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Icon Templete - Horse Grin [Single_H01]

Note me if there are any problems with your purchase.

You can commission me to colour your character in for you for a little extra. I am only recolouring the lines as they are. Currently no plans to offer additional details. Sorry ^^;

PRE PURCHASE NOT NECESSARY IN THIS INSTANCE. Payment is upfront, send the points or use the Commissions widget on my profile page. Quote the code number as seen in the title and info sheet of the desired YCH Icon and include refs of the character you want.

Occasionally, Icon commissions end in cancellations, lost contact or someone not paying. So I've conformed them into a more generalised and basic character so that it can be offerred to those who might want it at a much cheaper price.

Full size is 100x100 pixels.
Alpha channel included for backgrounds.
18 frames of animation.

This icon is available as a base you can buy for 200 Points for unlimited personal use. Rules below apply in this instance. 

Included upon purchase (4 files in total):
-Watermark free version of the icon in .gif format.
-Photoshop (.psd) work file.
-GIMP (.xcf) work file.
-A read me file for timings as they are seen in the preview.

make as many as you want for personal use only (Where minor alterations are ok).
-Do... upload your creations using this templete to your galleries.
-Do... use this on other sites and not just DeviantART.
-Do... credit and if possible, link back to me please (I'd like to see your creations too =p (Razz)).

-Do not... alter and/or resell/redistribute.
-Do not... use to do commissions of your own for free or for profit.
-Do not... claim the templete as your own.

More templetes: darkmanethewerewolf.deviantart…

Note me if there are any problems with your purchase.
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© 2017 - 2021 DarkmaneTheWerewolf
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ChubbyCorgi's avatar
Would this fit dA? If so I would love to commission you to draw my baby in this base!
DarkmaneTheWerewolf's avatar
It does =) All of these are made such that they can fit DA and be easily adaptable to other sites like Twitter or FurAffinity too.

Please note me if you would like to commission me =)
ChubbyCorgi's avatar
I would love both copies for Furaffinity and dA if that's possible.  I'll note you right away!
Dead-Hombre's avatar
Could we pay you directly with paypal? Im not on often so I dont use the point system
DarkmaneTheWerewolf's avatar
You can =) It comes to about £2 in British Pounds [GBP] for these single templetes or £3 to commission from me using this base. Please note me the details and provide your Paypal e-mail in the note for me to send an invoice over.
IndigoKelpie's avatar
//internal screaming//
I know this file is from a little while ago, but I just stumbled upon it and it is literally more than perfect for my icon ;u;
My stallion suits these lines so well oh gosh <33 I hope you don't mind me using this as my icon! Thank you SO MUCH for releasing these lines; I had a blast colouring them! (Just need to fix his eyes a little and I'm good to go! :'D ) 
DarkmaneTheWerewolf's avatar
You make it look fantastic! I'm happy to see it as a coloured, finished icon and being used by someone too =) Its what it was made for after all XD

Seriously though, I'm impressed with how you've coloured it, I don't think I would've done it that well myself.
IndigoKelpie's avatar
Aww thank you! I'm glad you think I did it some justice :D
This guy has a bit of an annoying design, but the animation is so fluid I think even he looks good here! 
I just feel bad the lines were only 200 points though! I have another 300 just going to waste if you'd like me to send them over to you via commission widget; then at least you could get a little more for this? ;3;
DarkmaneTheWerewolf's avatar
I'm glad the icon base worked out for you and your character =p I hope my files and the lines werent too much trouble to work with.

Thats very kind of you :hug: But I would feel bad for taking your points without giving anything in return. Advertising and sharing my bases and Patreon is all I would ask for =)
IndigoKelpie's avatar
Honestly, they were the easiest animated lines I've ever done; and I'm not just saying that :D
I've always loved your work, I had an icon from you a few years back now, just under a different username and I loved it, used it for ages! :D
Now I've got one again that represents more of the work I do now so you have no idea how stoked I am :la:

I'll be sure to keep an eye on your Patreon and will donate if I can! :hug: 
DarkmaneTheWerewolf's avatar
Thats a relief XD I've not made many templetes so I don't know if they're easy to work with or not ^^;

*Scours your gallery to see if I recognise your characters... Aha! I see now! You keep changing your username, I just can't keep track anymore XD That one of Frosst was from 2013, no?

I price these bases much cheaper than a new commission because they're much more simplified, they're just the lines and being a buyable base, they're not unique icons either.

I have a link to my Patreon in my signiture. Please do have a look =) I do offer bonus content for even the lowest tier, and if you can't pledge money, you can still help by sharing it instead.
IndigoKelpie's avatar
Yes, that's me! The serial name-changer :')
And I sure will! Thank you so much again :hug:
AngeesDreams's avatar
Are you planning on making a wolf one like this?
DarkmaneTheWerewolf's avatar
I don't plan to at the moment ^^; sorry. These are just cancelled commissions where I'm re-purposing the rough versions.

Btw, I sent you your double icon base colour commission. Did you receive the icons ok?
AngeesDreams's avatar
Yes I did they turned out great thanks ;)
mausaba's avatar
the Slime also here ???????? XDXDXD
DarkmaneTheWerewolf's avatar
XD Yeah! By chance, I had just ound it too XD
DarkmaneTheWerewolf's avatar
mausaba's avatar
WatcherMagic's avatar
That is cool! :D I love the animation!
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