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Strength Of Desire


This week's piece... Strength of Desire. This is another one of those that started out as a totally different idea from an Imgur post, then mutated into something... well nothing like what originally inspired it, hah. Either way I hope you enjoy, and beg your patience as I'm suspecting this week's submission now may be running a little late. As usual I will do my very best to make sure my homework is done on time.

Thanks again, have a great rest of your weekend!

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As always, your partner does an amazing job with these titles. Kudos to them and the genius that no doubt goes into them.

But yes, WOOOOOOOOOOAAAH, this is one bloody outstanding piece dude! LOVE the setting, and how like yhe last one, the contrast between the romantic dark and her bright, shining gaze and lotus blossoms just give this a sort of dreamy quality. LOVE how she's also becoming the viewer in such also tender way whlist rocking her bod in such killer lingere. Bravo sir, bravo.
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:D Thanks, glad you enjoyed! :)
Feurdelis's avatar
Hehehwh, my pleasure dude!
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very good job!:)
ann47's avatar
Happy Holidays!:)Christmas Tree Avi 
DarklordIIID's avatar
ann47's avatar
Happy new year to you too!;)
I like this Zelda model but I think the best one is the 2015 TP Zelda, her face is so pretty.
DarklordIIID's avatar
I'd agree with that, they lost a lot of her definition in her features with this model. Maybe-haps I should try and tweak this one to look more like Twilight Princess Zelda...
That would be the perfect combination
Elbruno3593's avatar
Such a welcoming sight c:
LightDemonCodeH's avatar
7 Fleet Lotus Seeds! SCORE!
DeadCobra's avatar
Ou really beautiful :lovelyeyes: 
Andruril93's avatar
Nice work.

Question, what happened to Illia?  I can't find the piece from last week.  Deleted?
DarklordIIID's avatar
Thanks! :D

(Assuming you got your answer in the status, heh)
Andruril93's avatar
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Yes, :-x (Mad)  it is shameful and unfair, right? Grump  Poor Darklordiiid, he really did not deserve that. Waaaah! Rage 
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