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The Crimson Winter
It's been so long since then, but I still remember it even now, and I still see red every time I see fresh snow. Like a horrible nightmare you can't awake from, only to realise that what you are seeing is horrifically real. It all started that one December when I had just turned seventeen, I was on holiday and was staying at my grandmothers home. I'd never been there before, but I soon realized just how alone I really was. Remote and far off from any contact with civilization, was her little, two-story house up on top of the mountain, a real “winter wonderland.” No WiFi, only one TV with three channels, it looked like hell, or so I thought. So I did the only thing I could do so I wouldn't die of boredom, I explored the surrounding property outside.
For the most part it was just trees as far as the eye could see, trees and the occasional path, so I picked a direction and resolved to keep going until I got to the highway. Along the way I passed a bridge and a small path, I ke
:icondarklover33:DarkLover33 2 1
Joyful Season
A most festive of seasons cheery eve,
joyful greetings, and presents to receive.
With children's smiles lit up all aglow,
a happiness as brightly as a winters snow.
The laughter and chatter through the halls,
with wreathes and decorations along walls.
While sleigh bells jingle to their own tunes,
tales of stories echoing through the rooms.
Songs of traditions, and hymns dance along,
as merry carolers can be heard all night long.
Tis a season for fellowship, and family love,
welcoming those to honor one high above.
So sing and dance to this magical rhyme,
and love freely in this most neighborly time.
:icondarklover33:DarkLover33 2 0
Blood Ties
Crimson's blood staining an antiquities rug so fine,
gleaming there so wickedly in a moonlight's shine.
Witnessing this ghastly scene beyond all measure,
as one intruding on an aftermath of such displeasure.
Legacies of fortunes and silvers, and golden ways,
are worth much more than an innocent life these days.
Done to death in materials luxury of darkness told,
bearing what only a nameless night, dares to bold.
For a crime so steeped in the hideous and obscene,
as the who, and the how, still remains to be seen.
Killing in such a way, bringing the reaper to shame,
as blood is the price for this morbidly vicious game.
So far gone that not even a medicine could heed.
But to what end does this act truly mean to need?
An heiress to treasurers and a manor of bitter pain,
murdered for what others hope to ultimately gain.
And as I lay there dead upon the ground soundlessly,
my corpse speaks for what no one else can for me.
As a life was extinguished on this blackest night,
Who is really to bl
:icondarklover33:DarkLover33 5 0
Towards A New Life
There is life after the darkness
clear the way and see your destiny.
The path is set before you in light,
of a journey made into bliss.
Away from the coldness of stones,
creating a future of complete sweetness.
Just as laughter echoes from the heart,
sings along with a tenderness of tones.
It's a beautiful life I have of mine,
and a new awakening that I barely knew.
Gone are the clouds that knew my name,
setting them free for me to truly shine.
:icondarklover33:DarkLover33 2 0
Cliffs of Rovan
White cliffs of the far, Eastern end,
ever watching, as times in suspend.
To what secrets do they here tell,
as sharply as they are, cast to Hell.
Weather worn and to death's delight,
ever contrasting life from the night.
So steeply born, as one so unshaken,
as light is cast off to never reawaken.
And as the cliffs border an edge's fee,
ever witnessing a price and the plea.
:icondarklover33:DarkLover33 0 0
Queen of the Night
Behold, the splendid, cosmic pantheon,
as auras shimmering in midnight's dawn.
For an olden moon told, in ancient scripts,
a festivity of stars, for the highest eclipse.
A marveling, nightly beauty do I define,
evening glory of golden days you consign.
Lulling a mind to wonder in her vivid sleep,
astounding us with secrets for heavens keep.
The master of celestial cycles, so early seen,
with the appearance of a great nocturnal queen.
:icondarklover33:DarkLover33 4 0
Cracked Glass
I feel like I'm about to shatter,
breakdown till there's nothing left.
I'm already damaged beyond repair,
a cracked glass with missing pieces.
And no one really understands,
nor could they ever truly know.
Left broken and soon forgotten,
an empty need for one so defaced.
Worthless ever since I fell apart,
because I can't be put back together.
:icondarklover33:DarkLover33 5 2
Not yet death himself but still his very close kin,
his foreboding, ghastly figure so tall and thin.
Grinning and bony, with his yellowed teeth stained,
in ragged brown robes, leaving victims drained.
Creeping, creeping, in darkness without a sound,
utter his name and you will be next on the ground.
Hiding in nurseries and behind bed chamber doors,
crouching over men, women and children by the scores.
Always to remind that the sands of life are ticking by,
That with each passing moment we are going to die.
Lulling sleepers, in their practice for pending death,
as he awaits for his brother to take the final breath.
:icondarklover33:DarkLover33 8 3
