Pumpkin Online Fanart Contest Entry #1
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 First off, thank you for the invite to your contest Pumpkin-Online 
I do plan on completing at least one more entry before the deadline as well, hence the #1. :D
 The game has already been Green-lighted, but please go check it out on Steam: steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles…

  Either way, for this piece I have 7 characters all hanging out in Pumpkinvale's cafe. The characters include:

1. Hyun Jae, as she is working in the cafe with her apron on taking an order, or at least trying too. She enjoys music so I decided to have her wearing earbuds listening to some as she works. She can hear orders still though. However, she is kind of hard to read so in this picture she is just kind of staring off. A little smile there though, maybe a good song came on. ;P

2. Jaime, who is talking with Hyun Jae instead of ordering. Jaime likes to chat with people about random, but kind of cool facts. However, I don't think Hyun Jae is the best audience for that. Probably later he will order a slice of apple pie since he likes apple dishes. 

3. Ash, this is the only character I drew not from Pumpkinvale, but from Wahoo Beach. He is getting a little restless waiting for his order to be taken as Jaime keeps talking up Hyun Jae. Ash enjoys tea to calm his nerves so this situation isn't doing him any favors.

4. Zoey, is sitting on one of the stools chatting with another character, 5. Jim. Jim is a frequent costumer at the bar and Zoey works at the bar. However, both are out for a little lunch since Jim is still hungover from last night. The conversation they are having is also peeking the interest of the last two characters 6. Lily and 7. Tucker. Lily is the owner of the cafe, and Tucker is the chef, this is why they are behind the counter.
   Jim is actually holding up his hand to call for another drink like he is still in the bar, but Zoey lets him know they are in the cafe now and if he has the money to pay for drinks somewhere else without a tab he should cough up the money he owes her from losing at cards. I like this conversation because Zoey's hobby is card games and Jim's is being drunk. I thought putting these two together would be a fun idea. Obviously Jim starts to get a cold sweat from her comments too. XD

 Lily is a bit spacey and easily forgets things so she's kind of having a hard time following the conversation unlike Tucker who has taken a little break from the kitchen to really enjoy the entertainment. 

 Lastly I added in the little Pumpkin! :3

Other details include the items written on the board behind them with the piece of chalk, I gave Zoey a coffee/tea to help wake her up because she works late hours, the flower shop outside, the cafe words on the window, the welcome words put on the counter, there is another chalk board outside that would have specials written on it, and then I added in the kitchen door so we know where Tucker came from.

Sorry this is a whole bunch of details, but I really wanted to show how much work I put into this. :)

Note * I do not own these characters*
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Pumpkin-Days-Game|Professional Digital Artist
Wow awesome! I love it! Thanks so much for drawing all those characters, Good luck in the contest!
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DarkMagic-Sweetheart|Professional Digital Artist
It was SO much work!!! XD
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