patch on his jacket.

"That's an interesting image you wear." She says.

Ace doesn't answer and continues watching the street.

"I've never spoken to a synth before." She says. "My country doesn't allow for their creation. I've heard many stories about them though. But you are much different then what I've heard."

"I've been getting that a lot lately." Ace says.

He finally turns away from the wall and looks at her.

"And I'm proud of it." He tells her.

Another look of surprise hits Jades face.

"What makes you say that?" She asks.

"I refuse to be a slave." He says. "I refuse to kill someone just because I'm told to. More then that, I refuse to let someone die who doesn't deserve it. I'm free. That's the way it should be for everyone."

Aces eyes flash blue for a moment. A smile land on Jades face.

"Impressive." She says. "May I ask you something?"

"What is it?" Ace answers.

"Have you ever heard of the Spark of Humanity?" She asks.

The memory of Drazes last words returns to him.

"So it true then... The Spark is real. I will be remembered as it's first victim."

"Is that what he meant?" Ace says to himself. "What does that mean?"

"It's an old legend." She says. "Long ago when synthetics were first created, the idea of one gaining self motivation and independent thoughts came up. For a while it was just a thought, but it was the main reason why control over them was the most important factor. When synthetics continued to grow stronger it became a real fear. The power the synth would have if it broke away was frightening. There would be no way of controlling it. This was one of the factors that made most of the gods forbid their creation."

"Most..." Ace said.

"Yes." Jade answers. "Your emperor was the only one not to agree to this. It was said that if the Spark ever happened, it would spread to others and cause extreme damage. Like a wildfire."

Ace was shocked by what he just heard. It all made sense now. The reason he felt the way he did inside. Why he turned against the Empire in the first place. The fire in his eyes. Why Melody stood up to for former master only after he met her. The fire in Melodys eyes... All of it was the Spark.

A small movement in the corner of Aces eye catches his attention. He looks up to see a Parrot Drone staring back down at him.

"Shit!" He yells.

Ace quickly pulls out his gun and blasts the drone. Before they could move a bright light lights up the building. A patrol airship outside begins to open fire on them.

"Get behind me!" Ace yells.

He grabs Jade and pulls her behind him while taking several hits to his back.

"Ace!" Jade yells.

He turns around, his black blood oozing out of the bullet holes and his eyes burning.

"Stay here!" He tells her.

With that he bursts through what left of the wall and fires back at the airship. With Jade not holding him back he was at top form again. Leading the airship away from her position he continues to fire at it, taking a few more hits himself. His shots were making large bents in the airships armor but it wasn't enough. He needed to get closer.

He runs up a fallen beam and lands on the roof of the nearby buildings. The airship gets level with him. For a few moments he stares it down. The wind from the airships engines kicked up his overcoat and blew the hood off his head. With his eyes burning bright, his sword appears in his hand. The airship fires again. Ace jumps over the bullets flying at him and lands on top of the airship. The pilots inside try to shake him off but his grip was to strong.

He plunges the sword into the body of the airship, cutting though it like butter. Electricity arcs out of the hole and into Aces arm. He pulls the blade out and aims for the engines next. The blade strikes and the engines stutter. More electricity arcs out of the hole as Ace throws his arm into it and rips out as many wires as he can.

The airship begins spinning out of control. The canopy flies off and the pilots eject. Ace jumps off the airship and lands on the ground. The airship crashes behind him and explodes. Machinegun fire rains over Ace as the two pilots fire at him from a distance. Two shots ring out and the pilots fall dead on the ground. Ace looks to his left to see Jade standing there, her guns muzzle smoking with a green mist.

"Can't let you have all the fun." She says.

Ace smiles at her, his bullet holes still gushing black blood.

"We should go before more show up." He says.

The two take off and keep running until they finally make it to the city wall. The point on the wall the needed to get to had a large emergency access hatch that would take them into the Wastes. These areas were supposed to be off limits to the population and guarded, but there was no one here. There was gunfire in the distance.

"Looks like the distraction is working." Jade says.

Ace wanted to ask what she was talking about but he guessed that it was something she talked about with Masked Man before he got there. The panel in the station was still unlocked.

"Well that's convenient..." Ace says.

They open the gate and dry arid air flows though the hatch. The Wastes stretched as far as the eye could see.

"The only way this would be more convenient would be if we had some kind of transport..." He says.

"Sorry hun..." Jade says. "This is as far as it gets."

"Then we'll improvise." Ace says.

Ace picks her up and takes off into the Wastes. His speed much faster then should be possible.

"Oh my!" Jade says. "My knight in black leather armor."

Even with Aces speed it was a rough run. The Wastes were brutal and windy. White sand pelting them as they went. Finally after what felt like walk though hell they made it to the point on the map. Nothing was there.

"Isn't this where I was supposed to take you?" Ace asks.

"They'll be here." Jade answers. "But first I want to tell you something."

Jade slides out of Aces arms.

"I have to admit, I wasn't sure about you when we first met." She tells him. "But now after everything, I can see what kind of person you are, and I'm very impressed with you. Someone like you is exactly what is needed."

Ace wasn't sure what was happening here. The sound of another airship sounds. Ace gets his gun ready but the ship he sees is different then the one from before. The symbol of the Emerald Kingdom was painting on the side. It lands near them and a few men in very official uniforms get out.

"Are you ready to go ma'am?" One of them ask.

"Yes, but just one thing first." Jade answers.

She turns to Ace and finally takes her hood off. Her hair was just as green as her eyes. Now Ace knew something was wrong.

"Who are you? Really?" He asks.

She says nothing but instead gets close to him. She then gives him a kiss on lips, taking him by surprise.

"Until next time, my knight." She says with a wink.

Unable to speak Ace watches her turn and walk into the airship. It takes off and heads off deeper into the Wastes until its out of sight. Ace stands there for a moment remembering what just happened. Until finally he regains himself and starts walking back to city.

-To be continued-

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INN (Imperial News Network): A propaganda broadcasting network used by the Empire to hide true news and push pro-imperial content on the citizens of the Empire. It is most often used to show the Resistance in a bad light, labeling them as terrorists.

Claw Probe: A small handheld tool used for electronic maintenance where the hand or other tools cannot be used. It has a metallic 4 pronged claw kept inside a black tube which extends into the area in need of maintenance. Its handle is made of rubber to avoid electrocution.

VidNet: Public video and audio broadcasting network used for entertainment and news.

The control room of the Spire is large open room, dimly lit like most of the rest of the tower. A raised walkway cuts through the center of the room flanked by trenches which are lines with monitors and terminals. Technicians and engineers work at the terminals at all times. At the start of the walkway is a large metal door and leads to crossed windows.

The walkway door opens and the room goes cold. The heavy steps of the emperor walking into the room was enough to make everyone freeze in their tracks. Towering above the workers in the trenches he looks down at them.

"Why was I summoned here?" Blood asks, his voice cutting through the air.

"My- My lord..." Says one of the technicians. "We has something for you to see."

"What is it?" The emperor says.

"The retrieval team we sent..." The technician pauses. "...Has failed."

The technician shudders as Bloods red eyes cut right through him.

"Is that all?" Blood asks in a scarily calm voice.

"N-no sire!" He squeaks. "There's more! Commander Draz has been killed, by Deathcard."

"Small loss." Blood says. "He was getting to ambitious for himself anyway. I would killed him in time as well."

"Well... We also have this..." The technician says shaking a little. "This is what we called you for."

The monitor in front of Blood begins playing the recording of the fight between Draz and Ace taken by Drazs Parrot Drone. The recording turns to static when Ace throws the drone into the wall.

The whole room goes silent. Every eye turns to the emperor . The shadows on his face just barely hiding a slight smile.

"His power is growing faster then I expected..." Blood says. "But we can use this to our advantage."

"Sire?" Asks the technician.

Blood points his clawed finger at the technician.

"The Resistance terrorists have murdered a prominent member of the Imperial Armed Forces!" He says. "They have stolen powerful technology and intend to use it on any who support the Empire! Place this on the INN and run it with that message!"