Sweet Ignorance
Time is not a friend, this I've come to learn,
leaving you broken, missed chances to earn.
I hate it all but still hate myself all the more,
finding no peace in a life so tattered and tore.
So scared of change, I want to live in the past,
in my futile attempts to try to make it last.
So pathetic, so pointless, such an utter waste,
hanging on to something so long ago traced.
I know it will never be, as days pass right by,
leaving me in a world of memories as I cry.
:icondarklover33:DarkLover33 2 2
My Old Self
I want to be the person in that picture
an old reflection of a me I can't see.
What happened for the warmth to leave?
Why cant I just go back to that?
I miss those days so extremely much,
and in my world that was even better.
The me who I once used to be,
such a long time ago now it seems,
before I became the broken soul I am now.
Struggling to live, struggling to be,
breathing a wish of happiness for me.
Can I ever go back to that?
taking back myself and what I was?
:icondarklover33:DarkLover33 0 0
Dejected Anniversary
The happiest day, marred by crystal glass,
amid the laughter, this sadness wont pass.
Layers hanging still, like an eternal frost,
as shadows lurking for those moments lost.
Greys sweeping in from a transfixed mind,
overcasting eyes in a haze, so long resigned.
:icondarklover33:DarkLover33 1 0
Paralysing Depression
Forever suffering from a broken life cursed,
drowning in my sorrows, eternally submersed.
Reaching so far, only to be ultimately let go,
while never thinking I could ever fall so low.
Wanting to fall asleep and not see another day,
as I am damned to pray and cut this pain away.
Do you even know what you've done to me?
This poor and wretched state I've come to be.
Your words and the stars say sadness demands,
that I was never meant to hold joy in my hands.
Do you know what I think about every night?
Or what I long to do in the darkness out of sight?
Feeling so physically sick to be paralysed in bed,
not even caring anymore if I should turn up dead.
:icondarklover33:DarkLover33 4 0
An Irritating Bird
So sickly sweet,
and naive as a child that never grew up.
Your unrestrained smiles,
and an annoying laugh that makes me cringe.
And cutesy voice,
droning on incessantly through my head.
A wild happiness,
and outgoing personality that I can't block out.
Your everything I hate,
because your everything that I want to be.
:icondarklover33:DarkLover33 5 2
Same Old Story
I was so happy but now your picking me apart again,
ensuring I'll never be as good as I was way back then.
You couldn't learn and now here we are back at this,
with every action sending me further down an abyss.
You love me yet you keep hurting me time after time,
seeing nothing at all wrong with your passionate crime.
How much longer do you intend on doing this to me?
Ripping and tearing at my heart for your pleasure to see.
Left to drown in an endless valley of tears while you lie,
never caring how much blood I shed, or tears that I cry.
Why is it not enough? Now you have to torture me too?
killing me everyday while pretending you never knew.
For each and every moment I feel as though I'm in Hell,
suffering the worst of fates while you relish and revel.
I'm already so broken, please, I can't take this anymore,
shattering an already damaged soul on the bathroom floor.
:icondarklover33:DarkLover33 3 0
The Emperor
Behold the emperor of the throne,
dressed in all his riches and his gold,
a servant to others but not his own,
for the wealth of self denied to hold.
Palaces of the finest crystal and jade,
amid the endless priceless jewels,
but a true fortune was he forbade,
forever alone as a keeper of the rules.
This pain so clearly seen in his eyes,
of a vast loneliness forced to contain,
feelings so weary behind words so wise,
an inhuman composure to ever maintain.
:icondarklover33:DarkLover33 3 3
Play To Win
Some cards are black, some cards are red,
with five to a hand, be careful where you tread.
One false move is more than an end to the game,
your own life as collateral, bursting into flame.
There is no choice but to play this gambling lead,
only by winning this game is one completely freed.
But the play is rigged in this grim, undertaken chance,
become a winner of skill or survive by circumstance.
And should a champion within the trials withdraw,
they must forfeit everything, that is the only law.
The challenges are high and so are the stakes.
for each one is playing with whatever is takes.
So let intuition pass, assuming the odds are in,
but in this game of life you better play to win.
:icondarklover33:DarkLover33 3 2


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Honestly I've never really done a full critique before so I'll give it a go (please excuse any extra ramblings on my part) I really tho...


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I am 26 years old and I'm from the United States.
I have experienced a fair share of both happiness and pain.
I have a special love for nature and music.
I enjoy reading, writing poetry and hanging with the few people close to me.
Someday I'd like to publish a poetry book.
My name will go as anonymous until I reveal it at a later time.

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