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Parking In Rear


We're doing something quite different this week! I've had a model for a Rolls Royce sitting around forever and I've wanted to do a pinup with it, but couldn't quite think of how. Then suddenly as tends to happen, I got an idea in my head and belted out this lovely little number. :)

Bowsette has excellent taste in cars, who knew? :) Additionally I did two versions of all the poses, with an alternate coloring for the car, matching thematically with Bowser's car from one of the boss fights in 3D world. I'm quite pleased with this piece, hope you enjoy it!


I'd like to offer a huge thanks to my V.I.P. patrons for their extra contribution to this work:

  • Jordan Breon
  • MPYami
  • Fleurdelis
  • inunotaisho

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This is a damn genius use of this fine car model man, and the idea of teaming this beauty up with Bowsette works SOOOOOO damn well, it feels like an ad you'd see in a magazine or a subway station! LOVEE the way you do the shine on the car and the beams of the headlights, and WOAAAAH on her amazing lingere as always and the playful seductive pose! Damn amazing work as always!

DarklordIIID's avatar

A Rolls Royce Ghost is so aggressively Bowsette, what can I say, haha.

Feurdelis's avatar

Ahahhahaah, she can take anyone for a fun ride if you know what I mean.

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CyrusWong's avatar

A Wraith! Perfect choice for her. 🤑

CyrusWong's avatar

Wonder what ride Rosalina would pull up in... (For some reason, I always imagine her in a Nissan GT-R with a Liberty Walk widebody kit... in light blue, of course.)

DarklordIIID's avatar

Mercedes SLS AMG. :D

CyrusWong's avatar

That can also work. Choices, choices...

DarklordIIID's avatar

It's honestly just because my main in Mario Kart is Rosalina with the Mercedes SLS (which isn't the AMG but I absolutely love the redesign of that car, and... I dunno, it's a tenuous connection just let me have it :lol:)

CyrusWong's avatar

Oh, the 300SL Roadster. Yeah, both the original and modern interpretation are utterly gorgeous machines.

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