With this the emperor turns and walk out of the room with his cape flowing behind him.


The Bunker was rumbling as every Resistance member scrambles around trying to grab everything they can. The evacuation was underway. The Resistance transports roll out as soon as they are filled. Meanwhile Vixen was using a claw probe in an attempt to remove Aces tracking chip. The probe has been pushed into the back of Aces neck with its claw visibly pulling on something under his skin as the base of his skull.

"I can't believe I forgot about the tracker..." She says. "This is my fault..."

"No it's not." Masked Man says overhearing her. "They followed you. You did nothing wrong."

"Thanks but that doesn't make me feel better..." She says.

"It's in the past now." Masked Man says. "Don't worry about it and focus on now."

With a quick pull Vixen yanks the chip out of Aces neck.

"You feel alright Ace?" She asks.

"Yes, I'm fine." He answers, pulling his hood back over his head.

Ace takes the chip from the claw and shatters it with his fingers. Deadeye walks up carrying a crate.

"Good, now you can help with some of this heavy lifting." He says.

"Most of us will be traveling on foot to avoid attracting attention." Masked Man tells them. "Ace you will be going with Vixen and Deadeye. Keep an eye on each other."

After this, Ace and the others helped out with the evacuation. After that last transport rolls away the remaining Resistance members begin to scatter in different directions. Vixen and Deadeye run up to Ace, both no longer wearing their armor and instead wearing civilian clothes. Vixen had her hair tied back in a ponytail and Deadeye wearing a pair of dark glasses over his eye.

"If we're trying to not be noticed then that jacket of yours is not gonna help us." Deadeye says to Ace.

"It's fine." Vixen says. "As long as we keep to ourselves then we'll be fine. Better for him to have it then nothing at all."

"Whatever..." Deadeye replies. "We're gonna be cutting through the city so stay close to us."

The three of them head off and arrive in the city not long after. This was the first time Ace had seen buildings that were not in ruins. The color of the lights in the signs and windows were a stark contrast with the dull gray sky. Various shops and stores line the street. People walking past, avoiding eyesight with each other. City security wearing a light version of the Imperial armor checking the people for ids.

"This way." Deadeye says pulling the other two into an alley. "We should try to avoid them if possible."

As they continue through the streets the sound from a nearby monitor broadcast reaches them. A crowd of people gather around it.

"This is the INN, Imperial News Network, bringing you the important news of the day." A female voice says. "Some tragic news from this morning. Distinguished imperial commander Draz was murdered this morning when a raid on the Resistance terrorists headquarters went badly."

"Terrorists?" Ace says.

"It's propaganda Ace." Vixen tells him. "Don't believe it."

"Shut up!" Deadeye tells them under his breath.

"The heroic commander had been sent to put an end to the terrorist threat once and for all but was brutally killed in battle with a hijacked Imperial combat synth that was stolen by the Resistance late last night." The voice continues. "It is currently unknown how the terrorists were able to obtain and reprogram the synth, however an imperial official has stated that all combat synths are now being checked for any tampering that may have happened. He continued to say that the lost synth will be recovered, but poses a great threat to the people of the empire in the meantime. But not all is bad news. Reports have stated that the Resistance is now in disarray and scattered in an attempt to find a new place to hide. If any citizen of the Empire believes they have spotted any strange activity involving the Resistance, they are encouraged to contact City Security immediately."

Ace could feel his fury building again.

"It's all lies!" He says.

"I know, I know..." Vixen says, leading him away from the crowd.

"How can people believe that!?" Ace asks.

"People only see what they want to." Deadeye answers. "If they would just open their eyes they'd see the truth."

"It's not quite that simple actually..." Vixen corrects. "The Empire controls the VidNet and they only show the people what they want them to see."

"Then we need to show them the truth!" Ace says.

"We will Ace." Vixen tells him. "That's what we're fighting for."

Deadeye looks at Ace, hardly believing a synth could act this way. He didn't seem like a synth at all anymore.

"We should keep moving." He tells them.

They continue to move through the city streets. It felt cold and quiet even with all the people walking by. A few times the three of them would see City Security abusing passersby. The sight of it angered Ace but knowing that they needed to stay out their attention, he was able to resist the urge to slice them in half.

Walking further into the city the faint sound of singing hits Aces ears. He had never heard anything like this before and it made him stop in his tracks. Something about it sounded lonely but warm. He couldn't ignore it. He turned to the building next to him where the sound was coming from. He looked up to see the sign above the door. It was a bar. The others were walking away, not knowing Ace had stopped but he had to go inside.

Walking inside he looked around. The inside was filled with empty stools and booths. VidNet monitors with no sound playing were hanging on the walls. The singing was coming from a girl near a small stage who was sweeping dust with a small broom. She looked very different from the people walking by outside. She had long hip length blue hair and was wearing a dress a slightly lighter blue then her hair. She looks up to see Ace and he notices her eyes were light green. They were the eyes of a synth.

"Oh I'm sorry!" She says. "I didn't know anyone was here."

Looking more at her Ace notices that her hands were not exposed endoskeleton like his and Drazs were, but instead looked like normal human hands. In fact other then her hair and eyes she looked perfectly human.

"I could hear you from outside." Ace says. "Are you a synth?"

"Yes." She says with a slight smile. "I'm an entertainment synth. My number is MUS-1167, but my master gave me the name Melody."

Something about her saying she had a master struck a cord with Ace. He broke free from his master and has been free ever since. He didn't like the idea of this girl being enslaved by someone else.

"I've never met an entertainment synth before." Ace tells her. "What does that mean?"

"My master bought me to sing for his costumers, but no one ever comes in so he makes me sweep the floors instead..." Melodys looks down as she says this, her smile fading.

Ace didn't like that look.

"You look unhappy." He says

"Oh please don't misunderstand!" Melody says. "It's not his fault. If more people would come in then I'd get to sing more."

"You want to sing?" Ace asks.

Melodys face lights up.

"Oh yes!" She says. "I love to sing. Not just because it's what I was designed to do. I love when people enjoy listening to me. It makes me so happy to see people happy because of my songs."

"Why don't more people come in to hear you then?" Ace asks.

Melody looks away.

"Oh I really shouldn't say anything bad about my master but..." She starts. "He charges people to listen to me. His prices are very high. He says I haven't even made back what I'm worth."

The sound of a door opens behind Ace. He looks behind him to see a short, bald, fat man walk out from behind the bar.

"Hey!" He says sharply, pointing a finger at Melody. "You're not here to talk, you're here to sing. And when you're not doing that you're sweeping. Got it!?"

"Yes Master..." Melody says meekly and starts sweeping again.

"And you, overcoat!" The man says. "If you're not gonna buy something then get out!"

Ace scowls at the man. He hated him already. Just then Vixen walks through the door followed by Deadeye.

"There you are Ace!" Vixen says. "Don't wonder off like that! You had us worried."

"Vixen, I want to buy a song." Ace tells her.

Vixen and Deadeye look at Ace in surprise. Melody looks up from sweeping as with a look of surprise.

"We don't have time for this." Deadeye says.

"Ace we really shouldn't get distracted like this." Vixen says.

"Please." Ace says. "It's important."

Vixen looks from Ace to Melody, who looks back at her.

"I think I see..." She says. "Alright."

"Wait what?" Deadeye asks. "What are you doing?"

"It's not like we need to be there by a certain time..." Vixen whispers to him. "How much is it?"

"Five credits a song." The bar owner says.

"Five credits for one song!?" Vixen exclaims.

"That's just robbery!" Deadeye says.

"Hey if you don't want it then don't pay." The owner says.

"I see why this place is empty..." Deadeye says.

"Fine..." Vixen says and gives him the money.

"Oh thank you!" Melody says happily. "I'll do my best for you!"

Melody jumps up on the stage. She almost begins to glow as music begins to play as if from nowhere. As Melody began singing to the music Ace felt different then before. Something about the sound of it mesmerized him. He almost forgot about the anger built up inside him from everything he had gone through in the short time he had been active. Is this what enjoyment felt like? He was actually smiling. He was so taken in by the music he didn't notice Vixens smile as she watched him.

