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Power Conquers Wisdom


This week's entry is an erotica piece featuring a perhaps slightly controversial couple! Ever since the sexy Ganon memes/artworks started coming out after the Breath of the Wild 2 trailer, I've wanted to do a set with Ganon and Zelda.

So for this one we have six images in total (I got a bit carried away, haha) and I really hope you enjoy them!


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DAMMMN great piece man, love the twist of it being Ganon and Zelda! LOVE the chemistry between the two here, both look stunning here in her bedroom, and amazing work how you balance their colors in the background, the more regal setting of the room with the red sky matching his...well, history. I'm sweating up a storm just checking out the set man, damn well done!

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To the victor go the spoils.
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Great job! :aww:

ZELDA! NOOOOO!!! :lol: :XD:
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:lol: I can't believe I've gotten comments from people actually legit upset about this one.
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Oh man, imagine how Queen-Zelda would react upon seeing this.
Knowing her, she’d block this entire account. Like she adamantly rejects any ship that isn’t Link/Zelda.
Oddyboy's avatar
I know, she’s like the worst. Why is she even allowed to be on here?
Honestly I’ve only seen her act rude when it comes to ships. I do still like her work.
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All those war taxes...
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I like how Ganondorf (supposedly) is going to be in BotW 2. Be nice to see him again in another LoZ game, considering he never really had a role since TP, so many years ago.
DarklordIIID's avatar
I'm both interested in that, and found it bloody hilarious all the fanart that came around with rehydrated Ganon. :lol:
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No they were inspired by the sexy Ganondorf memes that came out after the BOTW previews. I believe that this model is from Hyrule Warriors.
AndrewDent's avatar
Oooh, ok. That makes sense. lol
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