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Another new character! We'll finish this month's entry with a spicy pinup with Aloy, of Horizon: Zero Dawn fame. I played this game over quarantine last year and holy man you guys, it was so damn good. Absolutely sucked me in. I went in expecting a kinda dumb but fun game where you kill robot dinosaurs for some contrived reason but... just, DAMN.

And yes I'm hilariously late to this particular boat, at this point I think it left port, arrived, left and came back but I don't care. It was awesome and I love Aloy, she's gorgeous and capable and clever and fun. And designing this was fun too. :)



I'd like to offer a huge thanks to my V.I.P. patrons for their extra contribution to this work:

  • Jordan Breon
  • MPYami
  • Fleurdelis
  • inunotaisho

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Looks like someone FINALLY got to experience Horizon Zero Dawn. Aloy is sexy.

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I finally got a graphics card that would run it! haha

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Which one did you get? You should try some nude renders of her, nothing beats a nice looking nude woman in nature ;) One thing I must say, is that when you first encounter a Thunderjaw (robot T-REX ) that moment is awe inspiring.

DarklordIIID's avatar

You'll find the nude variants here, in this term's pack. :)

The Thunderjaw is cool and holy shit, I think the hardest fight in the game is that corrupted Thunderjaw in the desert. That one had me cussin up a storm.

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You need to maintain a stable frame rate for these encounters, one hiccup can cost you.

MWAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA! It is tough but just ensure that you have decent gear like the ropecaster and tripcaster. The tripcaster is especially useful for the Thunderjaw as you can set up a number of traps then lure the thing towards them. It's important to control the battlefield and not let the enemy dictate the pace.