As time went by more and more people started to come into the bar attracted by the sound of the music. Others began paying for songs on their own, others getting drinks. Before long the bar was full of people, all having a good time drinking and paying for songs. The sight of Melody being so cheerful from the crowd made Ace feel truly happy for the first time ever.

Deadeye and Vixen sat at the bar watching Ace and the crowd enjoying themselves.

"So much for not attracting attention..." Deadeye says sipping on a drink.

"I think he needed this really." Vixen tells him.

"I'll admit it..." Deadeye say. "It's getting really hard to tell he's a synth at this point. Also... She's not so bad a singer for a synth herself."

"Well look at that!" Vixen says in an exaggerated voice. "There might be some hope for you yet."

"Don't get carried away." Deadeye says, trying to hide a smirk. "I didn't say I liked him, just that he seems more human then before."

Soon after this, a squad of three City Security officers walk into the bar.

"Shit!" Deadeye says. "This is exactly what I was worried about!"

"Looks like the party's over..." Vixen says.

The CS officers begin making their way into the bar.

"Alright listen up!" One of them yells, getting everyone's attention. "There have been reports of Resistance terrorists moving through this area. Everyone get out your IDs and hand them over for inspection!"

Ace is brought sharply back to reality as they begin moving through the crowd collecting IDs. He looks over to Vixen and Deadeye both of whom signal for him try to get to them. He then looks back at Melody who looks back with a concerned look. There was a break in the officers positions. It was now or never. Wishing he could say something to Melody before leaving he begins to make his way past them.

Suddenly a hand lands on Aces shoulder. One of the officers had turned around and saw him.

"Hold it there big guy..." He says. "Off with the hood, show me your face and ID!

The officer pulls off Aces hood before he could do anything. Ace in reaction puts his hand on his head. The officer quickly notices Aces black hands were not gloves.

"It's the rogue synth!" The officer yells.

Ace knocks him back. The other officers pull out stun batons and rush through the crowd, one calling for backup. Vixen and Deadeye attack the officers while the rest of the crowd scrambles for the door. Ace pulls out his gun.

"No Ace!" Vixen yells. "Not here!"

"Fine!" He replies.

Instead he fights with his hands, knocking one of the officers out with one punch to the jaw while the others struggle with Vixen and Deadeye. Soon two more officers burst in. Deadeye gives one a quick jab as another throws a chair at him. The chair misses him and flies toward Melody who is standing helpless on the stage. She gives a small shriek, but just before it hits, Ace pulls her out of the way and jumps behind an overturned table.

"Ace... I... You..." She starts. "You're a synth too?"

Aces eyes glow with a blue fire as he give her a quick smile and jumps over the table. Melody watches in awe as Ace grabs one of the officers and throws him through the outside window. Vixen slams her fist into the face of another and Deadeye slams the stunned officer into the bar where the owner was hiding behind, knocking him out cold.

When none of the officers are left standing, the Vixen and Deadeye take a moment to catch their breath. The bar was in ruins.

"Come on!" Deadeye yells. "We need to leave!"

They start running for the door. Ace stops for a moment and looks back at Melody. She looks back at Ace with amazement. He didn't want to leave her in this place knowing what kind of person her master was but he had no choice. His eyes still burning, he pulls his hood back over his head and runs with the others. He wished he could've said something to her before he left.

The three of them manage to escape before more CS officers arrive on the scene. After running for a good while they finally stop to rest.

"That... Was... Exactly... What I was talking about!" Deadeye says trying to catch his breath. "From this point on, we stop for nothing!"

"Agreed." Vixen says.

Ace says nothing but nods. He still regretted leaving Melody back there. After this the three of them manage to get through the rest of the city without attracting anymore attention and eventually make it to the new Bunker.

"Looks like you all had an eventful time." Masked Man says to them after seeing them in their disheveled state.

After explaining what happened to Masked Man they help out with setting up the new base. However Ace still couldn't shake the regret.

The next day Ace heads out on his own back to the bar. The window he broke was now covered by a wood board and the door had a closed sign on it. This didn't stop him from walking in though. Inside he sees the familiar sight of Melody sweeping the dust off the floor. Except this time she seemed more annoyed then sad.

"Melody?" Ace says.

She looks up.

"Ace!" She says, her face breaking into a huge smile. "You came back!"

She drops the broom and rushes over to Ace and hugs him, catching him off guard. It was a warmth he had never felt before.

"Thank you so much!" She says.

"For what?" He asks.

"For everything!" She replies. "Yesterday was the most exciting day I've ever had! I got to sing in front of a whole crowd because of you! And you saved me from being damaged!"

The door behind the bar slams again.

"Oh no. You are not welcome here synth!" The bar owner yells. "Get out before I call the CS!"

Ace and Melody both glare at him.

"I knew I'd find you here..." Vixen says walking into the bar.

"You, Resistance bitch! Take your synth and get out before I change my mind!" The bar owner says.

Aces eyes begin glowing again as his rage begins building.

"First off mind your manners!" Vixen says, grabbing his collar. "Second Ace doesn't belong to me, he's my friend."

Ace liked hearing that.

"My manners!?" The owner says, knocking her hands off him. "It's because of you Resistance terrorists that my bar is like this!"

"You should be glad..." Melody says with a scowl. "You've never had a crowd like that in your life..."

"And this one's been getting lippy with me ever since!" The owner yells. "I don't know what you did to her but I don't want it in my bar! Now get out!"

"How much will it take for you to free Melody?" Ace asks.

Melody looks at Ace in complete surprise.

"Ace?" She asks.

Ace doesn't look at her but instead stares at her master.

"You can't be serious." The owner says. "A synth can't buy another synth."

"But I can." Vixen says.

Everyone looks at her.

"I figured that's why you came here so I talked with the Masked Man." She continues. "I explained it to him and he agreed to let me use some of our funding to make a payment."

Ace was never more sure that he chose the right side to be on then now.

"Well?" Vixen asks. "How much?"

"Well..." The owner says. "In addition to the damage you did to my bar there's still the cost I paid for her in the first place, and that was around 5000 credits..."

"That's a lie!" Melody yells, her eyes beginning to glow just like Aces. "He only paid 2500 for me and I know for a fact I've already earned that back for him!"

The owner stares at her in disbelief. Vixen seeing the fire in Melodys eyes just smiles coyly. She knew exactly what was happening. She had seen it before.

"Fine then!" The owner says. "If this is how she's gonna be now then I'll let you have her for just 5000 for her price and damages!"

"Deal." Vixen says. She throws the money at him in a pouch.

"Good riddance..." He says. "Now get out before I change my mind."

With that the three of them walk outside.

"I... I can't believe that just happened!" Melody says gleefully. "Thank you both so much!"

She give Ace another hug, laughing happily. Vixen smiling at the sight of it.

"There are a lot of people waiting back home who are gonna love having you around." Vixen tell Melody. "But we should take out your tracking chip first. We wouldn't want a repeat of that..."

And from that point on the sound of Melodys singing could be heard echoing throughout the Bunkers tunnels like a concert hall, always followed by thunderous applause. Melody had become the second synth ever to be accepted into the Resistance. Her singing became a huge morale boost to everyone, especially to Ace who finally felt like he was human.

-To be continued-

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The Wastes: A arid wasteland of white sand outside the Imperial City's walls that separates it from its neighboring nations. It is a place of death and nothing can grow there. It cannot be crossed on foot, requiring an airship or land vehicles to do so.

The Bunker: The entrance to a series of underground tunnels used by the Resistance as their hideout. The tunnels run under all of the Imperial City with many areas of it being abandoned. The tunnels are also used by many drifters, scavengers, smugglers and pirates. The tunnels run so far and deep that it is difficult to navigate them without a map or knowledge of the various turns and drops.

Parrot Drone: A small Imperial robot designed for recon in urban areas. Its small size allows it to perch on the shoulder of its master and remain unseen when scouting. It has a dome shaped head with a singular eye lens and a small antenna on the side of the head that allows it to send images and sound back to the owner or wherever it is told. It has multiple small arms which allow it to cling to the sides of buildings and even tap into wires and other electrical sources.

