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Every Sunday in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Icon Commission - NanaKixiii84

Spriggan - Eyes

Animal Flossing: New Low

Gilla - Eyes

Hollow Knight - Grimm plays Switch

DracoPhobos Art Trade - Locket

Crocodiles - Game Night

Gooey Dragon Test Animation

Everyone was sitting comfortably

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Animator and amateur Game Dev.

Oh! Just to confuse you, Darkmane The Werewolf [The Character] is Male, while I, DarkmaneTheWerewolf [The account holder] am Female.

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DA Eclipse and my Icon Commissions

DA Eclipse and my Icon Commissions

Well, we knew Eclipse would be a permanent thing sometime in the future and we now know when that is going to be. As of May 20th (Or whenever the legacy site is discontinued) I will no longer be making my icons at the old 50x50 and 15kb size and will instead the default will be a full uncompressed plus a 100x100 and 100kb sized icons for my commissions. How does this affect you? Probably not at all if you don't commission me and just merely watch. But if you do, it also means very little since I'm happy to make icons in any size for any site at any time and if you have commissioned me in the past and didn't receive an Eclipse version of it, I can make one up for you! From what I've seen, legacy icons will convert to the new site just fine, but I can make a better quality version since I'm not restricted to 15kb any more, in case the icon I made stretched that limit and needed some less than ideal editing to fit that limit.

Hoping everyone is staying safe during these times

Hoping everyone is staying safe during these times

I havent posted much recently as I dont have anything substantial to show but I'm hoping to finish up a few art pieces and upload them soon. A lot of my free time has gone into a neglected project and commissions (Which are still open...) but I want to find a bit of time to do some fun art as well as show some more of what I'm working on. If it seems I'm not so active online, well.... thats not untrue ^^; but do have other stuff aside from DeviART too: Twitter: https://twitter.com/DarkmaneTheWolf Where I've been posting small snippets and crap. Some is art, some is games, some are both! Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/DarkmaneTheWere

DA Eclipse and Icon Commissions

DA Eclipse and Icon Commissions

Just a quick update about Icon Commissions regarding the new DA Eclipse. Any new icon commissions with me will have icons sized for DA Eclipse now by default in addition to the full sized one. I will still offer Legacy versions if requested as well as other sizes as I normally would (e.g FurAfinity or Discord Nitro). Also, for all those who have commissioned me in the past and gotten icons for just the Legacy version of DA, I am happy to export a version of your icon for DA Eclipse if you require. Send me a note if this is the case, I will need the username you had used when you commissioned me (The year would also help me too if you can rem


2018 Icon commission prices [Open!]

Commissions are Open

Queue: 11

Status: Open!


All personal information is kept confidential

Prices above are in British Pounds [GBP]. Point options are available too, check the shop tab above.

Animation examples:



For some icon examples in action

Taluns wolfmagic1233 NightShrowd7-17 LinGonzalo xXCShepardXx TheMunchbot Neytirix

Note: My page is sometimes gif heavy! If your internet is poor, it might help to view these on their respective accounts by clicking them

I do not do animation or icon trades or free requests.

If you've lost your commission files, I can resend them! Even if it was from 3 or more years ago.

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ElisAnimationStudent Filmographer
Lovely gallery you've got!
DarkmaneTheWerewolfProfessional General Artist
Thank you very much =)
ElisAnimationStudent Filmographer
No problem! Your art and animations never cease to amaze me
pklchaProfessional Digital Artist
Hello there ~ I am so sorry to bother. 
Your animation are just amazing but I was wondering a thing. 

How do you manage to keep quality in icons as well as having it below these cursed 15k ? I've been trying for around an hour now and I'm at a loss :')
DarkmaneTheWerewolfProfessional General Artist
Hi there =p

You will have to keep them short (I limit them to 25 frames give or take), ensure they're not too complicated (Fades, blending, lots of colours? Nope! Try to stick to blocks of a single colour, group them together if need be and simplify any patterns) and use something to compress them (This depends on what you have and what your animation is. You can remove the Alpha layer but then you can't have a transparent background, you can set a low colour pallette but only if you've not been blending colours or you have too many, or set it to no colour if your icon is just black and white) theres a lot of tools out there that do this part differently but most editors have a general compress setting when exporting .gifs.

Also, if you are able to use Eclipse, the new limit is 100kb and the icons will work with the legacy site once uploaded via eclipse so you can test Eclipse, upload the icon and then switch back and it'll still work.
pklchaProfessional Digital Artist
Oh wow ! that was so fast of an answer ! Thank you so much !  
I opened the animation again and realized I had around 60 frames. For an icon that is the size of a fingernail. 
I feel very stupid xD 

Thank you so much for the advice ! 
DarkmaneTheWerewolfProfessional General Artist
I just happened to be online XD

If you have frames which are identical and you can manually set the frame rate of each one individually, you can hold the frame rather than storing an entirely new instance of it too =p