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Rosette Luxuriance


Holy cow everybody, I'm absolutely stunned at how well this one turned out and I've been absolutely itching to post it!

I used some different rendering settings for this one, along with incorporating a LOT more physics objects than usual (won't be hard to tell which) and I'm absolutely in love with the results! I hope you enjoy our lovely Rosalina here, striking a pose for us!

Thanks for looking!


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SaintBoot7B7's avatar

It's really cool, but you changed her name to Rosette? Your description says she's Rosalina, so I was a little confused.

DarklordIIID's avatar

Oh no that's just the title, heh. In the Japanese version of the game she's named Rosetta, which here was changed to Rosette just for... feel, I guess? I dunno I thought it worked well with Luxuriance. :)

So damn sexy
Feurdelis's avatar
*cue spit take*


I know I take about how you're always improving but....FUCK, this is something totally different all together! The sheer level of detial take take this piece is ludicrous, truly it must have taken ages to get take setting dome and even more so on take more so on take ibis hehehe lighting! 

And Just....BRILLANT having her lay in all that gold and jewelry man! Like a sexy dragon on her hoard, she lusts for takeibishehehrhat he viewer, wanting more and more still, which is a naughty side that is not seen with Roasalina. Epic work as well on her lingere and just how....hngggg! That pose! Fuck man, I could go on all day about how epic tbis piece is. No joke. Hands down your best piece yet. 
BIgPapaLombardi's avatar
WOW! Speechless! Amazing work, D3D!!!
DarklordIIID's avatar
:D I know right!? I was so proud of this one (and still am), I was shocked at how well it turned out!

Surprisingly the lighting was pretty simple overall. ;)

The coins were definitely the hardest part, I had started with 6,000 simulated ones, paired it down to about 2,400 (the ones that didn’t fall off the bed, heh) and deleted about 900 more due to being out of frame. Optimization kept the render time reasonable. :D

Feurdelis's avatar
You better be proud, you damned mad genius you. ^0^

God, you must be an expert at it by this point, given all the expert use of it in all your pieces. I swear all your pieces just get better and better.

I can understand and 2,400! Holy flipping cow! I knew there were a lot her but damn! Again, your dedication to your work is inspiring, and kudos to your wife as well on the title once again. Her use of alliteration is as epic as Rosy here is sexy! :la:
Elbruno3593's avatar
This is beautiful! Her sultry face and the way she's pulling her stockings... boy <3
DarklordIIID's avatar
:D Thanks! Glad you like it!
DeadCobra's avatar
O yes this is so amazing Heart 
DarklordIIID's avatar
DarklordIIID's avatar
I know right? :D

(Also good seeing you in my comments again :) )
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