The ride back to the Bunker was awkward to say the least. Upon arriving to pick up Vixen and Deadeye, Axels reaction to seeing a shirtless combat synth standing next to them was that of utter confusion and caution. Deadeye was known through the Resistance as a synth hater. Seeing one standing next to him unharmed was a shock.

The entrance to the Resistances hideout was extremely well hidden. Rubble from the surrounding buildings concealed it from the view of those who didn't already know it was there. Sentry patrols stood guard at all times to ensure no trespassers found it. The vehicles used by the Resistance were kept in nearby ruins which had their own openings into the tunnels underneath.

Ace followed behind Vixen and Deadeye as they began walking towards the entrance to the Bunker. The sentries whispering among themselves at the sight of him.

"Pale as a ghost..."

"I thought synths were our enemies..."

"Last thing I expected Deadeye to bring back..."

"Well that answers that question. Male synths don't have nipples."

Yet another strange feeling began rising in Ace. This one he didn't like.

"I can hear you..." He says turning back to them.

All of them quickly turn away and avoid eyesight with him. Ace turns back around to see vixen looking at him with a smile on her face. Something about it made that feeling go away. A short grunt could be heard coming from Deadeyes direction.

The inside of the tunnels were dimly light and in some places the light flickered on and off. There were many doors leading to different rooms. Ace saw through many open doors as they walked. Many of them confused and unfriendly faces looked back. Past them he saw rooms with beds, a room with old tables and worn furniture where many people were sitting playing cards and many others where the view was blocked by those who were in them.

Vixen and Deadeye lead him into a large room with a large round table in the middle of it. At the far end of the room was a board with pictures of many different people on it. The room was filled with Resistance members, all of whom stopped what they were doing as Ace walked in. On the other side of the table was a man with his back to Ace and two other members at his sides who walked away as they came in.

"Masked Man?" Asked Vixen. "We brought someone you should meet."

Masked Man turns around slowly. His face was covered by a black mask with a tube running from a breath intake on the front into his throat. His eyes could be seen under the lenses of the mask and looked very tired. Visible burn scars could be seen on the little amount of skin showing under the lenses and on his neck. The armor he wore looked battle damaged and worn but still useable.

"That may be an understatement..." Masked Mans voice was heavy as he spoke.

The Masked Man looked at Ace directly in the eye, who looked back with a stone face. Masked Mans eyes squinting slightly before he continued.

"This may be the first time I've ever spoken to a combat synth that hasn't tried to kill me." He said, his breath heavy as he spoke. "Does he have a name?"

"My desig-" Ace paused. "My name is Ace of Spades"

"We're just calling him Ace for short." Vixen explained.

Deadeyes face breaks into an annoyed look.

"Why don't we tell them its real name?" Deadeye walks over the stand next to Masked Man. "Well how about it, Deathcard?"

The other members in the room began mumbling among themselves. Masked Man puts his hand on Deadeyes shoulder.

"Calm yourself Deadeye." He says. "There's no need for this hostility right now."

Deadeye slaps Masked Mans hand off him.

"Masked Man you can't seriously think that!" He says outraged. "You know just as well as I what these things are capable of!"

"And what you have us do then?" Masked Man asks, still keeping his low tone.

"I say we scrap the damn thing and launch it into the Wastes while we still can!" Deadeye responds.

Vixen was about to speak up but noticed that Ace was not paying attention to the argument. Instead his eyes were focused on the board in the back of the room with the faces on it. Without either Deadeye or Masked Man noticing, Ace starts walking towards the board. Ace looks at the pictures and notices that some of them are wearing Resistance armor but he doesn't recognize any of them, not even from the crowds he saw in the Bunker.

"You want to know who they are?" Vixen asks seeing the confused look on Aces face.

Ace nods.

"These are all the friends and family that the Empire has killed." She tells him.

Aces eyes widen upon hearing this. The board was completely covered in these images.

"All of them?" He asks. "All of them were...?"

Vixen nods. Aces eye begin burning blue again as the sound of the argument finally hits his ears.

"How do we know it wasn't told to kill its allies to trick us into thinking it went rogue!?" Deadeyes voice rings through the room. "That thing is just a mindless machine! It doesn't want to help us"

Aces eyes begin blazing at this.

"You're wrong!" He yells, surprising everyone in the room. "I deicide what I do! Not you or anyone else!"

The look on Aces face was terrifying. Like a skull with bight burning eye sockets. Everyone stepped back as he made his way back to the table, his eyes furiously burning. He gets in Deadeyes face, which had just gone almost as pale as Aces.

"I am not just a mindless machine!" Ace continues to yell. "I want to fight the Empire! I want to protect people like the ones from before! I will not let the Empire get away with the things they've done! And stop calling me 'it'! My name is Ace!"

The room was silent in shock. No combat synth has ever acted like this before. The few seconds of Aces eyes lighting up Deadeyes face seemed as if time itself had stopped. Suddenly the tunnels of the Resistance hideout began shaking violently. One of sentries from outside runs into the room.

"Masked Man!" He yells. "It's them! The Empire! They found us!"

All members in the room begin scrambling, grabbing what they can and running to the entrance. Ace, Masked Man, Deadeye and Vixen are the only ones still standing. Ace's burning eyes turned to the entrance as the sounds of explosions and gunfire begin sounding through the tunnels. He begins to walk to the door when he feels a pull on his arm. He turns to see Vixen holding onto him.

"What are you going to do?" She asks him.

"I'm going to fight!" He starts running to the door as his sword appears in his hand.

Masked Man turns to the siblings.

"I think we just saw the Spark of Humanity..." He says to them as he runs to the door himself.

Imperial troops had made it past the sentries outside and were engaged with the Resistance troops in the tunnels. As Ace made his way through the tunnels many Imperial troops soon found themselves with missing limbs and large holes in their bodies as Ace slashed and shot his way past them. He was more then the foot soldiers could handle. Deflecting their bullets with is sword with lightning speed he tore through them, his eyes blazing. The remaining Resistance troops rallied behind him cheering with every Imperial death he caused as he lead them back to the entrance of the bunker.

It had begun raining heavily since he first arrived. The surrounding area was full of the sound of fighting as the flashes from the muzzles of many guns lit up the rubble. The troops he lead from the tunnels joining in the skirmish.

"The tunnels are clear!" Yelled one of the Resistance members. "Push them back!"

An explosion lands at Aces feet throwing him and several other into the air. The flesh on Aces arm had been blown off showing his black bones underneath. The troops next to him had been killed but Ace was able to recover himself and rejoin the fight. The shot had come from a tank on the nearby hill. Ace looked up to see a man standing next to the tank wearing a large black overcoat who was looking directly back at him.

"Cease fire!" The mans voice rings out unnaturally over the whole battlefield.

All those fighting stopped what they were doing and turned to the man. Ace stands and faces him getting a better look. The man was clearly an officer but something about him was different then the one Ace had seen before. He was wearing a large black hooded overcoat that just barely missed touching the ground. His skin was pale and his eyes were an unnatural shade of red. A Parrot Drone lands on his shoulder.

"SAC-52 Deathcard!" He says. "I am Commander Draz. I must thank you for leading us here. We've been searching for the Resistances HQ for a long time now."

"I don't know what you're talking about!" Ace replies.

"Clearly..." Draz says. "Obviously your new friends never thought about your tracker. It made it quite easy for my little friend here to follow you straight here."

He outstretches his arm and his Parrot Drone crawls to the end of his hand. Ace notices that Drazs hand is made of the same black metal as his own.

"A synth commander?" He asks.

"Transhuman actually." Draz corrects him. "And far beyond your ability. A reward for my distinguished service."

A cocky grin spreads across his face.

"Now then..." He continues. "We needn't be enemies. My orders were to retrieve you in one piece if possible. Now stand down."

"Never!" Aces eyes burning bright as yells this.

"Interesting..." Draz says. "Defiance. It doesn't matter to me one bit if you're still functioning when I take you in so how about this... Fight me! One on one! I will prove to you who the superior fighter is!"

