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Nymphs Of The Forest


Getting back to our usual risque programming, this week's features a piece with a couple of my and the wife's old favorites; Saria and Ilia! Aged up appropriately of course.

I really like how this piece turned out, I've always found these two adorable, and so I try to avoid the more "hardcore" poses that tend to get used for this sort of art, in favor of some more sweet ones. Overall I'm quite pleased with how this turned out. :D

For obvious reasons, the saucy versions aren't coming to DeviantArt. ;) But y'all still get this cute one!


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Could You Send Me a Link to Fieldmaiden?

AndrewDent's avatar

Hm, Ilia or Saria. Do you have a preference? :P

DarklordIIID's avatar

Probably Ilia tbh... she has such a girl-next-door thing going on, haha.

AndrewDent's avatar

Good point, lol. I think I prefer Saria though, myself.

soulSmith1's avatar
Link you lucky twat
Oddyboy's avatar

These two hold a special place in my childhood.

Dabnis-Sinbad's avatar
Match25's avatar

shame Saria wasnt barefoot in the game

Feurdelis's avatar

WOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAH! SUPER happy to see you give Saria a chance to shine alongside Ilia, a great paring of childhood sweethearts! Glad to hear your bae loves Saria too, again she shows amazing taste. ^0^

And EPIC work on this adult take on Saria, she's always been my first Zelda love and has a special place in my heart, and you damn well did her justice her man. LOVE her charming and yet sensual smile that she and Ilia have, showing off their slender bodies, particullary with those legs and toots. *pulls collar and steam comes out*

LOVE the attire for Saria as well and how the two are sitting on the fence, the woodland setting is perfect and is a great throwback to both Kokiri forest and Ordon village. The inclusion of the faries here is also a genius little touch of blue that adds to the wonder and beauty of this piece. Sorry if I was a bit heavy on the Saria love her, but so much of what you did applies to Ilia as well that I would just be rambling on and on.

Also the other pics. HOooooly fuck man, you're killing me here you know that? ^0^

DarklordIIID's avatar

I do enjoy me some Saria, despite never playing Ocarina to conclusion (still need to do that). And yeah, I just love these two, they're so cute. :D

Feurdelis's avatar

Oh then you'll love it! It's truly the basis for all 3d modern Zeldas, and while it's not as complex or as big as others, it still has that classic charm to it that leaves people breathless. Glad to see you're just as much into Saria as well, and damn well done as always.

Andruril93's avatar

whistles* Nice! And Ilia's pose and expression looks just like those she had in that older piece "Natural Ilia".

Awesome work once again, Mike.

DarklordIIID's avatar

Thanks! :D I'm sure there will be plenty more Ilia down the line.

Andruril93's avatar

Great to know it! :dance:

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