Dancing Kurupekko
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I don't know what kind of dance that is and i know the tail messes up a bit, but it was funny to do. =p

82 frames long, 46 unique frames, 3 unused frames. All drawn and created in GIMP with some slight editing in After Effects... those 82 frames might take a while to load though.

Kurupekko/qurupeco and Monster Hunter belongs to Capcom.

I also have a Youtube Channel: www.youtube.com/user/DarkmaneT…

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Charlott-A's avatar
Charlott-A|Student Traditional Artist
Oh my god, this is hilarious 😂 
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momma4na's avatar
momma4na|Student Filmographer
me: damn you have some impressive animations. really nice

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FluffleScruffle's avatar
FluffleScruffle|Hobbyist Digital Artist
i honestly thought it was going to break into a default danc-
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HappysOCs's avatar
he got the moves like jagger
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Blocko-maniac's avatar
jaggi* (slaps knee)
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WhispererOfDragons's avatar
WhispererOfDragons|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow,cool!Did you used any app or site?If you,whats the name of the app / site? 
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nightsoulxYT's avatar
nightsoulxYT|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
haha! <3

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kagome347's avatar
kagome347Edited |Hobbyist Traditional Artist
im picturing it doing this dace after calling a deviljho into the area and getting away right before the time counter is about to end pluss you just need to hit it one more time to win
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GERTheChaosWereWolf's avatar
the splendid mating dance of the kurupekko
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GWKTM's avatar
GWKTM|Hobbyist Filmographer
Feels like I wanna see this cleaned up.
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D4YDR34MS's avatar
D4YDR34MS|Hobbyist Artist
from now on i am going to look at this whenever im sad ;v;
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Gecko998's avatar
Gecko998|Student Digital Artist
This is amazing :O
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DesolateMars's avatar
DesolateMars|Hobbyist General Artist
thats the 'dance on your grave animtion'
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BVARK's avatar
BVARK|Hobbyist General Artist
querupeco o-o Oml.
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tamoshika-kaiana's avatar
tamoshika-kaiana|Hobbyist Digital Artist
g o a l s
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DarkmaneTheWerewolf's avatar
DarkmaneTheWerewolf|Professional General Artist
Please check out some of my animation tutorials and my Youtube channel to help you on your way =p I've made a few tutorials on some specific things, a few on Animation principles and also on how to create animations using GIMP which is free to download and use.
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Peekofwar's avatar
Do you plan to fill in the line art?
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NexTyphoon's avatar
NexTyphoon|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This looks so funny and cute. Good job!
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PicassoEnigma's avatar
PicassoEnigma|Hobbyist Artist
sassy Qurupeco 
sassier Gypceros
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phantomwinds1718's avatar
phantomwinds1718|Student Filmographer
did you do all this animation in tv paint animation?
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DarkmaneTheWerewolf's avatar
DarkmaneTheWerewolf|Professional General Artist
I've put in the description what I use to create my animations.
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SpinosaurusDinosaur's avatar
SpinosaurusDinosaur|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hahah, thats both cute and amazing to see ^_^
Silly Dragon-Dinosaur dance!
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Esprit-Arait's avatar
Esprit-Arait|Hobbyist General Artist
this matches up to the song "it girl by Jason Derulo" to a T
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Sypro123a's avatar
Sypro123a|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Man he can dance! :o

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