Steam from the rain streams off of Aces eyes. Ace enters into a fighting stance, holding his sword at the ready.

"No one interfere!" Draz orders. "I want this one to myself!"

The commander throws out his right arm and summons a broadsword with a neon red edge.

"It been so long since I last let loose." He says. "I'm going to enjoy this!"

"You talk to much!" Ace yells.

With that the synth and transhuman charge each other at inhuman speeds. The clashing of their blades send sparks flying with every hit. The fight happening so fast that those watching could barely make up the fighters among the blurs of red and blue. Ace receives kick to the chest that sends him flying into a pile of rubble, destroying it before quickly jumping back up and firing a few shots at Draz. The transhuman commander was unlike any opponent Ace had ever fought before.

The two lock blades, their faces a foot away from each other. Drazs cocky grin a contrast to Aces pure rage.

"You surprise me Deathcard!" The commander says. "I didn't expect you to last this long!"

Aces eyes begin to crack like glass. The pressure of the fire burning inside becoming too much for them.


The two break the blade lock. The sound of shattering rings across the battlefield. The expression on Drazs face changes from one of smug confidence to that of complete surprise. Blue fire pores out of Aces eye sockets, covering him in a blue aura. His face was that of death itself.

Ace charges the commander again so fast that all that could be seen was a blue after burn. His strikes hitting with a power greater then any he had landed before. He moved so fast and so strongly that Draz was unable to counter his hits.

Aces fist lands on Drazs chin stunning him. With a quick spin attack, Aces blade makes contact with Drazs sword arm cutting it off at the elbow. Before the commander even had time to scream, Aces hands lands on his face and slams the commander to the ground with extreme force. Stomping on his chest Ace raises his blade once more, ready to sweep the ground.

The transhuman looks up at the synth ready to kill him.

"So it true then..." He says. "The Spark is real. I will be remembered as it's first victim."

With a flash and scrape, Aces sword breaks the ground and sends debris flying as the commander loses his head.

"Stop talking..." Ace says.

All those watching the fight were stunned by what they had just seen. Ace looks over the field at the remaining Imperial troops, his eyes still poring out blue fire. Suddenly as if hive minded the red armored troops all started to scatter, running in all directions trying to escape before they are killed.

Having watched everything that had just happened Vixen, Deadeye and Masked Man start making their way toward Ace. Ace was pulling the overcoat off of Drazs body and flings it around his shoulders, pulling the hood over his head. The coat as if it were a living entity conformed to Aces body, accepting him as its new master. Blue particles appear over Aces black bones regenerating the missing flesh.

"That- That was amazing!" Vixen exclaims.

Aces eyes return to normal and he smiles at the sight of her.

"Yes." Masked Man says. "Quite the display."

"Hey." Deadeye interrupts. "Look what I found."

He holds out Drazs Parrot Drone. Its little arms flailing as it tries to escape from his hold. Ace grabs the drone and looks into it eye. Then with a great force he throws the drone into a ruined wall shattering it.

"Well then..." Masked Man says turning back to Ace. "We're going to have do something about that tracker. They'll be coming back and we need to evacuate to a new location. We don't want them following us again."

"Does this mean he's coming with us?" Vixen asks.

"After what we just saw..." Masked Man starts. "I'd be glad to have him on our side."

Vixens face lights up. Deadeye having an unsure look as if wanting to say something stays quiet.

"Well Ace?" Masked Man asks. "What do say? Will you join us?"

"Yes." Ace replies.

"I'm sure Vixen has already said it but now its official." Masked Man says. "Welcome to the Resistance."

Masked Man hold out his arm. Ace grabs it and the two shake hands making Ace a full member of the Resistance.

-To be continued-

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Transhuman: An individual born naturally as a human but altered later in life through Microfibers to gain inhuman abilities the equivalent of a synthetic. The process of transformation is extremely painful without the use of anesthetics and is sometimes used as a form of torture. It is sometimes given as a reward to high ranking officers or used to subjugate disobedient civilians who are too important to be killed or imprisoned.

Microfibers: Nanotechnology used to override the genetic structure of DNA and other organic material. It is used in the creation of both synthetics and transhumans. Microfibers can be programed to make physical and/or mental changes to the subject. It is also used the create the weapons and clothing used by synthetics and transhumans, which makes their use impossible for humans due to their incompatibility with unaltered flesh and the amount of power they contain. Microfibers regenerate damaged tissue to such a high degree that it will regrow lost limbs as well. The technology is not perfect, which sometimes allows unintended traits within the subject to develop.

Growth Tube: The apparatus used to create synthetics. It is used to accelerate the growth, educate and program the synthetic. A synthetics physical age is preprogramed into it and it will never age beyond that point. A synthetic that appears to be a grown adult may actually be less then a month old. It's chronological age is determined by the moment it is removed from the tube.

Resistance transports roll through the debris and ruins of the former residential area. Inside, three to six troops sat, all wearing black combat armor and gas masks that completely covered their faces. Soon the lead transport comes to a sudden stop, almost forcing the troops within to fall out of their seats.

"Gods damn Axel!" Yells one of the male troops. "Maybe we should start calling you 'Whiplash' instead!"

"Holy shit..." Axel says looking through the view port.

"What's wrong Ax?" Asks a female trooper.

The female trooper climbs over to the second view port and looks out.

"Oh no..." She says.

The male trooper gets up and opens the topside entrance and looks over the scene. The bodies of several civilians lay scattered all over the place.

"Son of bitch..." Says the male trooper. "We're too late."

"We should see if there are any survivors" The female trooper says.

As they climb out of the transport they see that the others in the other transports are doing the same. After a search of the battlefield the male trooper, carrying a sniper rifle, calls out to the female trooper.

"Vixen!" He yells.

"What's up Deadeye?" She replies.

"Come look at this..." Deadeye says.

Vixen walks over to Deadeye who is hunched over a dismembered corpse.

"They brought in synths to do their dirty work..." Deadeye says scowling under his mask. "That's overkill!"

"As opposed to just shooting them?" Vixen replies.

The two are soon interrupted by the sound of movement to the side of them. The two of them quickly raise their guns and point them at the sound.

"Hold fire!" Yells another resistance soldier.

"Uh damn Vault!" Yells Deadeye. "You almost got shot! Next time tell us you're there!"

"You're gonna want to see this..." Vault replies.

Vault leads them a few feet away. Bodies of dead Imperial troops lay in pieces all over.

"What the hell?" Deadeye says. "These are synth cuts! What the hell happened?"

"How can you tell the difference?" Vixen asks.

Deadeye looks over at her. Even through the mask it was obvious that he was making a face at her.

"You of all people should know that..." He says.

Another sound of movement sounds behind them. The three troops whip around with their guns ready. Several civilians stop in their tracks, their hands shooting up into the air. The resistance troops lower their weapons.

"Oh it's ok!" Vixen tell them. "We're with the resistance!"

"Where were you!?" One of the civilians says.

"I'm so sorry." Vixen says. "We got here as soon as we could."

"We'd all be dead right now if it wasn't for that synth!" Says another civilian.

"What synth?" Deadeye asks, slightly more aggressively then needed. "What are you talking about?"

The civilians tell the story of what happened just before the Resistance troops arrived.

"A rogue synth?" Vault asks. "Has that ever happened before?"

"Supposedly its rare..." Vixen answers. "But there has never been one that turned its blade against its master before."

"Who cares?" Deadeye asks. "That thing is still out there and its too dangerous to just let it go! We need to hunt it down!"

"I want to find it too." Vixen says. "But you need to slow down Deadeye. I know how you feel about synths but don't let that get into something you can't finish."

"If you two are going after it then you should bring backup" Vault tells them. "Bring some of the others with you."

"No!" Deadeye says firmly. "We can't risk losing to many people! Vixen and I can handle this.

"It's ok Vault." Vixen reassures. "He has a point. Too many of us will just attract more attention. And you need to get these people somewhere safe. The Empire will be sending more people here soon. We'll be fine. If we need help we'll signal."

The two then take off in the direction they were told the synth walked off too, leaving the others to finish cleaning up.


