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The Siren Of Springtime


This week brings a Patron request! I approached V.I.P. Patron Fleurdelis, wanting to reward his generous contributions to the cause of beer, with a request and he replied that he'd like to see something a little saucier featuring the lovely aged-up Saria model I have, something a little more flirtatious, dare I say, beckoning.

He's quite pleased with his result, and I hope you guys enjoy it too! Thanks for looking and have yourselves a great weekend!


I'd like to offer a huge thanks to my V.I.P. patrons for their extra contribution to this work:

  • Jordan Breon
  • MPYami
  • Fleurdelis
  • kokus
  • inunotaisho

If you'd like to join them and help me make cool stuff, Support me on Patreon! For your $3 contributon you'll get early access to W.I.P. renders, NSFW content throughout the month with no wait, and for $6, you get your name up here on this list and my deep and eternal gratitude. (And probably a request at some point when I'm running low on ideas. That happens a lot...)

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Sorry it took me so long to get around to commenting on this one, truly just needed some time to put to words how amazing this was. Truly this may be one of my favorite works of yours to date, it's exactly just as you described it, flirtatious and beckoning, and and damn brings out all the charm I just knew this lass had from the first moment I saw her smiling at Link back in Ocarina of Time.

As always I gotta start with the background, and truly you and your partner pulled out all the stops on this one, the fairy foutain esque setting is SOOO damn perfect for her here being a guardian of the forest and all, and just truly breathtaking work of the fountain itself, the marble columns and how you are able to nail the texture of them as always, the smooth and elegant surface of the tile she's laying on and the look and feel of the water is just sooo damn natural and life like, yet never makes it feel like Saria doesn't belong there. The cheery blossoms as well flying across the screen and the lotus blossoms add a great touch of color to help it pop, and the way they look falling down feels (again) so damn natural. Love the work on the woods as always and how you go about expertly building such a damn convincing feel to this place being an actual location, you guys always know how to draw me into these pieces.

And onto the piéce De résistance, Saria!! Ohhhhh god my man, ohhh effing Golden Goddesses and Hylia on high! Truly you capture all the charm, the allure, the playful nature, and infinite kindness and wisdom that makes Saria so damn beloved not only to me, but countless other players who got to know this lass. Her outfit is the perfect sexy take on her Kokiri garb, so elegant and beautiful while also masterfully balancing it with sexy naughty fun, the flowers on her bra are so damn elegant and gorgeous (are they roses or any specific flower? I'd love to know if it's not too much ahah) and the leafy textures to her panties, and the damn cool cloak with the Triforce is just so damn awesome! And her POSE! Glory me got me sweating enough to rival this spring, SUPER damn sexy and playful as you said yourself, the way you show off her legs and that DAMN amazing smile of hers. Sorry if this comment went on for a while, but I truly can't stop myself from loving not only this piece, but the AMAZING kindness and awesomeness on your end to offer this up to me. Truly I am honored to be a fan of yours.

DarklordIIID's avatar

Aww, thank you for ALL of this! I'm really glad you enjoyed it so much, it was a pleasure to make for you. :) The flowers on her aren't really anything in particular, and tbh I didn't put a ton of thought into the cherry blossom petals, beyond I think that's just the quintessential look of spring, haha.

But this poooooose. Like... just everything about this pose, I absolutely loved. This one is (as with most of the great ones) based heavily on a model photo, the only real change made being the position of the head, but yeah, I absolutely love how it turned out.

Feurdelis's avatar

Eheheh, DAMNNN right my man, again blown away as always! Well it's just perfect the way it came out, and I think you give yourself too little credit, even if you aren't actively thinking about these things it still holds so much meaning.

YES I love this pose too, it's so perfect man and beyond happy you choose this for Saria, and hey man, refrences are awesome to use, you give it a whole new meaning and great use with pieces like this, and DAMN RIGHT YOU LOVE HOW IT TURNED OUT IT'S AMAZING. Like you!

eta-gamma-14's avatar

Saria always was cute, but I can't exactly arouse myself to a pic of her when she's looking like a freaking seven-year-old. Now, Teen Saria? Now, that's a different story.

Off to jail for me...

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Did you say “aged up?” Good enough for me:D:D

DarklordIIID's avatar

Yes indeed, lol.

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she is a siren

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