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Lip-Sync - Mouth reference

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This goes great with my Eyes tutorial too

I just realised, i forgot the CH sound which would normally go under the SH too.

Also note, these are based on the way i speak and i speak two languages which i regularly mix together in the most confusing manner possible, so there may be subtle differences.

Another thing to keep in mind is how different languages pronounce their letters different e.g Japanese Ls and Rs are the same, in which case you would use the L mouth for a japanese speaking character saying the set of L/R sounds. This chart is based on British-English.

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These are only a very rough guide to the various mouth movements for Lip sync animations with various types of characters. Here, i've done basic mouth shape, then dog-like, then traditional Dragon-like and Bird like for at least some variety. Rough lines (In red) have been left to give an idea of how i've structured the character's mouth.

For the bird, though i've not done it here, it might be a good idea to give it teeth if possible, even though they don't have teeth >< which makes some poses difficult.

A lot of people have asked me about an animation lip sync tutorial. Its something that has me somewhat conflicted, I dislike telling people what i equipment/software I use because i don't want them to think that they must have those things to be able to animate, really you can animate anything as long as you have the initiative to work with what you have or can easily get.

When it comes to Lip-sync however, it is almost imperative that you make yourself a dope sheet of sorts as you will need the timing right down to the frames themselves and this is very difficult to do by ear without special equipment/software. The tutorial i had planned involved a section of me using Papagayo (It's free, just google) to figure out the timings i needed, i recorded this and then suddenly thought that if i included it, it may send out the wrong messages, wheras omitting it would make things a bit confusing and people would be having a lot of difficulty with it.

But then again, perhaps it's only the mouth poses you're having trouble with, in which case, i hope this chart might suffice =p I hope i haven't missed any sounds though.

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This is great :O

I've always had a hard time putting the U-sound on paper, I just couldn't translate it from real life to 2D without my characters looking constipated xD As simple as some lines may be, it does refine my work greatly :> Thank you very much!