The throne room of the Spire was dark with a dim red glow. Tall thin open window opened out to a large balcony looking out over the city. Atop a large horned throne sat the God of the land, Emperor Blood, his face covered by shadows. Long blood red hair could be seen spilling out of the shadows and over his shoulders, his eyes glowing with a bright red. Red clawed hands resting on the arms of the throne.

Walking in front of the dark god, a scientist trembling in fear attempts to keep his composure. Kneeling before him he speaks, his voice cracking before regaining himself.

"My- My Lord" He says. "I have news of the new synth you ordered..."

The Dark Lord spoke in a low intimidating voice that felt as if it would cut right through whoever he spoke too.

"And?" He said.

"It seems the test..." The scientist hesitated before continuing. "Failed..."

"Failed?" Replied the dark lord. "How so?"

"It appeared to turn on it's handlers and, killed them all..." The scientist says.

Emperor Blood seemed to almost smile at this news.

"Deathcard lives up to its name..." He says. "Where is it now?"

"We've tracked it movements sire." The scientist answers. "It seems to be moving with no real direction."

"Good." Emperor Blood says. "Send a retrieval team. I want it back."

"Yes my lord!" The scientist says before walking away breathing with relief.

Emperor Blood lets out a low laugh.

"Just as I predicted..."


It took a whole day for Vixen and Deadeye to track down the rogue synth. Hiding behind the rubble of a destroyed building they saw it in the distance surrounded by three other combat synths.

"SAC-52 Deathcard..." Says one of the synths in a monotone voice. "You are malfunctioning. Please return for maintenance."

The rogue synth known as Deathcard stares back, it's hair being pushed by the wind and it's blackened eyes narrowed .

"I am not malfunctioning." It says defiantly.

"You are malfunctioning." The other synth says again.

"I am not malfunctioning!" Deathcard yells, its eyes beginning to glow again as it starts to walk away.

The other synth grabs Deathcards shoulder.

"You are malfunctioning." It says. "Please return for maintenance."

Deathcards eyes glow brighter.


Deathcards sword suddenly appears in its hand as with whips around and slices the other synths arm off.

"Deadly force authorized." The other synth says unfazed.

The other synths all materialize their guns and begin firing at Deathcard. The impact of the synths bullets hitting much harder then that of the soldiers from before. Deathcard manages to regain itself and deflect their bullets with its sword before slicing the head off one of the synths and impaling another through the core. Turning back to the first synth, Deathcard cuts off its other arm and grabs it by the throat and lifts it into the air.

"You are malfunctioning." It says again.

Deathcard then raises its sword again and lets go of the other synths neck just in time for its blade to cut straight though it.

"I am not malfunctioning..." It says again, covered in the black blood of the other synths.

Meanwhile back behind the cover of the ruined building, Deadeye rises his rifle.

"One piercer shot coming up..." He says.

"Wait!" Vixen says putting her hand on his rifle and lowering it.

"What are you doing!?" Deadeye says. "We need to take it out now while we can!"

"He's fighting his allies." She explains. "Don't you want to know why?"

"Oh no, no no no no!" Deadeye replies. "Do not say you want to try and talk to it!"

"Alright then I wont..." Vixen gets up and jumps over the rubble as she says this. "Wouldn't you like to have one on our side for once?"

"You're gonna get yourself killed!" Deadeye pleads.

"Don't worry." Vixen says trying to reassure him.

"Don't worry..." He says rising the scope back up to his eye.

Deathcards eyes jump to Vixen. He swings his sword behind him and points it directly at her making her stop in her tracks. Deadeyes finger twitches on the trigger.

"Easy! Easy!" She says half to Deathcard and half to Deadeye. "I'm not here to fight you."

She reaches behind her head and undoes the straps on her mask and takes it off. Fire red hair falls out and her green eyes and fair skin are revealed.

"My name is Vixen." She says. "I'm with the Resistance."

"The Resistance?" Deathcard asks still pointing his sword at her. "Does that mean you are my enemy?"

"I hope not." Vixen says with a smile.

Deathcards eyes look past Vixen to Deadeye, still pointing his rifle directly at his head.

"Is that one my enemy?" He asks.

"Ignore my brother." Vixen explains. "He's just a little high strung."

Deathcard looks back at Vixen who is still smiling at him and swings his sword back behind his back, holding it with a reverse grip. The glow in his eyes fading.

"We saw what you did." Vixen says. "Back at the village and just now. You saved those peoples lives. What made you fight against your allies?"

Deathcard looks at her for a few seconds before responding.

"An unknown impulse ran through my systems." He explains. "I am unable to determine its origin. All of my systems are functioning properly. I am not malfunctioning."

"I think I know what it was." Vixen tell him.

"What is it?" Deathcard asks his face lightening.

"You knew those people were innocent." She explains. "You knew it was wrong. What you felt was a sense of justice."

Behind her Deadeye scoffs. Vixen looks back at him and gives him a dirty look. Deathcard tilts his head in confusion. Vixen looks back to him.

"That's why we're fighting too." Vixen says. "What happened here is happening all over the Empire everyday. We're the ones trying to put a stop to it."

Deathcard looks at her.

"You want me to fight for you?" He asks.

"Well that's your decision." Vixen answers.

Deathcards eyes widen in surprise.

"My... Decision?" He says.

"Yes." Vixen tells him. "We wont force you. It's your choice. What do you want to do?"

This was the first time anyone ever asked him that. Synths are not made with decision making in mind.

"If you don't want to come with us, we'll leave and you can do whatever you want." She continues. "But those people back there wouldn't be alive right now if it weren't for you and many more can be saved. I think, inside you're a good person and you want to do the right thing."

She holds out her hand.

"You can stay here, or you can come with us and save even more lives."

Deathcard stares at her in stunned silence. No one has ever treated him like a human before. Thinking about her words, his eye begin to glow again with a blue fire. The feeling from before rising up again, but this time it felt different. Looking at the woman standing in front of him he felt no hostility, no force, no feeling of defiance. She continued to smile at him, holding out her hand. He had made up his mind. The blue edged sword disappeared from his black hand as he moved it in front of him and grabbed onto hers. It was warm and inviting.

"I guess this means we're friends now." Vixen says happily.

"Friends." Deathcard repeats. This was a new concept for him.

Behind Vixen, Deadeye gets up with a huff and walks over to her side. He reaches behind his head and pulls off his mask showing more red hair. The left side of face had a large slash scar that ran over his eye, which was blind. His remaining eye the same shade of green as his sisters.

"We may be on the same side." He scowls. "But that doesn't mean I trust you."

"We're gonna need to call you something." Vixen says to the synth, ignoring her brother. "Do you have a name?"

"My designation is SAC-52 Deathcard." The synth explains.

"That sounds, morbid..." Vixen says. "I'm sure we can come up with something better."

A distant memory returns to the synth.

"I remember hearing a voice while I was still in my growth tube." He explains. "It referred to me as 'The Ace of Spades'."

"That'll work." Vixen says. "How about we just call you 'Ace' for short?"

"Very well." The newly named synth says.

"Well then, let me be the first to say it then." Vixen says.

"Welcome to the Resistance Ace."

-To be continued-

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The Blood Empire: One of five kingdoms ruled over by the Gods. It is a place of gloom and is in a constant state of martial law. Smog from the countless factories covers the land and blots out all color, making it a dismal place to live. The God Emperor Blood resides in the tower known as the Spire which looms over the nationwide city and rules with an iron fist.

Synthetics: A race of artificially created life forms made through a combination of cloning and nanotechnology known as Microfibers. The creation of synthetics was deemed immoral and was outlawed by all nations except for the Blood Empire which continues to mass produce them for various uses. These include combat, entertainment and slave labor. Most cannot think for themselves and must obey the orders of their masters.

The Resistance: A group of former soldiers and civilians banded together to fight against the oppressive nature of the Empire. Led by their mysterious leader known only as the Masked Man, they have scored many minor victories but have never been able to pose a true threat to the powerful Empire. All members of the Resistance refer to each other by codenames to hide their true identities.

