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Terminator armour conversion

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My modivication of space marine terminator armour=) +Heavy Twin Plasmacannon
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This gives me an idea for a centurion conversion.

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Needs more Dakka !!!
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He looks like the offspring of a terminator and a Centurion... Not that this is a bad thing, he looks pretty cool :nod:
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That is how Terminator armour should be worn.
Not for fighting up close where they are hampered by the clumsiness and the weight of the suit making them slow and easy to anticipate.
They should be given the heaviest of weapons, and fire from afar so that they might capitalise on the servo locks in their arms, allowing them to fire volley after volley at the same exact point with precision, and take such shots in return with ease.
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Honestly the armor is a bit like Cataphractii pattern Tactical Dreadnought Armor, which is bulky as shit but tough as hell. Dual Plasma Cannons is a cool if nearly impossible idea. Over all, I like it :D
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Daaamn that terminator looks so tough and bulky. Great job
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Is it possible for Terminators to wield Plasma Cannons? GW seems to always portray them with Storm Bolters or Assault Cannons.
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Deathwing Terminators can wield plasma canons 
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Only them, because the Dark Angels have huge caches of arcaneotech (which is not really arcane, because the Imperium has degenerated into a state of technological worship.) in their chapter-armories. Which is why they have the second highest amount of armors besides the Salamanders.
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It's just my fantasy
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Okay then. Continue on with whatever your doing.
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Thought for the day:
--- Yea verily, for though I walk through the valley in the shadow of death, I have more dakka than you, bitches. ---
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He is pretty much complete except for lacking a golden PLAYA sign bolted into the chestplate. And 250 kilograms of golden rings on the powerfist fingers :D
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Really funny, but it's a bit cheated, isn't ? ;)
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Пропорции офигенны
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why does he have Ultramarine sumbols yet is white/red.
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First Company Ultramarines colors are usually white, red, blue and gold. A typical Space Marine tradition is to make elites or exceptionally powerful veterans don mono-colored armor.
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overkill much?
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Well that's some serious fire power, perfect for crowd control and generally fucking other people's shit up. Heh I bet that even some Chaos Marines would shit themselves(if that's physically possible for them,they are genetically modified and then corrupted "super soldiers" after all) if they saw this coming for them...
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Btw you are the frist when you type in google TEMINATOR ARMOUR :D
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