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Her Majesty


This week's entry is another in a series based on various Imgur posts I've found. :) I saw this very regal looking pose and decided straight away I just had to recreate it with the Lady Zelda.

I also had some fun here with yet more experiments relating to indirect lighting using higher settings for final gather. Thanks to my new nude models having way less geometry to deal with, I can use higher fidelity settings without it taking 6 years to render. :D That's been quite fun!

Check out Patreon and Gumroad for some saucy alts as well. Happy fourth if you're in the US, and if not, hope you have a great weekend all the same!


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Truly a magnificent piece my man! The whole setup is damn well done! Her pose is damn making me sweat so damn much, the way her bra strap falls off, and the GENIUS way the light plays on her from the window, and the setup of her room looks so damn regal and perfect. Her expression as well deserves applaud as well, so contemplative, yet you can see the beginnings of a smile as well. Truly you two continue to blow me away as always!
DarklordIIID's avatar
Thanks much! :D This is another of those poses I wouldn't have been able to do without a photo reference. It really makes a big difference!
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I could only imagine man, good work on your part for finding such great poses all the time!
eta-gamma-14's avatar
Why, Zelda, did you really put this all together for me? I'm touched.
CJ-DB's avatar
She's very pretty and sexy! :love:
DeadCobra's avatar
So really good Horny! 
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