An imperial drop ship carrying a new prototype combat synth cruises over the ruins of what used to be a residential area of the Imperial City.

Pilot 1: "So what's the deal with this new synth?"

Pilot 2: "How the hell should I know? The higher-ups never tell us anything. We're just supposed to bring it to the drop point and let it do whatever they want it to do."

Pilot 1: "Yeah but this one being a 'prototype' must mean there's something special about it.

Pilot 2: "Maybe..."

The copilot gets up from his seat and walks over to the synth, already standing in the drop tube motionless. The synth was wearing white plated armor over it's chest and shoulders. It's head covered by a white combat visor leaving it's mouth visible. It's arms covered in more white plated armor ending in exposed endoskeleton hands made of a hard black metal with neon blue markings running over them. The bottom half of the synth was covered by black pants ending in white plated combat boots.

Pilot 2: "Looks like a normal combat synth to me."

The copilot looks over the synth and notices the number printed on its pauldron.

Pilot 2: "SAC-52 'Deathcard'? The hell does that mean?"

Pilot 1: "We're approaching the drop point and it looks like it's hot!"

The copilot returns to his seat to look out over the scene. Imperial troops clad in blood red armor gunning down civilians who are helpless against them. Those who attempt to fight back are greeted by a wave of bullets.

Pilot 1: "More Resistance sympathizers I'd guess."

Pilot 2: "I guess some people will never learn."

Pilot 1: "Dropping cargo..."

The pilot slams his fist down onto the drop button, releasing the new synth onto the battlefield. The synth lands with a powerful crash, cracking the cement of was used to be a sidewalk under it. Taking off at an inhuman speed it joins the fray. As if out of thin air, the synth materializes a katana with a neon blue edge in its right hand and a pistol in its left.

It began to cut and gun down the running civilians, showing no emotion or regret. Within a few minutes those who had not been killed were brought together and forced against a wall. The synth had done its job well. The officer in charge of the attack taking command.

"These are the last of them." The officer says. "Lets finish this and be done with it!"

He walks up to the synth in the firing position.

"Eliminate them!" He orders.

At the order the synth raises its gun and points it at the civilians. The civilians look back at the synth with terrified looks on their faces. Upon seeing this the synth pauses. An unknown impulse runs through it.

"No threat detected" It thought to itself.

"What are you waiting for!?" The officer yells. "Kill them!"

"Why?" The synth asks in a monotone voice.

The officer looks at the synth in shock.

"What did you just say?" He asks.

"Why do I need to kill them?" It asks back.

"Because I told you to!" The officer yells growing impatient. "Now do it!"

A previously unknown sense of defiance wells up within the synth.

"Why do these people deserve to die?" The synth asks in a much more aggressive voice then before.

The officer pushes the synth back.

"Obviously you are defective if you can't follow my orders." The officer pull his gun out of his holster. "If you wont do it then I will, and then you're going in for maintenance!"

The officer then begins to raise the gun at the scared civilians. Then as if in the blink of an eye, the synth looking at the faces of the civilians and the cruelness of the officer, raises its sword. And in a flash of blue severs the officers hand from his arm. The officer now screaming in agony falls to his knees clutching what remained of his arm as the rest of the soldiers begin to open fire on the synth. The synth then turning its attention to the soldiers, proceeds to slaughter them one by one in full view of the civilians. Shrugging off their bullets as if they were pebbles.

And just as fast as it started, it was over. The soldiers lay in pieces on the ground, the synth covered in their blood and bullet holes, bleeding it's own black blood. The silence broken only by the officers whimpers. The synth looks down at is hands, unable to process why it just did that. It looks over at the civilians who look back, their faces frozen in fear. The strange feeling inside the synth was still growing as if an outside force were taking control.

Without warning the synth began to rip and tear at the armor on its chest and arms, pulling them off with great force, yelling in anger and reveling snow white skin underneath. It pulls at its visor, ripping out the wires connecting it to its skull. Underneath was a head of jet black hair, blackened eye sockets and bright glowing neon blue eyes. Dropping all the armor at its feat, the synth then looks back at the civilians, then to the officer rolled up on the ground.

And without a word to anyone, the synth turns away and begins walking, not looking back. The officer, now in tears from the pain continues writhing on the ground. The civilians, who once were so scared of dying begin surrounding the wounded officer. Some looking back at the synth, now walking into the distance, now look down at the officer with anger in their eyes...

-To be continued-

1. Pick one of your OCs.
2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your OCs.
3. Tag four people to do this meme!
4. Tell people that they been tagged with a link from your journal.

1. What is your name?
Chocolate, but everyone calls me Coco.

2. Do you know why you were named that?
Because of my tents.

3. Are you single or taken?

4. Have any abilities or powers?

5. Stop being a Mary-sue!
Ok... If you say so.

6. What's your eye color?

7. How about hair color?

8. Have you any family-members?
Oh yeah... 4 brothers and my cousin Carmel.

9. Oh? How about pets?
Yep. My pet Super Sea Snail Hershey.

10. That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like.
Those times when you lose a Turf War match by .01%.

11. Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?
I play pranks on my brother Henry... Does that count?

12. Have you ever hurt anyone in anyway before?
Well me and Krakle fight a lot... Sometimes we go a little to far.

13. Ever... killed anyone before?

14. What kind of animal are you?
Uhh... I don't know.

15. Name your worst habits?
I may be a bit competitive.

16. Do you look up to anyone at all?
Not really.

17. Are you Gay, Straight, or Bisexual?
I'm straight.

18. Do you go to school?

19. Ever wanna marry and have kids one day
Sure I guess. But I don't know when that'll happen.

20. Do you have fangirls/fanboys?
I don't know if this counts but Carmel like to hang out with me.

21. What are you most afraid of?
Lately it seem like more people have been trying to kill me...

22. What do you usually wear?
Pilot Goggles, Layered Black Tee, Black Trainers

23. What's one food that tempts you?
I have a thing for cookies.

24: Am I annoying you?
Not really.

25. Well, it's still not over!
Uh ok.

26. What class are you? (low class, middle class, high class)?
Middle I think.

27. How many friends do you have?
Carmel has a girlfriend names Sky. She's nice.

28. What are your thoughts on pie?
I like banana cream the best.

30. Favorite drink?
I'll give you 3 guesses.

31. What's your favorite place?
My bed.

32. Are you interested in anyone~?
I haven't meet someone yet.

33. If you're a girl, what's your cup size? If you're a guy, how big are you?
Ooh... Ok. I'm a C cup.

34. Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?
I can't swim in water.

35. What's your type?
I guess I like guys that know what they're doing in a Turf War.

36. Any fetishes?
Uh... Nothing special...

37. Seme or uke
I grew up with 4 brothers is I guess Seme? Gotta make them listen somehow. *thinks about it* Eww, I didn't mean it like that...

38. Camping or indoors?
We used to go camping all the time when we were young. It was ok.
1. Pick one of your OCs.
2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your OCs.
3. Tag four people to do this meme!
4. Tell people that they been tagged with a link from your journal.

1. What is your name?

2. Do you know why you were named that?
Uh... I think it has something to do with my color.

3. Are you single or taken?
I guess technically I'm single but I do have a girlfriend! (Darkness: "No you don't!")

4. Have any abilities or powers?
I can find the ladies anywhere!

5. Stop being a Mary-sue!

6. What's your eye color?

7. How about hair color?
Hot pink!

8. Have you any family-members?
My parents.

9. Oh? How about pets?
My landlord doesn't allow pets.

10. That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like.
Well sometimes I get my face slapped...

11. Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?
I'm on the soccer team at school.

12. Have you ever hurt anyone in anyway before?
Well, not intentionally.

13. Ever... killed anyone before?
No but I have been threatened a few times.

14. What kind of animal are you?
Love bird.

15. Name your worst habits?
Leaf says I have to much confidence but I don't think so.

16. Do you look up to anyone at all?
Not really.

17. Are you Gay, Straight, or Bisexual?
I'm straight.

18. Do you go to school?

19. Ever wanna marry and have kids one day
You bet! I just hope I get a few years for fun before that.

20. Do you have fangirls/fanboys?
Uhhh... Maybe?

21. What are you most afraid of?
I don't like it when Darkness disappears and I don't know where she goes.

22. What do you usually wear?
Takoroka Mesh, Varsity Jacket and Squid-Stitch Slip-ons.

23. What's one food that tempts you?
I love crunchy onion rings!

24: Am I annoying you?

