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DBS-Super Cell

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Wishful thinking for Dragonball Super.
Coloring Process
DB Super Cell Process by darkly-shaded-shadow
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Kayyu2332New Deviant
Hmm oozaru cell is pretty cool I wish it was canon
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Kakaraitto45Hobbyist General Artist

Why didn't we get Oozaru Cell?
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WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW I'm Modder Do you have a complete picture I want to make for game dbxv2
DryIce53's avatar
bad joke:
clash of clan 
Leirbag15's avatar
Damn, that's something I would have loved to see in the actual show...

Now, imagine Oozaru Cell vs canon Broly
Gijisan's avatar
Holy shit... What an amazing design. I'm in love with it!
darkly-shaded-shadow's avatar
darkly-shaded-shadowHobbyist Digital Artist
thank you.
dbzfan2003's avatar
I bet he is stronger than android 21 now xD
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DevilMaliceHobbyist General Artist
Brah, this art is way too superior to what Super is pushing. GODLY Cell though.
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Can we please get a full body version of this but only a thinner version. Love this it's amazing but a full body version would make it perfect for a phone screen cover 
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maikeru01Hobbyist General Artist
hmm so can we expect a SSJ4 cell then? :-D
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What is this O.o ?
SIMPDUDE's avatar
Cell is part-Sayian, meaning he can go Oozaru(the big ape form)
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Griffon5000Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That's awesome 
Hypevegeta15's avatar
Tha raises the question: would cell be able to transform into a oozaru form during the full moon?
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TheExtremeTardigradeHobbyist Digital Artist
That's whats going on in the background
Amatsuphobia42's avatar
My favorite cell picture
Amatsuphobia42's avatar
Amazing job it is the cell that should be the next God of destruction if he trained with whis or if he absorbed beerus
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this person has stolen your work[link]
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toomanyfandoms39Hobbyist Digital Artist
I thought he was a dragon, but after finding out it was an Oozaru Cell, it was 20% cooler!

(Patiently waits for MLP fans to start screaming)
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DragonBinHobbyist Traditional Artist
I thought he looked like a dragon! Beautiful work! I love the shading and the shiny effects. The wrinkles and the teeth really make him look angry. 
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Hey mastarmedia used this image in the thumbnail and the video and he didn't mention you www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpwbO9…
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jurassicmonster65Student Digital Artist
Well were f********ed  
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EieftalStudent Traditional Artist
Cell looks very badass!
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