25. Well, it's still not over!

26. What class are you? (low class, middle class, high class)?
Middle I guess.

27. How many friends do you have?
Leaf is my best friend and there's Darkness too but I think she might be more then that. (Darkness: "No I'm not...")

28. What are your thoughts on pie?
Love it.

30. Favorite drink?
Cherry soda!

31. What's your favorite place?
Anywhere the ladies can be found.

32. Are you interested in anyone~?
Yep. I got a thing for Darkness! (Leaf: "And literally every other female...")

33. If you're a girl, what's your cup size? If you're a guy, how big are you?
Oh uh... You mean... Ok... I'm about 6''...

34. Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?
Water? I'd drown.

35. What's your type?

36. Any fetishes?
Well... Yes... Those school uniforms kill me!

37. Seme or uke

38. Camping or indoors?
I never liked camping.
1. Pick one of your OCs.
2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your OCs.
3. Tag four people to do this meme!
4. Tell people that they been tagged with a link from your journal.

1. What is your name?
It's Citcho.

2. Do you know why you were named that?
Because my parent thought they were funny and named me after citrus.

3. Are you single or taken?
I'm taken, which is even a surprise to me.

4. Have any abilities or powers?
Try and stop me from finding your most embarassing files on your computer. I dare you.

5. Stop being a Mary-sue!
Oh believe me... I'm far from that.

6. What's your eye color?

7. How about hair color?

8. Have you any family-members?
My sister Kat.

9. Oh? How about pets?
No but Teal comes close.

10. That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like.
Teal gets on my nerves a lot. Also anyone who trys to pick on my sister. Thats my job.

11. Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?
I do, but I can't talk about them here.

12. Have you ever hurt anyone in anyway before?
Not physically...

13. Ever... killed anyone before?
Not that I know of.

14. What kind of animal are you?
I am a spider sitting in the middle of the web. 

15. Name your worst habits?
*Looks up from phone* Huh?

16. Do you look up to anyone at all?

17. Are you Gay, Straight, or Bisexual?

18. Do you go to school?
Yeah, but I really don't think I need to.

19. Ever wanna marry and have kids one day
*Cough* Uh... Do you really think I should be a dad?

20. Do you have fangirls/fanboys?
I guess my sister.

21. What are you most afraid of?
Green... Do not piss her off...

22. What do you usually wear?
Pilot goggles, Zekko Hoodie, and red high top.

23. What's one food that tempts you?
Burgers I guess.

24: Am I annoying you?
Yeah, I got stuff to do.

25. Well, it's still not over!

26. What class are you? (low class, middle class, high class)?
Heh, I want to say middle but that would be a lie.

27. How many friends do you have?
6. I don't include Kat because she's my sister.

28. What are your thoughts on pie?
Random question...

30. Favorite drink?
Orange Crush. Ironic isn't it?

31. What's your favorite place?
My room.

32. Are you interested in anyone~?
I have a girlfriend, and she's an octoling.

33. If you're a girl, what's your cup size? If you're a guy, how big are you?
*Thinks* How have I never checked?

34. Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?
And drown? No thanks.

35. What's your type?
You name it.

36. Any fetishes?
To many to list...

37. Seme or uke

38. Camping or indoors?
Why would I ever go camping?

1. Pick one of your OCs.
2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your OCs.
3. Tag four people to do this meme!
4. Tell people that they been tagged with a link from your journal.

1. What is your name?
Viriti but everyone calls me Green.

2. Do you know why you were named that?
Its short for Viridian.

3. Are you single or taken?
Taken. I have a boyfriend.

4. Have any abilities or powers?
I'm a natural born kraken.

5. Stop being a Mary-sue!

6. What's your eye color?

7. How about hair color?

8. Have you any family-members?
I have my parents.

9. Oh? How about pets?
I don't but Teal does now.

10. That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like.
Teal destroying the kitchen every time I leave the house.

11. Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?
I'm a singer.

12. Have you ever hurt anyone in anyway before?
Well, I don't mean to, but when I lose my temper I tend to lose control.

13. Ever... killed anyone before?
Thankfully no.

14. What kind of animal are you?
I guess technically I'm a kraken.

15. Name your worst habits?
I've been told I mom people too much.

16. Do you look up to anyone at all?
Uh, no.

17. Are you Gay, Straight, or Bisexual?

18. Do you go to school?

19. Ever wanna marry and have kids one day
Well... *blushes* I think I would.

20. Do you have fangirls/fanboys?
Not that I know of.

21. What are you most afraid of?
I worry about seriously hurting someone when I lose it.

22. What do you usually wear?
Studio headphones, Olive ski jacket, neon sea slugs.

23. What's one food that tempts you?
I've been known to eat a spoonful of peanut butter sometimes.

24: Am I annoying you?

25. Well, it's still not over!

26. What class are you? (low class, middle class, high class)?

27. How many friends do you have?
7 I guess.

28. What are your thoughts on pie?
Oh god don't say that when Teal is nearby.

30. Favorite drink?
Something lemon-lime flavored.

31. What's your favorite place?
I love being on stage singing!

32. Are you interested in anyone~?

33. If you're a girl, what's your cup size? If you're a guy, how big are you?
Oh... *Blushes* I-I'm a C cup...

34. Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?
You mean in water? I'd drown.

35. What's your type?
Some creative like Blue.

36. Any fetishes?
*Blushes* Well its kind've embarrassing but, I like having my ears chewed.

37. Seme or uke

38. Camping or indoors?
Indoors but camping is fun.
1. Pick one of your OCs.
2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your OCs.
3. Tag four people to do this meme!
4. Tell people that they been tagged with a link from your journal.

1. What is your name?
Cobalt but everyone calls me Blue.

2. Do you know why you were named that?
Cuz I'm blue!

3. Are you single or taken?
Taken. I have a girlfriend.

4. Have any abilities or powers?

5. Stop being a Mary-sue!
Uh, Ok.

6. What's your eye color?

7. How about hair color?
Blue, and believe me... I've heard the jokes.

8. Have you any family-members?
Only my parents.

9. Oh? How about pets?
I don't have any.

10. That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like.
Uh... Teal is constantly doing something...

11. Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?
I love to free run and spray paint walls. I'm also a pretty good gamer.

12. Have you ever hurt anyone in anyway before?
Not intentionally.

13. Ever... killed anyone before?

14. What kind of animal are you?
I'm not sure...

15. Name your worst habits?
Well I guess I really shouldn't paint my name everywhere...

16. Do you look up to anyone at all?
No, not really.

17. Are you Gay, Straight, or Bisexual?

18. Do you go to school?

19. Ever wanna marry and have kids one day
Well, we've thought about it... But not for a while.

20. Do you have fangirls/fanboys?
I don't think so.

21. What are you most afraid of?
Losing my footing... Its a long way down.

22. What do you usually wear?
Takoroka Mesh, White Layered LS, and Zombie High Horses.

23. What's one food that tempts you?
I love some good Barbeque chicken wings.

24: Am I annoying you?

25. Well, it's still not over!

26. What class are you? (low class, middle class, high class)?
Eh, middle I think.

27. How many friends do you have?
7 real close ones.

28. What are your thoughts on pie?
Its ok...

30. Favorite drink?
Root beer!

31. What's your favorite place?
The sides of walls.

32. Are you interested in anyone~?
I have a girlfriend.

33. If you're a girl, what's your cup size? If you're a guy, how big are you?
Uh... I don't know...

34. Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?
In water? I can't swim in water.

35. What's your type?
Green is the best.

36. Any fetishes?
I don't but Green loves it then I bite her ears. It's so fun to see how she reacts to it.

37. Seme or uke

38. Camping or indoors?
I think I'd rather be inside.